Thursday, December 31, 2009

11 Mukhi Rudraksha

This is the symbol of Indra, the lord of the gods. It has combined powers of eleven gods stored within. This should be kept in a safe place of worship or with the jewelery etc or in a safe box. This enhances the wealth and prosperity. This grants long life to the husbands of the wearers. This helps in getting desired son or daughter, also one gets the love and affection of the desired person by its grace. It is believed that eleven Rudras live in its eleven faces. This should always be worn at the top of the head. This s capable of giving instant results. Its wearer get the merits of one thousand horse sacrifices and gifts of one thousand cows to the brahmins. Such a person lives in this world like lord Shiva and he is not born again. It has a great importance for women. It bestows their husbands with great luck and long life. The issue less women are blessed with child by possessing it.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

10 Mukhi Rudraksha

This mukhi has no ruling planets but represent Lord Mahvishnu the Great protector and Saviour of Mankind .The wearer gets a sense of security. The ten mukhi Rudraksh is very powerful and can help overcome fears develop a sound mind. It can help a person enjoy the benefits of life attain happiness and success. It also safeguards you against evil influences around you and gives a secure and protective feeling. This Rudraksh represents lord Vishnu. The wearer of this Rudrakshs remains free of all the evil effects on inauspicious planets and all other evil spirits This Rudraksh is helpful in all respiratory diseases if taken with milk in parts form. This is very helpful in chronic cough and asthama. Its wearer is protected from all type of attacks from weapons. It has great importance in spiritual field. It helps in the cure of whooping cough.

Monday, December 28, 2009


Nine Mukhi Rudraksha

The ruling planet is Ketu which is similar in it's effects to planets like Rahu and Shani. This mukhi controls malefic effects of Ketu. The malefic effects cause mental fatigue, lack of energy to materialize thoughts, failures etc. This Rudraksh can help amass wealth, property, assets and lead a luxurious life and help fulfill dreams and ambitions. It makes you more energised and more action oriented.This Rudraksh jointly represents Bhairava yama (lord of death) and sage Kapila. This is usually worn in left hand during te sacred occasion of Navratri to obtain blessings of mother goddess Durga. Mother Durga is the bestower of wealth, prosperity, pleasures of family life and also she grants the boon for fulfilling all one's desires. Those who wear it also obtain grace of Bhairava. They are benefited by the power of Bhairava. He obtains honour like the king of gods Indra and he also gets boon from lord Ganesha. The wearer is freed from the fear of death. The possessor is blessed with all kinds of fame, respect and success related to spiritual progress.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Eight Mukhi Rudraksha

Eight Mukhis Rudraksh Ruling planet is Rahu hence helpful in sublimating it's malefic effects. It's malefic effects are similar to that of Shani or Saturn This bead increases the strength of character and mind and help achieve happiness, fame, good health and increase confidence.Eight Faced Rudraksh is said to represent lord Ganesha. The elephant headed benign god, the son of lord Shiva and Parvati has special grace on the wearer of this Rudraksh. By wearing it on one's person all the pleasures increase and all the difficulties diminish. This is especially USED IN WORSHIP AND RITUALS. Wearers of this get long life and they become truthful. Such a person is born free of diseases, wise and knowledgeable any obstacle in his tasks. Such persons have special ability and talent in studies. They shall remain away from sin. It provides mental concentration. It specially useful for the business community. It is also helpful in betting, horse racing and lotteries etc.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Seven Mukhi Rudraksha

This mukhi governs Saturn, the all powerful Shani Bhagwan. When worn it sublimates the malefic effects of Shani and its disease like, impotency, cold, obstructions, hopelessness, delay, chronic disease, scarcity, worry etc. The seven mukhi helps in building finances and amassing wealth. It can help attain prosperity and peace of mind. It is considered very auspicious because it helps ward off fatal diseases and death and achieve longevity. This Rudrakshs symbolises the seven great rishis. Wearer of this gets wealth, fame and spiritual knowledge. IT is said that poverty and wants never touch its wearer. According to the Vaishnava traditions, it represents Avanta (Shesha), the king of serpents. Each face represents one great serpent. These serpents are Anantha, Kakata, Pundarika, takshak, Visholban, Karisha and shankhachuda. These very powerful serpents live in each face. Snakes never harass the wearer of this Rudraksh. The lord of serpents, Shiva has special grace on the wearer. Due to grace of lord Shiva such a person is not affected by sins. Such a person gets all the merits befitting goals.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Six Mukhi Rudraksh

  It's ruling planet is Venus. Venus governs genital organs throat, valour, sexual pleasure, love, music etc. This bead enriches the career path and helps you achieve immense professional and academic success. It helps you fulfill dreams and lead a very luxurious life. This is regarded as the symbol of Kartikeya, the six faced son of lord Rudra and moher Sharada. He is the younger brother of lord Ganesha. Men should wear this Rudraksh in the right hand and woman should wear in the left hand. This confers knowledge of the very highest kind. This helps women in diseases like hysteria and other mental illness. Those interested in tantra also gets benefit by it. It also helps students and businessmen. It represents Lord Ganesha and Kartikeya. Its possessor attains complete success in the business and earns great wealth. It is beneficial in the cure of epilepsy and all women related problems.



Thursday, December 24, 2009

Five Mukhi Rudraksha

The ruling planet is Jupiter. This mukhi is used to sublimate the malefic effects of Jupiter such as lack of peace, poverty , lack of harmony etc. This bead has several uses. It helps attain success in all walks of life and gain knowledge, wealth, power, fame and achieve goals. It is also very often used in the cure of several diseases. It is a very sought after bead that can actually help you achieve happiness and eternal bliss. It also represents Lord Shiva and is very effective in the elimination your enemies. All five Brahmas are pleased with the devotee who wears this Rudrakshs. Lord Rudra also give success in all the efforts made by such a devotee. Diseases do not come near the wearer of it. five who wears these five faced Rudraksh obtains all kind of riches and prosperity. Persons suffering from high blood pressure get relief by wearing these but five should select them very carefully, or better they take the help of experts. It helps in diseases pertaining to lungs, heart and blood.



Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Four Mukhi Rudraksha

The ruling planet is Mercury, representing Goddess Saraswati and Brahma. Malefic effects of Mercury include intellectual dullness, lack of grasping and understanding power, difficulty in effective communication and also neurotic conditions of the mind. This mukhi nullifies the malefic effects of Mercury and pleases Goddess Saraswati. It also governs logical and structural thinking. This bead helps achieve a healthy mind and body. It can help increase mental power, intelligence, knowledge, concentration and knowledge. It can also increase sexual power and attractiveness. It is used for making one more sought after by the opposite sex. This symbolises lord Brahma. If the Rudraksh is boiled in milk and that milk is taken for 20 days. It gives knowledge and clarity of mind, it is said by wearing it, the ill evil thoughts arising in one's mind are destroyed. This Rudraksh is especially important for the students and scholars. All types of learning become easier to the wearer of this Rudraksh. Such a person gains deep insight and perceives the secrets of religion easily. Lord Rudra is very much pleased with its wearer.


Monday, December 21, 2009

Three Mukhi Rudraksha

The ruling planet is Mars, malefic effects are disease of blood, blood pressure, weakness, disturbed menstrual cycle, kidney etc.. Depression, negative and guilty feelings, inferiority complexes can be lessened by wearing this mukhi. The three mukhi Rudraksh is worn to boost the self-confidence and to counter depressions. It also provides physical strengths and helps in cure of several diseases. It also wards off ill-luck and tensions and can help purify all sins.Three faced Rudraksh symbolises lord Agni - the fire god. This destroys ill luck, if worn regularly. It bestows health, wealth and knowledge too. If a rosary made of 108 beads is worn, sins of even earlier births are destroyed. One obtains health and one becomes free from diseases, killing of Brahman, woman and other grace sins are destroyed by wearing a rosary of three faced Rudraksh. All the merits obtained from the worship of fire god, are attained by wearing a rosary of three faced Rudraksh. The wearer becomes free from all diseases and he becomes like a true brahmin. He enemies are vanquished. He does not suffer any loss from fire. He is also protected from arms and weapons. It is very effective for jaundice. Its wearer always remain healthy and active.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

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Two Mukhi Rudraksha

The ruling planet of two Mukhi rudraksh is Moon. They effectively control the malefic effects of Moon and diseases of the left eye, kidney, intestines etc. Emotionally, there is harmony in relationships. This bead helps in developing harmonious relationships. The moon is the ruling influence and hence it can greatly help in controlling negative traits like anger, frustration and lack of concentration.Possessor of this Rudraksh gets the blessings of Ardhnarishwar, another incarnation of Lord Shiva. It is very suitable for the devotees of Lord Shiva and provides them with mental peace and spiritual progress. Two faced Rudraksh signifies lord Rudra and his consort Parvati. Vaishanavas regard it as the symbol of lord Vishnu. Thus it is regarded as sacred by both the sections, the Vaishnavaites and the Shaivates. The wearer of this Rudraksh gets all his desires fulfilled and he also attains the peace of mind. This also helps in meditation and attainment of spiritual merit becomes easier, if one wears it. It is said that if worn by pregnant ladies it ensures painless delivery without complications. Patient sufferings from sleeplessness and nightmares also get relief by putting a bead of this Rudraksh under their pillow. Such a person also remain free from the harmful influences of evil spirits. If it is difficult to obtain two faced Rudraksh then a few beads of other types of Rudraksh can also be used. This Rudraksh destroys sins and helps wearer reach the heaven.


Friday, December 18, 2009

One Mukhi Rudraksh

Sun or Surya the center of the Solar system around which all the planets revolve represents one mukhi. It controls the malefic effects of Sun and cure diseases of the right eye, head, ear, bowel and bones. Psychologically the confidence, charisma, leadership qualities and prosperity of the person increase as the Sun is pleased with the wearer.The most sought after Rudraksh. These are extremely rare and are one of the most costly Rudraksh beads. A one mukhi Rudraksh can bring you immense power, wealth, luxuries, fame, massive confidence boost and spiritual enrichment. This bead often carries an auspicious sign of signifying a connection with Lord Shiva. This is the best among all other Rudraksh seed. This is the mother of all other forms of Rudraksh. These gives all the worldly pleasures and then helps one attain perfection in after life. It is said that where one faced Rudraksh is worshipped, that place is always full of riches and goddess Lakshmi has special grace on such places. This is the symbol of lord Rudra. It bestows all prosperity on the devotees. Such a Rudraksh is obtained by the grace of Lord Rudra only.Represents Lord Shiva and its possessor is blessed with divine powers of Lord Shiva. The possessor of this rare Rudraksh is blessed with unexpected wealth, and all his desires are fulfilled. It is capable to cure the chronic asthma and TB.



