Saturday, May 29, 2010

Some Political hurdles in Nepal

Today Nepal is celebrating second Republic Day throughout the nation with various programmes. on May 28, 2008 the Constituent Assembly had declared Nepal as a republic ending the 240-year old monarchy. in 2006 April, a mass uprising for nineteen days had forced the last king of Nepal, Gyanendra Shah, to give up his power.
According to Astrology, Leo Ascendant (Lagna) rising along with Leo Navamsa and Dhanu Dreskana at the Annual Chart throws up a mixed bag for Nepal. While on one hand Nepal is likely to acquire name, fame and wealth in International front but on the other it may encounter difficulties on the domestic front.
The second year chart is eighth from declared chart. It denotes some political hurdles. Mars, in lagna chart, indicates that army can try to gobble up with the political parties. Sun in tenth house indicating King can also become more involved in politics. Muntha in eight houses indicates Great  political changes  that is nor favourable for the political parties also.
The time of the CA extension (1.45 am, May 29, 2010) indicates that the Constitution can still be not written within the extended one-year period as the Saturn, the eleventh house lord is retro.
Rahu in tenth house indicates the political change soon. International forces create troubles for the government and it could not function properly.
The lagna is in dual sign that means the government itself would also be in two-minds and could not perform its best. People will suffer more as the Ketu is in the fourth house and rahu is in tenth house.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Great Incarnations

According to Maharshi Parashar the Unborn Lord has many incarnations. He has incarnated as the 9 grahas (Nava Grahas) to bestow on the living beings the results arising from their Karmas. He is Janardan. He assumed the auspicious form of grahas to destroy the demons (evil forces) and sustain the divine beings.
Four incarnations, viz. Rama, Krishna, Narasimha, and Varah are wholly with Paramatmansha. The other incarnations (other than these, out of the ten) have Jivatmansha in them too.
From Surya occurred the incarnation of Rama, from Chandra that of Krishna, from Mangal that of Narasimha, from Buddha that of Buddha, from Guru that of Vamana, from Shukra that of Parashurama, from Shani that of Kurma (Tortoise), from Rahu that of Varah (pig), and from Ketu that of Meena (Fish). All other incarnations other than these are also through the grahas. The beings with more Paramatmansha are called divine beings.
The beings with more Jivatmansha are (mortal) beings. The high degree of Paramatmansha from the grahas (viz. Surya and others), incarnated as Rama, Krishna, etc. After completing the mission, the Paramatmanshas of the grahas merge back into the respective grahas. The Jivatma portions from the grahas take birth as human beings and live their lives according to their Karmas and again merge back in the grahas. At the time of the Great Destruction, the grahas themselves merge in Lord Vishnu.
A person who knows all of these will become versed in the knowledge of the past, present, and future. Without a knowledge of Jyotish these cannot be known. Hence, everyone should have a knowledge of Jyotish, particularly the Brahmin. A person being devoid of knowledge of Jyotish, blaming this Vedic Science, will go to the hell called 'Raurava', and will be born again, but blind.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

How this Universe is Created ?

