Saturday, August 22, 2009

Dowsing Tools in Vastu Shastra

Modern Physicist now recognizes that energy and matter are inter-convertible and interchangeable, with matter being the lowest degree of energy and Energy the Highest degree of matter.They are one and the same. In 1905 Albert Einstein formulated a relation between matter and energy, E=mc2 (E=energy M= mass and C= the speed of light). Meaning matter at speed of light is called energy and when is slows down it reverts back to matter. Dowsers strongly apply this principle to provide a physical explanation for dowsing consciousness. If though is energy, it must have the capacity to manifest at a physical level. Hence the power of though is the secret of dowsing consciousness. This aligns very well with the concept of vastu and the effects of life force energy and geo-physical energy. With this in mind, life force energy and geo-magnetic energy also have the capacity to manifest at a physical level and these can be measured by using tools like L-rod, Y-rod and pendulum.
Dowsing extensively uses the power of conscious and subconscious mind.A true principle behind dowsing is the use of mind and body as a combined transmitter and receiving test. As the body –mind is sensitive transmitter-receiver the instruction given to the subconscious must be definite and concise. The science of dowsing therefore consists in nothing more than giving instruction to the subconscious mind.

Vastu Culture in Nepal

Use of vastu Shastra was a wide spread practice in Nepalese culture.The Temples,Mathas,Chowks etc found in Nepal,especially within Katmandu Valley, Which are estabilished in various periods of Nepalese history.These are prime examples of use of vastu in Nepal.
Another Typical example of vastu being practiced in Nepal which is not obvious to general public is the use of Shagun. Shagun is a very important and symbolic practice in Newari culture, which has been practiced since ancient times. Shagun consist of five different varities of foods and it is believed that these represent five elements of the nature.Bara(Who) representing the Ether,Egg representing the Earth, Ginger representing the Fire, Fish representing the Water and Meat representing the Air.
Shagun is given to a person to consume when these things are going well e.g. promotion at work etc to wish them further success. Shagun is also given when things are not going well for a person e.g. after accident is believed that things don’t go well, When five elements of nature are not in harmony.As people are generally not aware of which elements out of five are causing this disharmony. It is believed that all the five elements are included is Shagun to cover all the grounds.The basic idea is that when a person consumes Shagun is balances all the five elements that are required for a successful healthy and happy life.
Integration of Vastu Shastra in Newari Culture can also be seen in Mha Puja (Atma Puja), which is celebrated in Tihar (Deepawali).Mha Ouja is performed by praying a Mandala and offering Shagun (described above) for purification strengthening and understanding of the self. This mandala consists of five circles representing five element of nature which is turn is surrounded by Ashta Chiranjeevi for health and long life. Each Family member transfers their own five elements into this Mandala and performs a prayer to balance the five elements.

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