Thursday, December 17, 2009

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In sanskrit, the word Rudraksha consists with words of  'RUDRA' and 'AKSHA'in which Rudra denotes to Lord Shiva and aksha refers to tear. It is believed that when Lord Shiva was in his deep meditation, a drop of tear fell of his eye which grew into the devine fruit, that is Rudraksha. It is also said that one who wear this devine fruit achieves eternal blessing and is deemed closest to Lord Shiva himself. Rudraksha is mainly found in Nepal and Java Sumatra Island, and found one face(Mukhi) to fourteen face and an unique kind is called GAURI SHANKAR.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

श्री लक्ष्मीविनायक मंत्र :

ऊं श्रीं गं सौम्याय गणपतये वरवरद सर्वजनं मे वशमानय स्वाहा।

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Gem Therapy

Ruby ( Red Cosmic Ray)
Most suitable for subjects prone to diseases such as Aliments of the bloodstream.Anemia, Physical Debility and Lassitude, Colds ,Circulatory, Deficiencies, Moronic cases.
 Pearl ( Orange Cosmic Ray)
Most suitable for Chronic Asthma, Phlegmatic Fevers, Bronchitis, Wet Cough, Gout, Chronic Rheumatism, Inflammation of Kidneys, Gall Stone, Cessation of Menstruation in Females, Mental Debility.
 Coral ( Yellow Cosmic Ray)
Suitable For Stomach Troubles, Indigestion and a variety of complaints related thereto,
Constipation, Liver troubles, Diabetes, Blind Piles, Eczema, Skin Troubles,  Nervous Exhaustion.
Emerald ( Green Cosmic Ray)
Necessary for the Following complaints:- Heart Troubles, Blood Pressure, Ulcers,Cancer,Headache, Neuralgia, Influenza.
Yellow Sapphire ( Blue Cosmic Ray)
Suitable For All Throat Troubles, Laryngitis, sore Throat, Hoarseness, Fevers Like Scarlet Fever and Typhoid Fever, Cholera, Bubonic, plague, Small-pox,Chicken-pox, Hysteria,Nervous Disorders.
Diamond(Indigo Cosmic Ray)
Suitable For Eye Troubles, Ear and Nose complaints, Facial paralysis, all diseases of the lungs.
Sapphire( Violet Cosmic Ray)
Good For Nervous and Mental Disorders, Neurosis, neuralgia, Sciatica, Diseases of the scalp Epilepsy, Cerebro- spinal Meningitis, Kidney and Bladder Weakness.

Monday, December 14, 2009



Note: This mantra is more effective for those who are under the pressure of transit Saturn.

Zodiac Sign & The Flower

Aries:- Sweet Pea,
Taurus:- Lily
Gemini:- Rose
Cancer:- Larkspur
Leo :- Gladiolus
Virgo :- Aster
Libra:- Calendula
Scorpio:- Chrysanthemum
Sagittarius:- Narcissus
Capricorn:- Carnation
Aquarius :- Violet
Pisces :- jonquil

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zodiac Sign Attributes

The positions of the Sun sign and the Rising sign in the Zodiacs are extremely important attributes in the
Astrological analysis. The attributes of the Zodiacs are given here:-
Aries :-Action, leadership, energy, aggressive, courage, arrogance, combative
 Taurus:- Possessive, stable, reliable, steady, slow to start, but steady progress, stubborn
Gemini:- Most intelligent, quick mind, curious, multi-tasking, communication, wit. can be shallow, lack self discipline
Cancer:- Most sensitive, intuitive, domestic matter very important, caring, tenacious’ moody, combative
Leo:-Noble, generous, seek power, confidant, ambitious, attraction to opposite sex., ego, outspoken, ostentatious, domineering.
Virgo:-Perfectionist, efficient, thorough, analytical, pettiness, critical and flaw seeking of others.
Libra:-Partnership, joint enterprise, harmonious, balance, fairness, indecisive, overly romantic
Scorpio:- Strong will power, workaholic, resourceful, intense dedication, vindictive, jealous, intense emotion, never gives up.
Sagittarius:-Good fortune, abundance, foreign matters, optimistic, friendly. Long distance travel, publishing, books, giving advice, blunt, tactless.
Capricorn:-Frugal, hardworking, responsible, desire for status, condescending, lacking integrity may have highest accomplishments, but the greatest of falls.
Aquarius:_Freedom, independence, unconventional, humanitarian, inventiveness, originality, stubborn, eccentric, dogmatic
Pisces:-Intuitive, very sensitive, sympathetic, compassionate, charitable, easily influenced, not ambitious, stubborn

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Astrological Guidence For Careers by planet:-

In Astrology Tenth house is house of Profession, Career. Planet who established Relationship with tenth house indicate suitable subject for careers.
Sun: authority,politicians,scientists, leaders,directors,government employees,doctors, jewelers
Moon: nursing,the public,women,children, traveling ,marine,cooks,restaurants, import/export.
Mars: fire,energy,metals,initiative,weapons,construction,soldiers,police,surgeons, engineers.
Mercury: intellect,writing,teaching,merchandise,clerks,accountants,editors,transport, astrologers.
Jupiter: finance,law,treasury,scholars,priests,politicians,advertising,psychologist, humanitarian.
Venus: pleasures,luxuries,beauty,art,music,entertainment industry,sex industry,hotels.
Saturn: the aged,death,real estate,labour,agriculture,building trades,mining, monk.
Rahu: researchers, engineers,physicians,medicine/drugs,speculators,aviation,electricity, waste
Ketu: idealism,enlightenment,religion,secret affairs,poisons,metaphysics.

Friday, December 4, 2009

पुराणअनुसार राहु केतु,

पुराणअनुसार हिरण्यकशिपु राक्षसको सिंहिका नाम गरेकी पुत्रीको विवाह व्रि्रचित्ति नामक दानवसित भएको थियो । उक्त दानवको गर्भबाट राहुको जन्म भएको थियो । समुद्रमन्थनको समयमा जब श्रीविष्णु मोहनी रुप धारण गरेर देवताहरूलाई अमृत वितरण गरिरहेका थिए त्यसै समयमा राहुले पनि देवताको स्वरुप धारण गरेर देवताहरूको पंक्तिमा गएर बसी अमृतपान गर्‍यो । राहुले गरेको यस छलकपटलाई सूर्य तथा चन्द्रमाले देखिरहेका थिए । सूर्य तथा चन्द्रमाले विष्णुको संकेत पाएर वास्तविकता बताइ दिएपछि विष्णुले आफ्नो सुदर्शन चक्रद्वारा राहुको कन्चटमा प्रहार गरे । चक्रको प्रभावबाट राहुको शिर काटिइ अलग हुन गयो । तर अमृतपान गरेको हुनाले उ मर्न सकेन भने उसको शिर र शरीर अलग-अलग भए ।  त्यसपछि शिरको नाम राहु र शरीरको नाम केतु हुन गयो । त्यसै समयदेखि राहु र केतु सूर्य तथा चन्द्रमाका शत्रु भएर बसेर भने ग्रहण लगाउने काम उनीहरूको भयो । पुराणअनुसार राहु सूर्यदेखि १०००० योजन तल रहेको छ भने अन्य ग्रहझैं यिनीहरू आकाश मण्डलमा भ्रमण गरिरहेका छन् । ज्योतिष विज्ञानअनुसार अन्य ग्रहझैं सौर्यमण्डलमा राहु तथा केतुको कुनै ज्योतिपिण्ड नभएको बताइन्छ । यिनीहरूलाई पृथ्वीको उत्तरी तथा दक्षिणी धु्रवको छायामात्र मानिएको छ । प्राचीन भारतीय ज्योतिष विज्ञानमा मुख्य ग्रहको रुपमा ७ वटा ग्रहलाई मात्र मानिएको पाइन्छ । तर पछिगएर यी दुवै ग्रहलाई छाया ग्रहको रुपमा ग्रहमण्डलमा स्थान दिएको पाइन्छ । त्यसपछि ग्रहहरूको संख्या ९ पुगेको हो । केही विद्वानहरूले राहुको व्यास ३०,०००० मिल तथा पृथ्वीबाट यसको दूरी ९०,००,००० मिल टाढा रहेको मानेका छन् । राहु तथा केतु आपसमा ६ राशि अर्थात् १८० अंशको अन्तरमा बक्र-गतिबाट -उल्टो गतिमा) पर्रि्रमण गर्दछन् । यिनीहरू एक राशिमा १८ महिना  तथा १२ राशिमा पूरा भ्रमण गर्नको लागि १८ वर्षलगाएको पाइन्छ । नवग्रह मण्डलमा राहु केतुको कुनै स्थान प्राप्त भएको छैन । यिनीहरूको आफ्नो कुनै राशि पनि छैन परन्तु कुनै विद्वानहरूले कन्या राशिमा राहुको आधिपत्य मानेका छन् भने कुनै विद्वानहरूले वृष राशि र मिथुन राशिको १५ अंशसम्म भएकोलाई उच्च मानेका छन् । कुनै विद्वानहरूले कर्कट र कुम्भ राशिलाई मूल त्रिकोण मानेका छन् । राहु मेष, वृष, मिथुन कर्कट, कन्या, वृश्चिक र कुम्भ राशि तथा दशम भावमा बलवान् हुन्छ भनेका छन् । बुध, शुक्र र शनि यसको नैर्सर्गिक मित्र, सूर्य, चन्द्रमा र मंगल शत्रु, वृहस्पति राहु वा केतुको समभाव भएको पाइन्छ । यसको गणना क्रूर ग्रहमा गरिएको छ । वृष र तुला लग्नमा यसलाई योगकारक मानिन्छ । आर्दा ,स्वाति तथा शतभिषा नक्षत्रमा यसको विशेष प्रभाव हुन्छ ।