Maharishi Parashara is narrating to Maitreya, the science of Jyotish as heard through Lord Brahma. Blessed are the students who follow the teaching of this Vedic Science and who are peacefully disposed, who honor the preceptors (and elders), who speak only the truth and believe in the judgment of God. It will no doubt be sad to impart knowledge of this science to an unwilling student, to a non believer of God or to a crafty person.
Shree Vishnu has no beginning. He is the lord (of all matters), has a pure spirit, is endowed with the three gunas, is the Author of this Universe, is glorious, is the Cause and is endowed with courage. He authored the Universe and administers it with a quarter of his power. The other three quarters of Him, filled with nectar, are known only to the philosophers (people of maturity). The Principal Divine entity who is responsible for evolution, is both perceptible and imperceptible in Vasudeva. The Imperceptible part of the Lord has dual powers, while the Perceptible has triple (powers) and is said to be endowed with endless power.
The three powers are: Shree Shakti (Mother Lakshmi) with Sattva-guna, Bhoo Shakti (Mother-Earth) with Rajo-guna,  and Neel Shakti with Tamo-guna. Apart from the three,  the fourth kind of Vishnu, influenced by Shree Shakti and Bhoo Shakti, assumes the form of Shankarshan if with Tamo-guna, of Pradyumna if with Rajo guna, and of Anirudh if with Sattva guna.
Mahattatwa, Ahamkar, Ahamkar Murti Brahma are born from Shankarshan, Pradyumna, and Anirudha respectively. All these three forms are endowed with all the three gunas. Thus, they will have the predominance of the Guna due to their origin.
In brief, Ahamkar is of three classes, i.e. with Sattvic, Rajasic, and Tamasic dispositions. Divine class, sensory organs and the five primordial compounds (space, air, fire, water, and earth) are respectively from the said three Ahamkaras and are endowed with their respective strengths. Lord Vishnu, coupled with Shri Shakti rules over the three worlds. Coupled with Bhoo Shakti, He is Brahma causing the Universe.Coupled with Neel Shakti, He is Shiva, destroying the Universe.
The Lord is in all beings and the entire Universe is in Him. All beings contain both Jivatma and Paramatmamshas. Some have predominance of the former, while yet some have the latter in predominance. Paramatmamsha is predominant in the grahas, viz. Surya, etc., and Brahma, Shiva and others. Their powers or consorts too have predominance of Paramatmamsha. Others have more of Jivatmamsha.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Eroticism in Nepal

One can see scenes of different posture and position of sexual union among eighty four posture of sexual union in the struts of temples of Nepal. From this openly exposed scene of sexual union in the street, modern man may learn a great deal from this ancient source that sex is truth; sex is founder of living creature. So need not keep in secret out of sight seeing such erotic scenes the man who are neuter can take active part in sexual union in the ancient time.
Apart from the struts in temple, erotic motifs are also fount in small panels attached to railings .They also occurs in the arched brackets of open verandha. The erotic motifs in temples of Nepal are the scenes in wood carving depicting a man making love affairs with woman, depicting sexual congress, showing sexual acrobatics, animal coition, coition between an animal with a women etc…
It is however significant those erotic scenes are connected with the Shiva temples because he is god of creation. One can see erotic scenes in Jaganath temple in front of hanuman dhoka palace the residence of malla Kings of Nepal. Gyaneswor mahadeva temple, pashupati Vashuki temple, Naxal Bhagawati bahal and manju dewal of Maruhiti Tole.
It is said that Tantrish and its philosophy, its monastic eroticism ritualism and license, made a deep impact in combination with sexual enjoyment resulted in the demoralization of religious and social life. The Maithun indicate meditation on the act of creation symbolize in the form of shiva and shakti. It is stated that creation results from the male and female. The erotic scenes in the temple come to one’s scenes the whole world of living beings is the offshoot of sexual creation. Tantric creed implies that an act of coition should be viewed and practiced as an act of creation with which every being is born for the sake of multiplying oneself.
In front of budhanilkantha , there is a special temple named “Rati” where one can see truth, virtue, reality and creature of living beings.
In Nepal , there is a unique and strange practice of paying homage and worshipping in the symbolic phallus of Lord Shiva.The beautiful and young married and unmarried girls worship and bow down touching their head in the symbolic phallus or penis to obeisance the God. The symbolic Phallus is called shiva Linga Nither the beautiful girls feels and shyness nor obsceness to do so. It is said that once lord shiva he himself committed sexual intercourse with the beautiful young wife of Rishis . At the same time the rishis with anger cursed to fell down in the ground Phallus of lord Shiva . Shiva Linga is the same phallus of lord Shiva fall down due to the course of Rishis along with the female sex organ of the wife of Rishis. Shiva linga is distinct image of the symbol of lord shiva ‘s phallus relaxing in the female sexual passage.
Shiva means Lord Shiva & Linga means his phallus or the male organ of generation. Similarly ‘ Guhya’ means vagina the female sexual organ and ‘Shwori’ means goddess. Therefore an idol of lord Shiva shaped like a phallus and an idol of Guheshowri ( Goddess Durga) like vagina the female sexual organ. the deepest part of the sexual passage of women.
Young male dove tees of guheshwori also worshiped and bow down and touching their head in symbolic female organ Or vagina of goddess guheshwori . in the main sanctum of the temple at the centre of the enclosure there is an oval shaped, slightly, elevated, cupola like gold platform and hole which is symbolic of a female organ. In the middle of plate form there is an opening always filled to the brime with water which is kept covered with silver kalash (holy water pot) as its lid. Male and female devotees worship this hole as symbolic of a female organ.
Kama dev is the god of sex and rati is goddess of sex. Kama deva creats lust infatuation and carnival desire who could enter the passion and fire of live in man’s body similarly Rati created in the body of woman when a man and women are united during sexual intercourse. In pashupati Nath are there is a beautiful image of kama deva the god of sex. The penis is also erect and standing position in the stone image of kama deva.
In Nepal there is a unique practice of acting symbolic sexual intercourse by the child less women with the stone image of Unmatta Bhairabh at get children. One can see the childless womens are touching her vagina in the penis of Unmatta Bhairabh . In stone image of Unamtta Bhairabh of pashupati area the penis is erected in standing position to make easy to insert the penis in the vagina of women who are interested to commit sexual intercourse with Unmatta Bhairabh to have child . The Unmatta Bhairabh is an aspect of lord Shiva.

Origin Of Laxmi, Goddess Of Wealth

Once an oracle from the sky all of sudden ordered God’s and Demons to churn the ocean to get wealth, riches from the sea and make use of the mountain Mandrachal as churning pillar and Vasuki King of Nagas Serpents as the robe of Gods and Demons arrived, Lord Vishnu carried mountain Mandrachal to the coast of sea and placed in the middle of ocean.
After that Gods and Demons began to churn the ocean by making the Mountain Mandrachal as a pillar and Vasuki Nag as the robe. Beside other things that came out of the ocean as a result of churning. The gods and demons saw Goddess Laxmi, the goddess of fortune .
Goddess Laxmi become Wife of lord Vishnu with a flower garland in her hand and went toward Lord Vishnu, put in round neck of Vishnu and select Lord Vishnu as her husband from the group of God. After that they got lots of wealth riches lying inside the ocean with Laxmi.
Once Goddess Laxmi in the disguise of a child girl presented grains to the farmer and said to the farmers of plant it in their field and see what comes up, “and so saying she disappeared, The farmer were very much surprised at hearing the small child girls speak and they thought to themselves, and thy decided to plant the grains in their field as it directed.”
A month or two month latter the grain grew, and soon attained its full height and one day the former going to look at it was astonished to find that instead of grain each ear of corn contained a valuable jewel. They were Very much delighted at this discovery and having collected all the jewel, they carried them away to the town, Where the were able to sell them for a large sum of money and thus found themselves in a condition of great comfort and prosperity. The build houses and established a new town and celebrated festival of light and worshipped Goddess Laxmi to please Goddess of Wealth.

नामको आधारमा १२ राशीको जानकारी

१. मेष: मेष राशीमा अश्विनी, भरणी र कृत्तिका नक्षत्रको एकपाउ (चु चे चो ला लि लु ले लो अ) यी नौ वटा अक्षरबाट नाम उच्चारण हुने सवै ब्यक्ति, प्राणीहरु तथा ठाँउहरु एकै मेष राशीमा पर्दछन् । मेष राशीको स्वामी मंगल (भौम) ग्रह हो ।

२. बृषः बृष राशीमा कृत्तिकाको बाँकि तीन पाउ रोहिणी, मृगशिराको दुई पाउ (इ उ ए व बा बि बु बे बो) यी नौ वटाको नाम उच्चारण हुने सवै ब्यक्ति, प्राणीहरु तथा ठाँउहरु एकै बृष राशीमा पर्दछन् । बृष राशीको स्वामी शुक्र ग्रह हो ।