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How vastu shastra works

The seers and sages of ancient India carefully observed the effects of the five elements (earth, water, fire, air, and space) on the human organism and environment. In a natural environment all five elements are in balance. As soon as the environment is altered by the introduction of a structure, however, this balance is disturbed. Any such disturbance then affects the health, wealth, and happiness of those who live and work inside the building. Over thousands of years the sages collected such observations of natural balance and imbalance within environments. The resulting body of knowledge is the science of Vastu Shastra.
In a sense, Vastu is yoga for the home or office. Yoga balances the five elements in the body through postures and breathing exercises that eliminate stress. Vastu extends this principle by balancing the five elements to eliminate stress in a physical environment. Using the principles of Vastu, you can bring any building into balance, attract beneficial energy, and enhance prosperity and abundance. In this way, your home or office will become a haven, a sanctuary where you feel productive, healthy, and at peace.
In any structure the five elements must be in balance to gain the support of nature. Each of these elements is associated with a particular direction (earth, southwest; water, northeast; fire, southeast; air, northwest; space, the central area). The interplay between these elements and the directions affects you on every level of existence. Each of the five elements, together with the directions north, south, east, and west, has a specific planetary influence as well, making a subtle but profound impact on your daily life.
People seldom think of their homes as living entities, but the benefits of understanding this premise are truly life-changing. Vastu Purusha is affected by energies that come from different geographic directions. These energies are of two kinds. The magnetic energies of the north and the solar energies of the east (ultraviolet rays) exert positive, supportive influences, while the south (infrared rays) and the west (gamma rays) exert influences that are not life-supporting. For this reason in ancient India, buildings were designed to receive the abundant, life-enhancing energies from the north and east, while shielding their inhabitants from the gamma and infrared rays of the west and south. The positive energies from north and east flowed around the structure without obstruction and collected in the southwest area of the building, where they supported the health and well-being of the people inside.
Over time, people lost touch with the importance of living in harmony with the natural environment. Our homes and places of work have gradually become filled with unnecessary stress and strife. Very simple adjustments, using tools that return the five elements to balance, will often alleviate this stress. Such adjustments can be made economically, without disturbing your environment, and it is the purpose of this book to show you how. When you honor and enliven Vastu Purusha, the spirit of your building, the result is greater health, prosperity, and happiness for all who enter.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Similarities Between Vastu & Feng Shui

Vastu and Feng Shui originate from two vastly different cultural backgrounds and civilizations. The underlying basic principles of both however are purported to follow the laws of Nature; and both share some common approaches. The primary objective of both is ‘the creation of harmonious energy within dwellings to create a good feeling and to attract a good life’.
Vastu is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘Place of Dwelling’. It originates from ‘The Vedas’, ancient Hindu scriptures on which many of the esoteric sciences of East are based. Vastu principles reflect the theories of Quantum Physics. It emphasizes that ‘everything vibrates and pulsates’. It also asserts the notion that ‘everything is interconnected’.
Vastu was widely applied in the design and construction of ancient temples and architecture during early Vedic civilizations and its influence continues to be prevalent in modern times. Followers of Vastu view the Chinese practice of feng shui as a corollary of Vastu. Both, they say, encompass the science of space alignment, positioning, planning and orientating structures and interiors; and both study the energies of the immediate environment and one’s ‘place of dwelling’ and analyze the impact it has on those residing within.
The Vastu Purusha and the Chinese Dragon:-
In Vastu, the universal energy within any property is depicted by a demon-faced man lying down with his hands and legs positioned within the four segments of the property. He signifies the underlying earth energies which can be harmful unless countered under certain circumstances or harnessed appropriately to bring good luck. This demon-faced man is known as Vastu Purusha, ‘Purusha’ meaning Man in Sanskrit. In feng shui, similarly, the energy of the universe, known as ‘Chi’, is described as the dragon’s cosmic breath.
The Vedic Square and Eight Mansions:-
In Vastu, a property is divided into 9 sectors and each of these sectors is energy specific and has significantly different meanings. These 9 sectors are further divided into 81 squares, known as ‘Vedic Squares’, denoting the spatial influence of the eight compass directions.These Vedic squares also denote the vulnerable energy points within a property and the positioning of rooms is carried out after analyzing the grid so that vulnerable points can be found and avoided. This particular formula of Vastu bears some resemblance to feng shui’s ‘Eight Mansions’ theory.
The Pancha Bhootas and the 5 Elements:-
Vastu also has something similar to the five elements that is based on the ‘Pancha Bhootas’; Pancha meaning Five and Bhootas meaning Elements. The elements of Vastu however are different from the 5 elements of feng shui.
In Vastu, the five elements are Air, Water, Earth, Ether (space or cosmos) and Fire. These elements also represent various sectors of a plot. Ether known as the ‘Eshanya’ which resides in the Northeast, Air known as ‘Vayu’ resides in the Northwest, Fire known as ‘Agni’ resides in the Southeast and is symbolically shown as a triangle. Water known as ‘Jal’ resides in the Northwest with Air. Earth represents the quality of form and is represented by a square and resides in the Southwest.
In addition to these elements, the four cardinal directions in Vastu relate to other aspects of life. East represents children and prosperity and is known as ‘Indira’, West known as ‘Varuna’ relates to fate and Karma (Destiny), North known as ‘Kubera’ relates to career and South known as ‘Yama’ relates to legal affairs and the cycle of life and death. The centre of the plot is known as the ‘Brahma Sthana’, i.e. the place of the creator, which is the embodiment of creativity and balance.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


In this creation, everything follows an order. At certain times human births take place. At some other times the animals, the birds, the trees etc. are created. In human births, the male and female births follow a certain order. Time is under the control of the five bhutas. As per the order of the bhutas, the names of the weeks are formed. Sun (Ravi) and Mars (Mangal) areTejo tatwa planets. On Sunday and Tuesday ( Mangal ), certain period of time after Sunrise is under the control of Sun and Mars. Knowing this ancient rashies named these weeks after Sun and Mars. Monday (Soma) follows the Jala tatwa planet of Soma (Moon). Wednesday (Budhavara) follows Buddha tatwa planet Mercury(Buddha), Thursday(Guruvara) follows Akasha tatwa planet Jupiter(Guru),Friday(Sukravara) follows jala tatwa planet Venus(Sukra),Saturday(Sanivara) follows Vayu tatwa planet Saturn(Sani). In these weeks certain period of time from the Sunrise is under the control of the lords of these weeks. The rest of the time is under the control of the lords of the prithvi, jala, agni,vayu and akash tatwas. The planets would not go in any other different order other than this order. As per the lords of the tatwas, the male and female births take place in the human births. Under the control of time of Moon, Venus, Saturn the female births take place and male births take place from the time control of Sun, Mars, Mercury and Jupiter. That means under the time of jala and vayu tatwas the female births and under the time of bhu, tejo and akash tatwas male births take place. There is a connection amongst the tatwa times, the star in which the Moon is posited, the characteristics of the birth sign, the lord of the birth week and the male and female divisions. Since these five divisions are connected to the five bhutas, lord Brahma has created these births consisting of these five bhutas.The species cannot live without connection with five bhutas. As per this order in this vast time frame , human births take place at certain times only . This is as per the Sastra and accepted by those who have read the Sastras. Moon receives the life energy from Sun. Due to the effect of the Moon , this energy is converted into the birth of the species. For the time of the birth depending on the tatwa the male female order of the birth, the mental and physical characteristics are formed. In the five bhutas the first bhuta of Akash is the centre of electricity. In the human body the important part of the brain, which is the seat of nervous system, belongs to akhash tatwa. The second one the vayu (air)is important for the survival of the species. The third one of agni (fire) is required to improve the human cells meaning oxygen without which the agni or fire cannot be generated and the birth cells are important for life. The fourth one of jala is 80% of the human body. The jala is equivalent to the blood of the body and if this blood is solidified it is difficult to live. The fifth one of prithvi represents the body. However much the body is cleaned but still the earthy smell of the prithvi comes out.
The connection between the human body and the five tatwas has been shown. These tatwas follow their time division regularly in their lordship weekdays. The tatwas follow their time one after the other as Prithvi: 6minutes; jala: 12 minutes; Tejo: 18 minutes; vayu: 24 minutes; Akash: 30 minutes. That means, for every 90 minutes the first rotation of the tatwas in the above order of Prithvi, jala, Tejo, vayu and Akash would be completed and the second rotation would be started in reverse order. In this order there would be 16 rotations of the tatwas in 24 hours. In these rotations, the odd rotations would be in direct (savya) order and the even rotations would be in reverse (apasavya) order. That means, the first rotation of the tatwas would be in the direct order of Prithvi, jala, Tejo, vayu and Akash, the second rotation would be in the reverse order of Akash, Vayu,Tejo, jala and Prithvi, the third rotation would be in direct order, the fourth rotation would be in reverse order and so on till the 16 rotations are completed. These direct and reverse rotations of the tatwas is referred in the book " Jataka Phala Chintamani" as follows:
Avalambavaagni bhoovyoma jala vavyadipah khagah
Kramaat arkodayo vaare sa swakaala pravartakah ||
Bhoomyadi paadaghatikaa vrudhisyadhardha yaamake
Yaamottharaadhe thadraasyath aarohakshava rphanam||
Parivrutthi dhwayam yaame prathiprahaara meedhrusham
Sthreejanam jalavavyosyaath bhoonabhognishu pumjanmani||
Yethena ghatika jnaanam thena lagnamvinidhrisheth||