३. मिथुन: मिथुन राशीमा बाँकि मृगशिराको दुई पाउ आरद्रा, पुनर्वसुको तीन पाउ (का कि कु घ ङ छ के को ह) यी नौ वटा उच्चारण हुने सवै ब्यक्ति, प्राणीहरु तथा ठाँउहरु एकै मिथुन राशीमा पर्दछन् । मिथुन राशको स्वामी बुध ग्रह हो ।

४. कर्कट: कर्कट राशीमा पुनर्वसुको बाँकि एक पाउ तिष्य, अश्लेषा सवै (ही हु हे हो डा डि डु डे डो) यी नौ वटाको नाम उच्चारण हुने सवै ब्यक्ति, प्राणीहरु तथा ठाँउहरु एकै कर्कट राशीमा पर्दछन् । कर्कट राशीका स्वामी चन्द्रमा हुन् ।

५. सिंह: सिंह राशीमा मघा, पुर्वाफाल्गुनी, उत्तराफाल्गुनीको एक पाउ (मा मि मु मे मो टा टि टु टे) नौ वटाको नाम उच्चारण हुने सवै ब्यक्ति, प्राणीहरु तथा ठाँउहरु एकै सिंह राशीमा पर्दछन् । सिंह राशीका स्वामी सुर्य ग्रह हुन् ।

६. कन्या: कन्या राशीमा उत्तराफाल्गुनीको बाँकि तीन पाउ हस्ता, चित्रा नक्षत्रको दुई पाउ (टो प पि पु ष ण ठ पे पो) यी नौ वटाको नाम उच्चारण हुने ब्यक्ति, प्राणीहरु तथा ठाँउहरु सवै एकै कन्या राशी भित्र पर्दछन् । बुध ग्रह कन्न्या राशीका स्वामी हुन् ।

७. तुला: तुला राशीमा चित्रा नक्षत्रका बाँकि दुई पाउ स्वाती, विशाखाको तीन पाउ (र रि रु रे रो ता ति तु ते) नौ वटाको नाम उच्चारण हुने ब्यक्ति, प्राणीहरु तथा ठाँउहरु एकै तुला राशीमा पर्दछन् । तुला राशीका स्वामी शुक्र ग्रह हुन् ।

८. बिच्छा: बिच्छा राशीमा बाँकि बिशाखाको एक पाउ अनुराधा, जेष्ठा (तो ना नि नु ने नो या य यु ) यी नौ वटाको नाम उच्चारण हुने सवै ब्यक्ति, प्राणीहरु तथा ठाँउहरु एकै बिच्छा राशी भित्र पर्दछन् । बिच्छा राशीका स्वामी मंगल (भौम) ग्रह हुन् ।

९. धन: धन राशीमा मूल, पुर्वाषाढा, उत्तराषाढाको एक पाउ (य यो भ भि भु धा फा ढा भे) यी नौ वटाको नाम उच्चारण हुने सवै ब्यक्ति, प्राणीहरु तथा ठाँउहरु एकै धन राशीमा पर्दछन् । धन राशीका स्वामी बृहस्पति ग्रह हुन् ।

१०. मकर: मकर राशीमा उत्तराषाढाको बाँकि तीन पाउँ श्रवण, धनेष्ठाको दुई पाउ (भो जा जि खि खु खे खो गा गि) यी नौ वटाको नाम उच्चारण हुने सवै ब्यक्ति, प्राणीहरु तथा ठाँउहरु एकै मकर राशीमा पर्दछन् । मकर राशीको स्वामी शनिश्चर ग्रह हो ।

११. कुम्भ: कुम्भ राशीमा बाँकि धनेष्ठा नक्षत्रका दुई पाउ शतविशा, पुर्वाभाद्रका तीन पाउ (गु गे गो सा सि सु से सो द) यी नौ वटाको नाम उच्चारण हुने सवै ब्यक्ति, प्राणीहरु तथा ठाँउहरु एकै कुम्भ राशी भित्र पर्दछन् । कुम्भ राशीका स्वामी पनि शनि ग्रह नै हो ।

१२. मीन: मीन राशीमा पुर्वाभाद्र नक्षत्रको बाँकि एक पाउ उत्तराभाद्र र रेवती (दि दु थ झ ञ दे दो च चि) यी नौ वटाको नाम उच्चारण हुने सवै ब्यक्ति, प्राणीहरु तथा ठाँउहरु एकै मीन राशीमा पर्दछन् । मीन राशीका स्वामी बृहष्पति ग्रह हुन् ।

Monday, May 24, 2010

Charactristic Features of The Women's Body

1. A woman whose soles are even, smooth, soft, well developed, warm, shining in pink color, without much perspiration, will be enjoying full happiness befitting her sex. The female whose soles are without the pink color, and are hard, dry, coarse, uneven, shaped like a  winnowing basket and bereft of flesh, will suffer misery.
2.The woman who has marks of conch, swastika, wheel, lotus, flag, fish, umbrella, and a long line rising upwards in her soles, becomes a queen and enjoys great happiness and comforts.The woman who possesses marks like those of snake, rat, and crow, is bereft of wealth and suffers misery.
3.The female whose nails of toes are shining in pink color, smooth, raised, and round, enjoys great happiness and comforts. Blackish and torn nails denote misery.
4. Raised, full, well developed, smooth, and round great toe indicates happiness. The thumb which is small, irregular in shape and flat denotes misery.
5.The woman's toes which are soft, thick, round, and well developed are considered auspicious. If the toes are long, she will be of loose morals. Thin toes indicate poverty.
6. If the back of the feet of a woman is raised, without perspiration, soft and smooth, she will become a queen. If the indications are contrary, she will be poverty stricken. She will be fond of travelling, if the back part of the feet are veined. Hair on that portion of feet denotes that she will be a maid servant. If the feet are bony or without flesh, she will have a defective sexual organ.
7. If the heels are even, the woman concerned will have a well formed and desirable sexual organ. If the heels are stout, she will have a defective sexual organ. If the heels are high,she   will be unchaste. Long heels indicate misery.
8. Even, smooth, evenly shaped, round, without hair, good looking and without veins showing up, are signs that the woman will be a queen.
9. Round, smooth, firm knees are auspicious indications. If the knees are bony, the woman concerned will be of loose moral character. If the knees are loose, she will be poverty stricken.
10. If the thighs are round like the trunk of an elephant, close to each other, soft and without hair, the woman concerned will be a queen (it means very well off and respected). If the thighs are flat and hairy she will be poverty stricken and a widow.
11. A circumference equal to the width of 24 fingers with well developed hips indicate that the woman will be fortunate. A waist which is flat, long, without flesh, caved in or hairy, forebodes widowhood and misery.
11. Raised, fleshy and widespread hips in a woman are auspicious in effect. If they are contrary they indicate that it is not auspicious.
12. Hidden clitoris, pink colored, curved like the back of a tortoise, soft, hairy, shaped  like the leaf of a pipal tree and smooth, is highly auspicious. If the sexual organ is shaped like the feet of a deer or opening of an oven (furnace) with hard hair and with raised clitoris, it indicates evil. If the left side of the sexual organ of a woman is raised, she will beget more female children and if the right side is raised, more boys. If the organ is shaped like a conch, she will be barren.
13. A soft, spread out and slightly raised Vasti (Portion below the navel) is auspicious. If it is hairy, with veins showing up and full of lines (folds or wrinkles) indicates that it is not auspicious (misery).
14. A navel deep with right turns is productive of good effects. The navel raised, with left turns and with knots is inauspicious.
15. A stomach well spread indicates a well formed sexual organ and many sons. If the stomach of a woman resembles that of a frog, her son will become a king. If a woman has a raised stomach she will be childless. If the stomach is wrinkled, she will become an ascetic. If it has circular folds, she will become a maid servant.
16. If the portion covering the ribs is even, well developed and soft, auspicious effects may be expected. It will be inauspicious if it is raised, hairy and full of veins.
17. The chest of a woman which is even and hairless is auspicious. A wide spread and hairy chest is inauspicious.
18. If the palms of the woman are pink colored, are raised in the middle with fingers close together (with no holes between them), soft and have very few lines, she enjoys happiness
and all comforts. If the palms are full of lines she will become a widow. If there are no lines, she will be poverty stricken.
19. If the backs of the hands of a woman are well built, soft and hairless, she will enjoy auspicious effects. It will be otherwise, if the backs of the hands are with veins showing up, deep and hairy.
20. A woman enjoys happiness and all comforts if there is a clearly marked, pink colored, circular, smooth, full and deep line (perhaps line of life is meant). If there is mark of a fish she will be very lucky. She will be wealthy with the mark of a swastika. She will be a queen with the mark of a lotus. She will be the mother of a king, if she has marks of conch,umbrella, and tortoise.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