The tatwas, their lords, weekdays and sex are as: Prithvi- Mercury-Wednesday-Male; Jala-Moon. Venus-Monday, Friday- Female; Tejo- Sun, Mars- Sunday, Tuesday- Male; vayu- Saturn- Saturday- Female; Akash- Jupiter, Thursday- Male.
The Prithvi tatwa would remain for 6 minutes after the Sunrise on Wednesday, the jala tatwa would remain for 12 minutes for 12 minutes after sun rise on Monday and Friday, the Tejo tatwa would remain for 18 minutes on Sunday and Tuesday after Sun rise, the vayu tatwa would remain for 24 seconds on Saturday after the Sun rise and the Akash tatwa would remain for 30 seconds onThursday after the Sun rise.
The general characteristics of the people born in various tatwas are as follows:
Prithvi tatwa: The lord of this tatwa, Mercury (Buddha) is intellectual. Science, philosophy, mathematics, business, saved amounts are represented. The characteristics of this tatwa has got very good connection with Saturn characteristics. Those born in this tatwa would have self- confidence, patience, imagination, future planning and interest in material prospects. They will have practical tendencies such as giving loans, accumulate money and gain from mines etc
Jala tatwa: The lords of this tatwa are Moon and Venus. Imagination, good thinking power, enjoying life, expertise in fine arts, research in scientific fields particularly connected with research in medical fields are represented. Those born in this tatwa, though having the above quoted qualities, would get tired sometimes and want to take rest and idleness is one quality. Generally active, experts in different fields, can adapt to any situation and behave, will have self-respect and compassion, will have low profile, will build castles in air being lazy, can become very active when doing practical things, will perform the jobs with determination, though not having natural strength will see that jobs are done. When Moon is strong they become political experts.
Tejo tatwa: Sun and Mars are the lords. The general characteristics are enthusiasm, good physique, force, oratory powers and passion. Those born in this tatwa will courageous and adventurous. Can occupy high positions with self-effort. Very ambitious, wise, believable, can perform duties with determination and with self-mind, advocates, politicians, experts in mathematics, engineers, adepts in surgery, military employees, best sportsmen, sometimes behaves cruel.
Vayu tatwa: Lord Saturn. The characteristics are best thinking, meditation, self-enquiry, solitary residence, steadiness, patience and hard work. Those born in this tatwa are practical, experts in philosophical studies, panderers on God, enthusiastic, cunning and imaginative. Though they speak harshly, they are not cruel. They will not tolerate untruth and ingratitude. They can grasp anything very quickly. Unsteady persons, political leaders, philosophers, researchers, geologists, ascetics etc are born in this tatwa.
Akash tatwa: Jupiter is the lord. For those born in Akasha tatwa, the natural characteristics are joy, delight, happiness, pleasure, satisfaction, gratification, faith in good periods, liberality, generosity, augmentation, growth, addition, improvement, progress, success, prosperity, fullness, consciousness of possession of means or strength, absence of anxiety, fear or apprehension, power of attracting, drawing towards one's self, drawing away from attraction and fascination, they will have changes in their mental and physical temperaments. In favorable circumstances, they will be torchbearers for high ideals with great qualities, enthusiasm, energy, generosity and independence. In unfavorable circumstances, they can have depressions, dissipating energy. They will have natural confidence, reliance, and mental and physical strength. They will be interested in education in philosophy, finance, law and writings. They will have fame and name. Poets, lawyers, yogis, persons with divine strength, persons who talk decisively, generous persons, persons who do not know secret dealings, friendly persons are getting born in this tatwa.
((This article is a free English translation from the book " Jyotisha Siddhantammu" published in 1970 written by DaivagnaRatna and Vidya Visarada late Shri Divakaruni Venkata Subbarao in the South Indian' Telugu' language)

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Temple Architecture of Nepal & India

 V. Ganapathi Stapathi

The temples in Nepal and India have played a versatile role in the life of its people and have been the dominant and inseparable part of their cultural and spiritual activities from the early times. People, from the crown to the common, from the saint to the scholar have frequented temples and held them as sacred objects of worship and sources of solace and bliss. In fact, the cream of Indian culture is enshrined in the temples. The cultural life of the Indian race is built around the temple. This culture is spreading fast today, all over the world. This system of temple culture has not been replaced by any other system up to this day. It is so strong, effective and efficacious that no alternative became possible. It is based on truth, not on mere faith.
Modern scientific analysis of a temple goes to establish that temple-space is surcharged with enormous positive energy and the visitors, frequenting the premises attain physical welfare and mental well-being. How could a mere structure built of stone or of brick and mortar contain that kind of energy? What makes the temple structure and the premises so powerful? What do the temple components like Garbhagruha, Mukhamandapa, Vimaana, Gopura, Praakaara, Minor shrines, Pillars and various other parts of the temple structure mean? Do they have any scientific basis or are they mere imaginative, artistic edifices to house sacred forms and symbols of religious concepts? Also it is a scientific truth that a temple is not a home of God but it is the form of God. In other words, the temple structure itself is worthy of worship and in that context; the God form installed inside is redundant or superfluous. There is truth in it, hence I am emboldened to say so. Temple building is not a congregational structure but a form of God structurally delineated. This aspect of the temple as a form of God is implied in the Upanishadaic statement of 'Prasadam purusham matva poojayet mantra vittamaha'. The literal meaning is that the priest well versed in mantras shall look upon the temple building (prasada) as Purusha (embodied energy called Vaastu Purusha) and worship him with due respect. The meaning further noticeable in this context is that a temple building is a composite of the Sukshma (subtle) and Sthula (gross) aspects of the Supreme Being. The Sukshma is the subtle space enclosed in the sanctum and Sthula is the material form built around it. Also the temple structure is realized as the body and the inner space enclosed as the spirit. And the circumambulatory space around the temple sanctum called praakaraas is the rhythm bound spatial expansion of the inner space. In other words, the temple layout is the extended form of the 'rhythm' of the inner space (the Daharakasa). Therefore in the Vaastu tradition, the temple complex is designed according to what is called musical layam, where layam means rhythm (or swara vinyasa). Hence architecture is defined as frozen music as well.
In the traditional Vaastu Shastras, the concept of temple structure as the extended material form of the jeeva is vividly described in a technological language to aid designing of temple forms meaningfully. The temple form is designed into Viswaroopa (visible material universe). Is not the human body, an extended form of the inner being, and the subtle into gross? The Vaastu sloka goes on thus:
Upapeetam charanakara, adhistanam janu mandalam,
Pada vargam karakaram prastaram bahu moolakam,
Tatkantam gala mithyuktam shikharam mukha mevache,
Ushneeshantam shikha chaiva mahanasicha nasika,
Netranam kshudra nasyau cha viswarupa mithi smirutam.
There are a certain number of parts, with which the limbs of the temple structure are composed, just like the human form being composed of limbs such as foot, leg, thigh, torso, hand, neck, head and the hair lock. The components of the temple form, as expressed in physical terms, may be noticed in the accompanying diagram. The human scale (taala unit/kaala maatra) is simultaneously shown side by side. The subtle is in 8 units and the gross is in 9 units. The structure is the concept of Mayonic science wherein human laya (order) is brought into application. There is a profound scientific concept underlying the creation of Vaastu structures whether it is a temple building or a house building. At present let us focus our attention on the temple structure. To understand the composition of the structural parts of a temple, one should know the scientific concept in its layout and its significance. It is the scientific layout that determines worthiness of the form. The layout adopted for temple form is synonymous with the layout of the Cosmos! This is the basic concept, which confers pan-Indianness of the temple design and lends national character to the temple-culture.
The plan of the layout of a temple is technically called Mandala or Vaastu Pada with a grid of 8 × 8 = 64 spaces or 9 × 9 = 81 spaces of equal dimensions. In modern architectural terminology this can be addressed as energy-grid. These layouts are squares, two dimensionally and cubes, tridimensionally. Those two layouts are the geometrical formulae for the shilpi to replicate the subtle substance of the universe into visual material form. This is the formula handled by Jagatguru Viswakarma, the creator of the universe, to turn his own thoughts into material forms. This formula is couched in a simplistic saying vastu reva vaastu meaning "it is the subtle that turns into gross". Here Vastu is subtle energy and Vaastu is embodied energy. This was discovered and put into the Vastu texts by Mayan, the author of Mayamata, Vaastu Shastra and of Surya Siddhanta, the most ancient treatise on Astronomy. The application of this principle confers sanctity on the man-made structure of a temple and makes it worship worthy. This is the scientific truth of the highest order underlying temple design and temple culture.
To understand this concept still more clearly, one has to go to the very root of the genesis and evolution of the universe. The root exists in the vast luminous space (akasa) that surrounds the earth and for that matter every object of the universe. The space under reference is not a space of nothingness but a space filled with energy or spiritual light. As a matter of fact, the space is mathematically confirmed to have been packed with countless cubes of energy of Paramanu size. One such cubical space dwells in the cave of our heart and in the hearts of all animate objects of the
universe. This cube with a square base is called Vaastu Purusha Mandala where 'mandala' is square and 'purusha' is energy. 'Vaastu purushah chaturasra samsthaha'-"the all pervasive energy is couched in a square" - so says Vastu Vidya, a treatise on architecture. Vaastu Purusha mandala represents, infact, the micro universe and quality wise and shape wise the micro and the macro are one and the same. That the space is the primary source of all animate beings is justified further in the upanishadaic saying, 'akasat vayuhu vayoragnihi agnerapaha adbhi prithvi prithivee bhyam oshadhayaha'. The meaning is that the air, fire, water and earth have come forth in successive developments from the SPACE. The vegetation further came out of the Earth, which acted as another space (source) called earthly space. The shorter version of this phenomenon is that the Earth came out of the Space or the Space is the source of the Earth. In fact, it is from one single paramanu that the Earth has come into being and hence the energy contained in an 'anu-sized subtle energy' and the energy contained in the Earth itself have come to be called by a common term Vastu Purusha and hence the container and the content have together come to be called Vaastu Purusha Mandala.
The layout of the spherical earth is identified to be Vaastu Purusha Mandala of 9 × 9 = 81 spaces whereas at subtle level, it was of 8 × 8 = 64 spaces of energy grid. Hence the mandala of 8 × 8 and that of 9 × 9 are said to be 'subtle' and 'gross' respectively. Area wise, the square and circle are equal, in spite of its growth from anu to anda (in terms of proportions). This theory is applied in all animate beings from insect to elephant. The square Vaastu Purusha Mandala is the wave patter of primordial energy and infact it is the primal manifest form of the non-manifest, which grows into material form ultimately. All visual and audible forms come under this theory. The resultant mathematical formula is that o = ¡, meaning that the subtle is qualitatively and quantitatively equal to gross. Mayan also says, ‘Prasadadini vastuni vastuvad vastu samsrayat tanyeva vastu reveti kathitam vai vastu vid budhaihi". The meaning in simple words is that buildings, be it a temple or a house, are all embodied energies, signifying the co-existence of energy and matter (Vastu). Is this not the unified theory of energy and matter?
So Vaastu Purusha Mandala, the plan of the primordial cube of energy is utilized as the plan of the temple, as per the directive of Vaastu shastra. How sacred and scientific is the principle governing temple form? Is this not secular and universal? The three dimensional cube is the basic structure of the sanctum into which is placed the idol for worship. Around the cube a variety of bands and motifs are added on to give a pleasing alluring look and to conform it to human form in structural terms. This cube is traditionally denoted by the epithets Chitravain Chitrambalam and Chidambaram which means 'mini hall'. This I have named as 'Micro-abode' and 'Microbode'. So every temple structure, as per Vastu tradition, is a microbode, within which the free space is enclosed. What does this microbode, the mini hall contain? It is a spark of cosmic fire that lies centered. This is called Brahma bindu. This is again OM light, the vibration of which causes the Om sound. The vibration of this Om light is called Time or Kaalam. The vibration of the primal OM light is the dance of Lord Shiva and that of sound is Uma. Hence 'Omkara' Natana. Uma is 'word' (vaak) and Shiva is 'meaning' (artha).
So Mayan says that Kaalam is the creative element of all the objects of the universe and adds that the universe itself is the product of Time. "Time is the creative source of all objects. It is time that changes into form. It is time that blossoms into the universe and Kaalam thus does wonders"-Mayan.
Therefore Kaalam itself is designated as Kaala Brahman. Kaalam, in simple words is the speed or vibration of energy or light. The summum-bonum of these discussions is that vibration causes all phenomena. This concept is extended to poetry, music and dance where Kaalam is redesignated as Taalam, maatra or kaalam, the ruling element of all forms of poetry, music and also dance. What would be unique and astonishing is that the same Taala measure is extended to create visual material forms (time-spaces) of which one is the building whether it is a temple or house. Sculptural
representations are also born of this scientific theory of rhythm (Taala) and therefore they are divine and worship worthy.
The concept of Vaastu, in this context, is that it is the minute cell of energy (microbode) which changes itself into material body (Vaastu) by virtue of the vibrations emanating from the energy. In other words, all living organisms have sprung into material existence out of the seed and speed of divine energy. Hence the sanctum is held to be a living organism capable of 'vibrating from within and spreading into a space of energetic particles'. These vibrations have been quantified just as we have quantified the sound vibrations emanating from a stringed instrument of music. These measures of sound vibrations have been assessed to be equal to material vibrations and thus got extended to
create material spaces called buildings.
Another important concept of Vaastu is that this small cell of energy is called 'foetus of space or garbha by which the structure has come to be called Garbhagriha and Karuvarai . Also called Bindu Griha in Agamas. 'Karu' is the energetic space-atom and the structure enclosing it is 'Arai'. Our Garbhagriha structure is so designed in terms of frequency of vibrations called 'rhythm' that the energy-waves emanating there from, are productive of positive effects on human psyche, in as much as musical vibrations are controlled by numerical adjustments to produce sweet sonic effect in human mind. Because of such structural vitality one feels edified when one steps into the temple ambience
or stands in front of the sanctum. This will happen irrespective of the structure enshrining an idol or not. Such is the spiritual significance of the very structure of Garbhagriha.
The temple architecture is a scientific phenomenon. Let me complete by saying that the music is enjoyable because of the science underlying musical composition and rendering the song. These are musical forms heard and enjoyed at heart. Similarly, the same science underlying the musical forms are visually seen and experienced at heart in a temple premises. The effect is one and the same.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Bells & Energy

Bells are rung to signal the beginning and end of ceremonies and meditation practices. Bells are also a powerful tool for space clearing rituals.
Tibetan prayer bells are forged from seven metals, and are often decorated with important symbols to enhance their energy.
The type of bell you choose will depend on how and where you plan to use it. Again, be sure that the tone of the bell is pleasing to you—the quality of the sound is more important than the design. If you are hanging a bell on a string, use a red cord, string, or ribbon cut to a multiple of nine inches.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crystal Balls

Crystal balls are a very popular feng shui cure. In addition to energizing a space, their ability to refract a beam of light (and chi) and send it radiating in all directions makes it an ideal protection against sha (negative) chi.

These crystal balls can also be used to empower and activate a space. They radiate blessings wherever they are placed, and are powerful magnifiers of your intention. Faceted crystal balls can be used anywhere youwant to enhance chi. Good places to hang crystal balls include:
• In the center of a long, narrow hallway
• In front of a window through which too much chi is escaping
• Anywhere you’d like to activate chi
Crystals are most often hung from the ceiling, a doorway, or in windows. For added impact, hang your crystal ball from a red string or ribbon cut to a multiple of nine inches (9", 18", 27"). The ball can hang any distance from the ceiling; it’s the cut length of the string that is important. Tie any extra string into a nice bow or decorative knot. If you buy crystal balls from a feng shui supplier, they may come with red cord already attached. You can also place a faceted crystal ball on a desk, table, or home altar. Wear a little one on a red ribbon around your neck to activate your personal chi, or hang
one from the rear-view mirror of your car to enhance, bless, and protect you while you drive.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Look at Sky to Night

Between midnight 3 AM Tue18 November 2009 the Earth will pass through debris from the Tempel-Tuttle comet trail, producing the Leonid Meteor Shower.
It looks as if Katmandu may have a clear sky, giving a good opportunity to see this event if you can get away from city lights.
To see meteorites, lie back in a chair or on a blanket, look to the east and let your eyes adjust to the darkness. Don't try to follow the meteors with binoculars; they move too fast for that. You can expect to see a shooting star every 2-3 minutes between midnight and 3 AM.
We Nepalese People seldom get the opportunity to appreciate nature. If your kids have never had the chance to see a night sky with no city lights, let alone a meteor, this is an experience they’ll remember.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Chinese Coins

Chinese coins bring prosperity consciousness to your home. Look for sets of three, six, or nine coins tied together into a long strand or other shape with red string. Good places for a Chinese coin charm are:
• Near the front door, to attract money into the home.
• In the kitchen, over or near the stove (the stove is symbolic of prosperity)
• In any of your wealth power spots.
• On the wall where you will see it while you are working at your desk.
• In the southeast area of your home or office.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sound Waves & Wind Chimes

The sound waves created by a wind chime will slow down and help disperse chi that is moving too quickly. If the path from the street to your front door is long and straight, hang a wind chime by the door or porch steps to slow the chi down so it enters your home gently.Wind chimes are also good for lifting the energy of a space. If one corner of your yard is lower than the others, chi may settle there. Hanging a wind chime from a tree in that corner can stir the chi up and keep it moving. Smaller wind chimes can be used indoors, anywhere that you feel a need for protection, to slow down fastmoving chi, or to lift the energy of a room. If a certain area of your home has a major clutter problem, hang a wind chime there for a few days and make sure it sounds often. It will help loosen up the stuck energy so your clutter-clearing efforts will progress more quickly. Wind chimes come in many sizes, from tinkly little tiny ones to great big resonant ones. Match the size of the wind chime to the size of your space. A large brass wind chime might be overwhelming indoors, while a very small chime may not be strong enough to have much effect. Choose metal chimes, as they have the most penetrating tone. The most important consideration for a wind chime is that the sound be pleasing to you, so pick the one whose tones you like the best.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Colour Association & Beneficial Energies:-

Feng Shui, an art form to some and science to others, has long been used in China to help humans live in harmony with their environment, harnessing the beneficial energies (Ch’i) that surround all of us to maximise opportunities for happiness, abundance and contentment. Ch’iis the energy, the fluid life force that can be found in all living things, created whenever things are done perfectly. Feng Shui provides guidelines to harness this Ch’i energy, as the more Ch’i energy we can attract into our home and work environments, the happier and more contented we will feel and the more likely things will work the way we want them to. Feng Shui will not stop bad things happening to us, but by harnessing energy it will help us accept these challenges, deal with them and then move on.
Psychologically colour is powerful and can be used to enhance Ch’i. While many colours have common associations between the Chinese and Western worlds there are some notable departures, such as blue and white. This does not mean that a colour with negative associations to the Chinese can not be used in a positive sense in the Western world, as Feng Shui is about making the environment balance not completely recreating it, otherwise you risk creating an environment unsuited to those who must live and work in it.
Black is a powerful colour associated positively with contemplation but negatively with depression. It carries with it associations of money but needs to be used sparingly to avoid a depressive effect. Use Resene Nero for a slight off black or use pure black.
Blue is cool and calming but due to its associations as the secondary mourning colour to the Chinese it is seldom used as a primary colour. Conversely, in the Western world, blue is generally perceived as a healing colour and therefore a popular choice when a relaxing environment is desired. Use Resene colours with B (blue) at the start of the colour’s code number.
Green symbolises hope, growth and fresh energy, a positive colour for the digestive system that can be cleverly represented by the use of plants in wood or fire
element dominated kitchens and dining rooms. A symbol of growth, it is an auspicious colour to include on the stationery and livery of new businesses.
Use Resene colours with G (green) at the start of the colour’s code number.
Pink represents love, happiness and romance - the ideal colour to use in the master bedroom if more romance is desired. Use Resene colours with R (red) at the start of the colour’s code number.
Purple, through its perception as simply a deep form of red, is generally grouped with red as an auspicious colour, and like red, is a colour to use sparingly.
Use Resene colours with V (violet) at the start of the colour’s code number.
Red is an auspicious Yang colour, associated with celebrations, good luck and an ability to banish negative Ch’i. Best used in small amounts as it can increase aggressiveness and hyperactivity. Ideal for those who are perhaps a little under-aggressive to improve response rates. Use Resene colours with R (red) at the start of the colour’s code number.
Yellow denotes power, intelligence and longevity bringing with it wisdom, tolerance and patience. Ideal for areas such as libraries where one wishes to improve one’s wisdom and understanding. Use Resene colours with Y (yellow) at the start of the colour’s code number.
White is perceived by the Chinese to be the major mourning colour, whereas the Western world perceives white to be a celebratory colour, cleansing and pure. Whites & neutrals chart for near white and light off-whites or use plain untinted white.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Land selection According Feng Shui