यौन दुराचारी धरानका ज्योतिषी

धरान-१० स्थित राँगा चौकमा विगत ४ वर्षघिदेखि चण्डेश्वरी वास्तुशास्त्र केन्द्रको सञ्चालन गरी र्सवसाधारणको भाग्य भविष्य हर्ेर्दै आएका ज्योतिष प्रदिप  शर्माले एक यूवतिलाई डर देखाउँदै आफुसँग यौन सर्म्पर्क राखे सबै ठिक हुने बताएपछि उनि घरको न घाटको हुन पुगेका छन् ।
शर्माले ती युवतिलाई ग्रहदशा ठिक छैन । शाहाकारी भोजन गर्नु र मादकपदार्थ सेवन नगर्नेसँग यौनसर्म्पर्क राख्नु भनेको र त्यसका लागि आफु तैयार भएको बताएपछि यस्तो मामला चड्किएकेा हो । भाग्य हर्ेर्ने बहानामा ज्योतिषीले यस्तो कुकृत्यको प्रस्ताब युवतिसँग राखेको खुलेपछि शर्माले धरानमा अबदेखि भाग्य, ग्रहदशा छुट्याउन नपाउने भएको इलाका प्रहरी कार्यालय धरानले जनाएको छ ।

पुरोहित तथा ज्योतिषी आफैंमा मयार्दित पेशा मानिन्छ । कुनैपनि मनिसको भाग्य भविष्य, राहु, केतु, शनिका स्थिति हेरेर त्यसबाट आउने सम्भावित समस्याबाट उम्कने पाठ सिकाउने गर्दछन् ज्योतिषीहरु । ज्योतिषीहरुलाई सबैले सम्मान गर्दछन तर केही अपवादका ज्योतिषीहरु भने ज्योतिष पेशाको समेत अस्तित्व समाप्त गर्ने दाउमा लागेका छन् । आखिर के गरिस् मङ्गले आफ्नै ढङ्गले ।
प्रसङ्ग सुनसरी जिल्ला धरानको हो । चारवर्षअघिदेखि धरानमा रहेर ज्योतिषीको काम गर्दै आएका शर्मा यतिखेर प्रहरीको चंगूलमा फसेका छन् ।
शर्माले यसअघि ति युवतिका भिनाजु विरुद्ध प्रहरीमा उजुर गरी आफ्नो पेशागत सुरक्षाको माग गरेको समेत इलाका प्रहरी कार्यालय धरानमा भएको र्सवपक्षिय छलफलमा बताइयो । युवतिका भिनाजुले घटना र्सार्वजनिक नहोस् भन्ने उद्वेश्यले यसअघि ज्योतिषलाई धरान छाड्न अनुरोध गरेको विषयलाई लिएर प्रहरीमा शर्माले उजुरी समेत गरेका थिए ।

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