When selecting a site for construction or even a move to an existing dwelling or building, consider the land and surrounding elements. The five elements assist in this consideration as hills and mountains can be classified into elements according to their shape - for example, a ridge of mountains with gentle undulations up and down is seen to be a fluid shape and therefore associated with water, while mountains that have sharp points would be associated with the triangular shape of the fire element. If the mountains are strongly associated with the water element it would be an auspicious location for someone born under the wood element (as water nurtures wood in the Cycle of Production) but inauspicious for someone born under the fire element (as water distinguishes fire in the Cycle of Destruction).
The best land sites are typically abnormal when compared to their surroundings - that is, if the land is predominantly flat, a raised land site would be considered abnormal and generally auspicious. In contrast, if the land was predominantly mountainous, a flat site would be abnormal and therefore considered auspicious.
Of course, sites with good Feng Shui are very limited in supply, so in most cases one must select a less than perfect site and then focus on remedying any weaknesses by introducing elements, such as artificial water features. Ideally the site should at least have mountains to protect your back and gently meandering water flowing along the front.
Once the site has been selected, its Ch’i can be improved through artificial means such as the construction of artificial water areas with gently flowing water and the careful planting of a garden with small trees and flowers. Avoid planting single large trees as they are liable to become Shas (unwanted energy) as they grow to maturity. If single large trees or similar Shas such as power poles already exist, plant a row of small trees or shrubs between the building and the Sha to act as a buffer.
The placement of the house upon the lot will affect the Ch’i. The house should generally take half to two thirds of the site - much larger and the residents will feel oppressed and lack room to move, much smaller and the wind will have too much room to circulate and carry away the Ch’i. Balance and harmony is the key. A home that is too large or small for the site or the number of inhabitants will be imbalanced. The building itself and the individual rooms that comprise the whole should be designed keeping Feng Shui principles and the element associated with the homeowner’s birthdate in mind to ensure that orientation, configuration and colours are optimal. This same consideration should then be applied to the exterior environment adding artificial features as required to enhance the Ch’i and minimise the effects of any inauspicious elements present in the environment. The final stage is the selection of colours, decorations and furniture layouts room by room to ensure that Ch’i energy can flow freely inside without obstruction.
Specific remedies such as mirrors, crystals and windchimes can be added into rooms that are lacking in an element. Refer back to the list of elements and their associated shapes and accessories to determine how to ’charge up’ a specific element. Mirrors are a popular Feng Shui remedy - generally the bigger the better as they open up our view of life. Used in areas such as dining rooms they double the amount of food available increasing the feeling of abundance. Mirrors are best avoided in bedrooms as the Chinese believe souls wake at night and are frightened when reflected in a mirror, or where an unwanted view will be reflected.
Where mirrors are used, they must be placed so that the tallest person can see their head reflected otherwise headaches will be inflicted upon them. Crystals and windchimes are also powerful remedies - crystals, most productively placed in the Fame area of the Pa-Kua, attract Ch’i as they enhance the vibrations of an area while windchimes help slow down the Ch’i if it is racing away too quickly.
Feng Shui helpfully provides specific suggestions on room placements and configurations to demystify building design, such as the need to ensure the front and back door are not aligned with one another for fear the Ch’i drawn into the building will go straight out the back door if the two are aligned. The front door should open inwards to encourage the Ch’i energy inwards.

मूलांक २ र उपयुक्त व्यवसाय

मूलांक २ को प्रतिनिधि ग्रह चन्द्रमा हुन्छ । अतः मूलांक २ का व्यक्तिका लागि चन्द्रमासँग सम्बन्धित व्यवसायमा सफलता मिल्दछ ।
पशुपालन तथा पशुसँग सम्बन्धित व्यवसाय (डेरी, र्फम), कृषि कार्य तथा खेतीको कामलगायत सामानको व्यापार, चाँदीसँग सम्बन्धित कारोबार, होटल, रेष्टुरेन्ट आदिको व्यापार, पर्यटन, ट्राभल्स एजेन्सी आदिमा, लेखन, सम्पादन तथा पत्रकारिता, पानी तथा तरल पदार्थसँग सम्बन्धित कार्यहरू, दलाली कार्य, नृत्य, संगीत, फिल्म क्षेत्रका कार्यहरू, मनोचिकित्सक, हृदय विशेषज्ञ, युरोलोजी, न्युरोलोजी, नेत्र चिकित्सका कार्यहरू साथै आर्किटेक्चरसँग सम्बन्धित कार्यमा सफलता मिल्दछ ।

Thursday, November 12, 2009

अंक ज्योतिषद्वारा व्यवसाय निर्धारण

ज्योतिष विज्ञानका विभिन्न हाँगाहरूमध्ये अंक विज्ञान पनि महत्वपूर्ण मानिन्छ । यो भविष्यफल जान्नका लागि विशिष्ट माध्यम बन्दछ । यसको माध्यमबाट मानव जीवनसँग सम्बन्धित महत्वपूर्ण घटनाको जानकारी दिन सकिन्छ । अंक ज्योतिषको क्षेत्रमा पाश्चात्य ज्योतिष कीरो (काउन्टलुइस हेमन), मागर्रर्ेट अनौल्ड, वाल्टर बी. गिब्सन, हिचकाँक, युनाइटेड क्रास आदिले ठूलो योगदान दिएका छन् ।अंक विज्ञानमा विभिन्न अवधारणाहरू प्रचलित छन् । अंक विज्ञान जान्नुभन्दा पहिले यसको सैद्धान्तिक पक्षलाई जान्न आवश्यक पर्दछ । अतः पाठकलाई अंक विज्ञानको बरोमा प्रमुख अवधारणाको जानकारी दिँदैछु।
अंक ० देखि ९ सम्मका अंकलाई मूलांक भनिन्छ, जसलाई मिलाएर संख्या बनाउन सकिन्छ
मूलांक:- अंक गणितमा ० देखि ९ सम्मको १० धनात्मक पूर्ण संख्या नै आधारभूत अंक हुन् । यसैको माध्यमबाट अरू सबै संख्याहरू (जुन लाखौँ, अरबौँ हुन्छन्) बनाउन मिल्दछ । फेरि पनि अंक ज्योतिषमा ० संख्यालाई छाडेर १-९ सम्मको आधारभूत संख्यालाई नै मूलांक मानिन्छ ।
अंक ज्योतिषमा मूलांकको तार्त्पर्य अंग्रेजी महिनाको जन्म तारिखको अंकलाई मानिन्छ । यदि कसैको जन्म ३०, जनवरी १९८० मा भएको रहेछ भने,
३ ± ० . ३ मूलांक भयो ।
मूलांक १ र उपयुक्त व्यवसाय:-मूलांक १ को स्वामी सूर्य ग्रह हुन्छ । अतः सूर्यसँग सम्बन्धित व्यवसाय उपयुक्त हुन्छ ।
जस्तै:- सरकारी सेवा, विद्युत् एवं त्यससँग सम्बन्धित नोकरी अथवा विद्युतीय एवं त्यससँग सम्बन्धित सामानको व्यापार, न्युरोलोजी, नाक, कान, गला, हिमोटोलोजी, नेत्र चिकित्सा, शल्यचिकित्सा अथवा अस्पतालमा नोकरी, औषधी व्यापार अथवा औषधी कम्पनीमा नोकरी, प्रयोगशाला, वैज्ञानिक संस्थान, अनुसन्धान केन्द्र एवं आविष्कारसँग सम्बन्धित कार्यहरू, तेल एवं ग्याँस कम्पनीका कार्यहरू साथै राजनीति तथा कूटनीतिमा सफलता मिल्दछ ।

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Astrological Conferences

* 23 December, 2009 - 5 January, 2010 - "The 12 Holy Nights - An Astrological Retreat" with Melanie Reinhart. 12 day Residential Astrology workshop in the beautiful rice fields of Bali.  Contact Evelyn Roberts at,
  Skype:evelyn.roberts2  USA + 805 688 6789 Bali: + 62 8133 837 2598
* 14 - 18 January 2010 – FAA International Astrology Conference in Brisbane, Australia with top international and Australian astrologers, including Greg Bogart, David Burton, Brian Clark, Babula Clement, Tess Cullen, Dr. Ben Dykes, Rhonnda Fritz, Demetra George, Maggie Kerr, Roderick Kidston, Glennys Lawton, Rick Levine, Clare Martin, Jeannie Monks, Georgia Stathis and many others on a wide range of astrological topics including medieval, classical, Vedic, financial, psychological, medical, spiritual, beginners and more. Info: Phone +61-(0)7-3300-6330, Email:
The participation fee for the Conference will be US$ 100 and will cover Lunch on both dates.
Club Patio South, South City-II,
Gurgaon, India.
20th and 21st February, 2010.
* AORTA Conference 2010
AORTA will host the first conference of The Tradition of astrology in Johannesburg, South Africa from 30 July to 2 August 2010 - the conference will be held over 4 days. A medical workshop will be presented over 2 days by Oscar Hofman (Netherlands) and the other 2 days will consist of various topics presented by Oscar Hofman as well as 2 astrologers of The Tradition , Jacqueline Brook and Louis van Aswegen from South Africa.
Jacqueline Brook,Director and Communications,Email:
Cell No.+27828025215

Monday, November 9, 2009

मानिसको स्वभाव, भाग्य, पेसा, व्यवसाय, आयु

ज्योतिषशास्त्रहरूमा मानिस वा कुनै घटनाको सम्बन्धमा फलादेश गर्दा विभिन्न कुराहरूलाई आधार मानेर गर्ने गरिन्छ । यसमध्ये यहाँ एक दिनको समय अर्थात् २४ घण्टाभित्र जन्म भएको मानिसहरूको फलादेश गर्दा समय विभाजनको आधारमा मानिसको स्वभाव, भाग्य, पेसा, व्यवसाय, आयु र पारिवारिक अवस्था आदिको सम्बन्धमा केही उल्लेख गरिन्छ । यसमा सूर्यको स्थान र अवस्थालाई आधार मानेर फलादेश गरिन्छ ।
जुन यस प्रकार छन्-
बिहान ६ बजेदेखि ८ बजेभित्र जन्म भएका मानिसहरूको स्वभाव सामान्यतया रिसाहा हुन्छन् तर साहसी र स्वाभिमानी पनि हुन्छन् । यस्ता मानिसको लग्नमा शुभग्रहको दृष्टिपरेमा सकारात्मक फलहरू प्राप्त हुन्छन् र यस्ता मानिस बुद्धिमान पनि हुन्छन् । बिहान ८-१० बजे, यस समय अवधिभित्र जन्म भएका मानिसहरू प्रायः अल्छी स्वभावका हुन्छन् र बिना सोच, विचार बढी खर्च गर्ने हुन्छन् । यस्ता मानिसहरू प्रायः जन्मस्थल छोडेर, केही पर आफ्नो उज्ज्वल भविष्य निर्माण गर्दछन् । बिहान १०-१२, यो समय अवधिमा जन्म भएका मानिसहरू प्रायः चञ्चल स्वभावका हुन्छन् र त्यस्ता मानिसहरूले गीत, संगीत मन पराउँछन् । त्यस्ता मानिसहरू बुद्धिमान् र उच्च ओहोदामा सम्मानित हुन्छन् र प्रशस्त सम्पत्ति कमाउने एवं आफ्नै पौरखमा बाँच्न चाहन्छन् । दिन १२-२, यस समय अवधिमा जन्म भएका मानसहरू प्रायः स्वाभिमानी, बुद्धिमानी एवं सफल व्यवसायी हुन्छन् र त्यस्ता व्यक्तिहरूको ३० वर्षो उमेरपछि भाग्योदय हुनेछ । दिन २-४, यस समय अवधिमा जन्म भएका मानिसहरू दर्ीघायु हुन्छन् । सत्यावादी र इमानदार भए तापनि त्यस्ता मानिसहरूलाई आफन्तहरूबाट निकै दुःख पाउने हुन्छन् । दिन ४-६, यो समय अवधिमा जन्म भएका मानिसहरू कुरा गर्न सिपालु र कामवासनामा बढी आशक्त हुन्छन् । यस्ता मानिसको भाग्योदय २५ वर्षउमेरपछि मात्र हुनेछ । साँझ ६-८, यस अवधिमा जन्म भएकाहरू दुब्ला,पातला र मध्यम कदका हुन्छन् । अरुको रिस गर्ने स्वभावले गर्दा यस्ता मानिसले कहिलेकाहीँ बेइज्जती पनि कमाउनुपर्ने हुन्छ । यस्ता मानिसको भाग्योदय वैदेशिक, साझेदारी व्यवसायमा सफल हुने देखिन्छ । रात्रि ८-१०, यो समय अवधिमा जन्म भएका मानिसहरू प्रायः धनी, सुखी, विद्वान् एवं विख्यात हुन्छन् । अनि स्वाभिमानी पनि हुन्छन् । पारिवारिक एवं गृहस्थ जीवन, पेसा, व्यवसाय र नोकरीमा सफल र लाभदायक हुन्छ । रात्रि १०-१२, यस समय अवधिका मानिसहरू बुद्धिमानी हुने भएकाले सबै कार्यक्षेत्रमा सफल हुन्छन् । यस्ता मानिसहरूले बाल्यकालमा दुःख पाए पनि युवावस्थाभन्दा पछि सुखी, सफल र सम्पन्न हुन्छन् ।
रात्रि १२-२, यस समय अवधिका मानिसहरू झट्ट हेर्दा राम्रा, सुन्दर देखिन्छन् । यस्ता व्यक्तिहरूले बाबुको माया र पैतृक सम्पत्ति प्रायः कम मात्रामा पाउँछन् वा पाउँदैन । यस्ता व्यक्तिको भाग्योदय प्रायः २२-३२ वर्षो उमेरमा घर छोडेर गएपछि मात्र प्राप्त हुनेछ । आफ्नो उज्ज्वल भविष्य आफैँ निर्माण गर्छन् । बिहान २-४, यस अवधिमा जन्मेकाहरू साहसी, पराक्रमी, तेजस्वी र मिठासपूर्णबोली भएका हुन्छन् र यस्ता व्यक्ति प्रायः परोपकारी, समाजसेवी, मित्रसेवी, कुलसेवी र उद्यमी हुन्छन् । यस्ता व्यक्तिको भाग्योदय २०-२५ वर्षो उमेरमा हुनेछ । बिहान ४-६, यस समय अवधिमा जन्म भएका मानिसहरू प्रायः रिसाहा, क्रोधी, दुब्ला, पातला हुन्छन् । तर, सबै शत्रुहरूलाई आफ्नो बोलीको प्रभावले आफ्नो बसमा पारेर आफ्नो राम्रो काममा प्रयोग गर्न र कार्य सफल गराउन सक्षम हुन्छन् ।ज्योतिष विद्यामा शास्त्रमा सम्वत्सर, ऋतु, अयन, मास, बार, तथि, नक्षेत्रअनुसार जन्म फलादेश गर्न सकिन्छ । त्यस्तै माथि उल्लेखित विधिमा एक दिनको समय विभाजनको आधारमा समष्टिगत फलादेश गरिएको हो ।

Sunday, November 8, 2009


The defects in a building which can result in the problems are given below.
1. Master Bed Room in Southeast with Toilet in Northeast - BREAST CANCER
2. Master Bed Room in Southwest with Toilet in Southwest-HEART PROBLEMS/DEATH
3. Level of Northeast higher in the floor- MONEY PROBLEMS/HEART PROBLEMS
4. Master Bed Room in Northeast with toilet in Northeast - BRAIN CANCER
5. Master Bed Room in Northwest with toilet in Northeast- LUNG CANCER
6. Master Bed Room in South with Toilet in Northeast- STOMACH CANCER
7.Projected Southeast in a building towards East- Fire accidents,surgery
8. Projected Northwest in North- Financial loss/divorce/litigation
9. Missing Northeast- No progress, No progeny
10. Projected Southwest towards West - Premature death of husband
11. Projected South of Southwest- Death of wife
12. Toilet in Northeast- Never ending financial problems
13. Toilet in Southwest- Financial drain
14. Level of North high - Efforts fail
15. Level of East high- Education of kids suffer.

Saturday, November 7, 2009


One should follow these principles to get the best benefits.

1. More open area in North & East.
2. Less open area in South & West
3. Level in North & East to be lower
4. Levels in South & West to be higher than floor level
5. Water body in Northeast
6. Kitchen in Southeast
7. Bed rooms in West & South
8. Master Bed Room in southwest
9. Attached toilets in Southeast or Northwest of each room
10. Staircase in Southeast or Northwest corner
11. A door in Northeast is mandatory
12. Another door can come in any other direction but must be in the positive half of that direction.
13. Sloped roofs should be towards North or East
14. When viewed the weight of the structure should be uniform every where or the West & South portions should be heavy compared to North or East half.

Friday, November 6, 2009


When kept in the Northeast corner a sense of well being is felt by all the members of the family.
When kept in the Southwest corner in bedroom it ensures sound sleep and you feel fresh and lively in the morning.
House wives feeling tired and restless should keep one in the Southeast corner of the kitchen to become energetic.
Use it in study rooms of kids to have more concentration in their studies and to improve their academic performance.
Keep it in your office cabin in the Southwest corner for smooth running of the business.
If a person in the family is ill keep a pyramid near his bed on the Southwest corner for quick recovery.
If you feel some one has performed black magic on you or wishing you ill, bury four such pyramids in the four corner of the house.
If you are worried that people with harmful intentions are coming to your house keep the pyramid in the northwest corner of your house to keep them off.
Childless couple aspiring for a baby should keep one in the Northeast corner on the floor in their bedroom.
If you are having litigation problems bury a pyramid near your house in Northwest corner. If you live in an apartment keep a pot filled with earth and bury the pyramid which is to be placed in the Northwest corner.
If the marriage is on the rocks keep a pyramid each buried in the pot in northwest and southeast of your bed room.
If you are finding it difficult to sell your property bury a pyramid in the northwest corner of the lot.(plot).
The pyramid effectively neutralizes geopathic stress in the area.
In short there is no area in your life where this unique pyramid cannot help. Use one and convince yourself.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

खोजी पानीको

चन्द्रमामा पानी पाइने आशामा अमेरिकन अन्तरिक्ष अनुसन्धान केन्द्र -नासा) ले १८ जुन, २००९ को दिन स्थानीय समयअनुसार साँझ ५:३२ मा Cape Canaverall Air Force Station Florida बाट Lunar CRater Observation and sensing Satellite (LCROSS) नामक भूउपग्रह प्रक्षेपण गरेको थियो र त्यस भूउपग्रहले चन्द्रमाको सतहमा पानी भएको प्रमाण भेट्टाउने विश्वास गरिएको छ ।
चन्द्रमा र पुर्विय ज्योतिष

पुर्वीय (Vedic) ज्योतिषमा चन्द्रमालाई जलतत्व ग्रह चन्द्रमा मानिन्छ । जब पूणिर्माको दिन चन्द्रमा पूर्णरूपले दाउँदछ । तब यसले आफ्नो आकर्षा शक्तिको बलले पानीलाई आफूतिर अर्थात् आकाशतर्फखिच्दछ र समुद्रमा ज्वारभाटा आउँदछ । चन्द्रमा जलीय ग्रह भएको प्रमाण अथर्व वदेको १८ सकन्दमा सुक्त ४ को मन्त्र ८ र ९ मा व्याख्या गरिएको छ ।
चन्द्रमा अपस्वन्तरा सुपणौ धावतीदिवि नवी हिरण्य ।
नेमयः पदं विन्दन्ति विद्युतो वित्रमे अस्य रोदसी ।
के चन्द्रमामा पानी सम्भव छ ?
के चन्द्रमा पानी सम्भव छ त भन्ने विषयमा हामी आत्मविश्वासको साथ भन्न सक्दछौँ कि चन्द्रमामा पानी सम्भवछ । किनकि हजारौँ वर्षपहिले हाम्रा ऋषि-महषिर्हरूले आफ्नो योग विद्याको आधारमा ब्रहृमाण्डको जुन व्याख्या गरिएका थिए, सतप्रतिशत वैज्ञानिक परीक्षणमा खरो उत्रिएकोछ । पुर्वीय ज्योतिषले मङ्गललाई रातो रङ्को मान्दछ  र, आधुनिक अन्तरिक्ष वैज्ञानिक पनि मङ्गललाई रातो ग्रह Red Planet भनेर नै सम्बोधन गर्दछन् । चन्द्रमामा जल भएको आफ्नो योगविद्याले देखेका हुनाले नै चन्द्रमालाई
जलतत्वको रूपमा स्वीकार गरिएको हुनर्पर्दछ भन्ने हाम्रो वश्वास र निष्कर्षरहन्छ । भूउपग्रह्रह प्रक्षेपण समयको ग्रह्रहस्थिति भूउपग्रह LCROSS प्रक्षेपण भएको समयमा तुला लग्नको मिथुन नवांश उदाइरहेको थियो । तुला लग्नमा शनिको उच्च दृष्टि पर्नु र लग्नमाथि बृहस्पति, शुक्र, मङ्गल, चन्द्रमाको पूर्ण दृष्टि पर्नाले लग्न बलियो रहेको देखिन्छ । तर, दुःखको कुरा चन्द्रमा केतुको नक्षेत्र शनिको भुक्ति ९क्गदयिचम० मा रहेको हुनाले यस मिसनले धेरै समय लगाउने छ र केही प्राविधिक कठिनाई आउनेतर्फपनि संकेत गर्दछ । किनकि ज्योतिर्विज्ञानमा चन्द्रमा मन (इच्छा) र शनि (ढिलो) ग्रहको रूपमा चिनिन्छ । वर्तमान समयमा फेब्रुअरी २२, २०१० सम्म केतुभित्र शनिको अन्तर छ । केतुभित्र शनिको अन्तरज्योतिष विज्ञान दुःख, कष्ट, खर्चिलो र झन्झटिलो मान्दछ । त्यसैले यस मिसनले सफलता पाउन गाह्रो हुने देखिन्छ ।
चन्द्रमामा पानीको खोजीको लागि गरिएको यो प्रयास मानव मस्तिष्कको प्रखर मस्तिष्कको अतुलनीय योगदान हो । यो योगदान मानव जातिको लागि गौरवको विषय रहिरहने छ । पुर्वीय ज्योतिषले चन्द्रमालाई जलीय ग्रहको रूपमा स्वीकार्नु र वैज्ञानिकहरूले त्यसको परीक्षण गर्नु आफैँमा रोमाञ्चक विषय हो । भूउपग्रह प्रक्षेपण गरिएकोसमयमा ग्रह केही बाधक देखिए तापनि यस प्रयासले पूर्ण सफलता पाओस् र पुर्वीय दर्शन एवं वर्तमान भौतिक खोजबीच समानान्तर सम्बन्ध रहिरहोस् ।

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


1.4th Lord is posited in Dusthana.
2.4th Lord is on Dusthanadipathy‘s Nakshatras.
3.Dusthanadipathy’s are posited in the 4th Bhava.
4.Aspect of Dusthanadipathy’s on the 4th Bhava.
5.Aspect of Dusthanadipathy’s on the 4th Lord.
6.Papakarthari Yoga to 4th Bhava and 4th Lord.
7.4th Bhava is Dagdha Rashi.
8.4th Lord is Ava Yogi.
9.Shatru Garaha’s are posited in the 4th Bhava.
10.4th Lord is Neecha, Parama Neecha, or Combusted.
11.4th Lord is at Graha Yudha.
The South East segment is known as South-East block. Dikpalaka of South-East is Agni. Hence it is called as Agneya. The Graha Shukra is the Adipathi for South-East corner. Shukra is kalthrakaraka who rules the females of the house.
The affliction of South-East may be due to:
1.Missing right angle in North East corner.
2.Extension of South-East corner –
(a) If the East of South-East extension it amounts to North-East missing right angle.
(b) If the South of the South-East extension it amounts to South-West missing right angle.
3.The underground water sump situated in the South-East segment.
4.The overhead tank is situated in the terrace in the South-East corner.
5.The toilets are situated in the South-East corner of the building.
6.The septic tank is situated in the South-East corner of the plot.
7.The Sea, Ocean, River, Pond, Lake, Sewage drainage, situated in South-East.
All the above mentioned Doshas gives rise to worries, disadvantages, unhappiness, bad health, misfortunes, disappointments, acute or chronic ailments, to the all females – both married and unmarried – who dwell in this building. If the female is unmarried then her marriage may get delayed or she might not get a proper groom, if married the compatibility with the husband will not be harmonious.
If there are no Doshas then the opposite is true and Shukra gives peace, advantages, happiness, good health and more. If the female is unmarried, she will get a good groom and her marriage will take place at the proper age. If married, the compatibility with the husband will be harmonious.
* Whenever there is a major Doshas in the 4th Bhava in the native’s horoscope or in the dwelling place.
*Then the native should avoid owning or investing on any land, property, buildings, etc.
*Alternatively, he can invest in his family member’s name, like Mother, Father, Wife, Children.

पानीमाथि राजनीति

विश्वमा पानीको हाहाकार मच्चिन थालिसकेको छ । काठमाडौँ उपत्यकामा त पानीकोसमस्या ज्युँको त्युँ छ । विश्वकै दोस्रो ठूलो जलस्रोतको राष्ट्र भनेर पढाइएको राष्ट्रमा त खानेपानीको यस्तो समस्या छ । उचित सिंचाइको व्यवस्था नभएर हजारौँ हेक्टर जग्गाजमिन सुख्खा रहिरहन्छन् र हामीले आलुदेखि प्याजसम्म विदेशबाट आयात गरेर दसैँ- तिहार मनाउने गर्दछौँ भने अन्य मुलुकहरू जहाँ प्राकृतिकरूपमा नै जलस्रोतको अवस्था त्यति मजबुत छैन भने त्यसको हालत के होला - सबैले सजिलै अनुमान लगाउन सक्दछन् । उता वायुमण्डलीय उष्णताको कारण हिमालमा हिउँ पग्लिएर हिमालहरू सुख्खा पहाडमा परिणत हुने क्रम बढ्दो छ । यसतर्फहामी सबैको ध्यान जानु आवश्यक छ । किनकि पानीबिना जीवनको परिकल्पना पनि सम्भव छैन ।अमेरिकाले हालसालै पानीको खोजीको लागि चन्द्रमामा अभियान चलाएको छ । यो अभियानले सफलता पाउला, नपाउला त्यो आफ्नो ठाउमा छँदैछ । के चन्द्रमामा पानी भेटिए त्यो अमेरिकाको सम्पत्ति हुन्छ या पूरा मानव जातिको यो छलफलको विषय हुनुपर्दछ । पानी कसैको पेवा, व्यक्तिगत सम्पत्ति हुनुहुँदैन । जसरी जमिन जङ्गल पेवा, व्यक्तिगत सम्पत्तिमा दर्ता गराइन्छ । तर, पानी त्यसरी व्यक्तिगत सम्पत्तिमा दर्ता गर्ने हो भने यसले मानव जातिमाथि प्रकृतिले दिएको उपहारको उपहास हुनेछ । पानी सबैको साझा हो, साझा हुनुपर्दछ र यसलाई व्यक्तिगत सम्पत्तिको रूपमा प्रयोग गर्नु र स्वीकार गर्नु हुँदैन ।

Monday, November 2, 2009

Aspects of Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra was invented for human welfare by Rishis (priests) in the Vedic period. Vastu - the architecture of dwellers, Shastra- the principle of accumulating cosmic energy to the living space of the dwellers for the better cause. Its fundamental principle lies in the Puran (comprehensive perception of nature), gravitational, radiation and magnetic force flowing from different directions and sub-directions. The positive effects and negative effects can be created through its measures which have already being proved by the scientific study and analysis. Its logical principles lead  to  a happy and prosperous life, therefore it is essential that people have its fundamental knowledge.
Human body is made of five elements of nature (Pancha Mahabhut or Pancha tatwo) viz: Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Ether (sky), and their effects on human life are substantial. The proportional combination of these five elements produces bio-electro magnetic energy which entirely influences our mind and body. Human body acquires protein, carbohydrates etc from these five elements in order to acquire internal energy. The Mis-balance or deficiency of these elements in human body may cause undesired outcome which are often harmful. These in turn lead to stress and strange behaviours in people.
Vaastu Shastra deals with the ways to keep he body and mind in a perfect condition by balancing these five elements. That’s why the principal of balancing the five elements earth, water, air, fire and sky is called the Vaastu Shastra.
Vastu Shastra essentially deals with two source of energies; Life force energy and Geo magnetic energy. The revolution and the rotation of the earth create Life Force energy and Geo-magnetic energy respectively. The life force energy is essential to protect and strengthen our physical body; hence the name Life Force (Pranik Vayu). The Geo-magnetic energy also known as Bhu-Chumbakia Urja contains the cell activating energy that has a direct connection with the mind.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

जन्म कुण्डली Natal Chart

जन्म कुण्डलीलाई बुझ्नको लागि र्सव प्रथम सौर मण्डल Solar System को बारेमा केही जान्नु आवश्यक छ । किनकि ज्योतिषशास्त्र आकाश मण्डलका अनगिन्ती तारा मण्डलहरू मध्यको केवल हाम्रो सौर्य मण्डलसँग मात्रै सम्बन्ध राख्दछ । आकाशमा यस्ता अनेकौं सौर्यमण्डल भएको वेद पुराणमा उल्लेख गरिएको छ । त्यसैले हाम्रो सौर्यमण्डलका सूर्य  लगायत ९ ग्रहको जानकारी हुन जरुरी छ । हाम्रो ज्योतिष शास्त्रमा ९ ग्रह १. सूर्य २.चन्द्रमा ३.वृहस्पति ४. शुक्र ५. बुध ६.मंगल ७. शनी ८. राहु ९ केतु छन् । पाश्चात्य देशमा प्रजापति Uranus तथा बरुण Neptune लाई पनि ग्रहको रूपमा मान्दछन तर हामी ९ ग्रहलाई मात्रै प्राथमिकता दिन्छौं किनकि पाश्चात्य ज्योतिर्विदले मानेका ग्रहहरू पृथ्वी भन्दा धेरै टाढा रहेका हुनाले त्यसको प्रभाव कम मात्रामा पर्दछ । हाम्रो ज्योतिषशास्त्रमा ९ ग्रहको अतिरिक्त २७ नक्षत्रको पनि महत्व छ । नक्षत्र ताराहरूको समुह हो । पृथ्वी सहित चन्द्रमा ग्रह तथा नक्षेत्र सूर्यको वरिपरी घुम्दछन् ।
पृथ्वी जुन मार्ग भएर सूर्यको परिक्रमा गर्दछ त्यसलाई क्रान्तिवृत्त Ecliptic  भन्दछन् र यो मार्ग अण्डाकार छ । क्रान्तिवृत्तको उत्तर र दक्षिण दिशामा ९-९ अंशको एक कल्पित पेटी Belt खिचिएको छ । यो १८ अंशको भागलाई नै राशिचक्र Zodiac भनिन्छ । यो राशि चक्रको मान ३६०. मानिएको छ । पृथ्वी सहित अन्य ग्रह चन्द्रमा तथा नक्षत्र (तारा समूह) क्रान्तिवृत्तमा या त्यसको उत्तर दक्षिण दिशामा राशिचक्रको १८ अंशको पेटीमा घुम्दछन् तथा विभिन्न समयमा सूर्यको परिक्रमा गर्दछन ।
कुनै व्यक्तिको जन्म समयमा जन्म स्थानको आकाशमा राशिचक्र Zodiac को जुन नक्शा बन्दछ । त्यसैलाई जन्म कुण्डली Natal Chart भन्दछन् । कुण्डलीमा सूर्यचन्द्रमा ग्रह तथा नक्षत्रको स्थिति देखाएको हुन्छ ।

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