Thursday, January 14, 2010

खन्डग्रास सुर्य ग्रहण

२०६६ साल माघ १ गते शुक्रवार माघ कृष्ण औसी तिथी, १५ जनवरी २०१०
स्पर्श १२.२४ दिउसो
मध्य १४ १० दिउसो
मोक्ष १५ ४० दिउसो
सर्व पर्व  ३ घण्टा १६ मिनटस
ग्रहण फल
मेष राशी:- सुखम
वृष राशी:- मान नाश
मिथुन राशी:- कस्टम
 कर्कट राशी:-  स्त्री पिडा
सिंह राशी:-  शोउख्यम
कन्या राशी:- चिन्ता
तुला राशी:-  व्यथा
वृश्चिक राशी:- श्री प्राप्ती
धनु राशी:- क्ष् ति
मकर राशी:- घात
कुम्भ राशी:- व्यय
मीन राशी :-लाभ

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Personal Appeal From Astrologer Dr.S.Suneel

Hello World!
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Astrology is a very ancient, but still vital discipline, astrology seeks the meaning and application of the influences of the planets,most of us have always had a consultation what the planet can do and future should become.Thousands of people, all over the world, from all cultures, believes on astrology and get information from astrologer. A simple and pure desire to make the live a better place.
In order for astrology to move forward, we need the help of ordinary people like you, people who has a strong faith on astrology on this planet earth.
Please consider a generous donation to the support on astrology and allied Subject.
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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Planetary Colors & Planetary GemStones For Aries

Favorable Colors :-Pink, orange, white, red, yellow, royal blue, navy blue, bright brown, bright black, and variegated.
Unfavorable Colors:- Green, Grey, and faded colors.
Favorable Gems:-Ruby, pearl, red coral, yellow sapphire, diamond, and blue sapphire.
Unfavorable Gems:-Emerald, hessonite, and cat's eye.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Nava Graha Mantras

Surya Mantra
Jabaakusuma sankaasham
kaashyapayam mahaadyutim
Tamorim sarvapaapaghnam
pranato-smi divaakaram
Om suryaaya namah
Om, I bow down with devotion to the shining light that is shining red like a hibiscus flower, shining onto the earth, removing all the darkness and removing sin. Om, I bow to the Sun .
Chandra Mantra
Dadhi sankha tushaaraabham kshiirodaarnasambhavam
Namaami shashinam somam shambhormukuta bhushanam
Om candraaya namah
I bow down to the Moon, who is creamy white like a container of yogurt (dahi) and most pleasing, born from the churning ocean of milk, the effulgent emblem of devotion, which adorns the head of Lord Shiva. Om, I bow to the Moon.
Mangal Mantra                             
Dharaniigarbhasambhutam vidyutkaanti samaprabham
Kumaaram shaktihastam ca tam mangalam pranamaamyahamOm mangalaaya namah
I bow down to Mars, the auspicious one, who supports the womb of all creation, shines forth with the radiance of beauty enhanced by love, and wields power in his hand. Om, I bow down to Mars.
Bhudh Mantra                                  
Priyangukalikashyaamam ruupenaa-pratimam
budham Saumyam saumyamgunopetam tam budham pranamaamyaham
Om budhaaya namah
I bow down to Mercury, whose beloved body is dark like the night, the symbol of intelligence, and whose qualities are most beautiful. Om, I bow down to Mercury.
Guru Mantra                         
Devaanaanca rishinaanca gurum kaancana sannibham
Buddhi bhutam trilokesham tam namaami brihaaspatim
Om gurave namah
I bow down to Jupiter, teacher of gods and sages, the greatest treasure, and the most intelligent of all creation. Om, I bow down to Jupiter.
Shukra Mantra                       
Hima kunda mrinaalaabham daityaanaam paramam gurum
Sarvashaastrapravaktaaram bhaargavam  pranamaamyaham
Om Shukraaya namah
I bow down to Venus, who is fragrant like crushed sandal and jasmine, the great guru of the demons, expounding all scriptures, and the descendant of sage Brigu. Om, I bow down to Venus.

Shani Mantra                                 
Niilaambujasamaabhaasam raviputram yamaagrajam
Chaayaamaartandasambhuutam tam namaami shanaishacaram
Om Shaanaishcaraaya namah
I bow down to Saturn, who is blue like a storm cloud, the son of the Sun and the brother of Death, who can cast his shadow even over the Sun. Om, I bow down to Saturn
Rahu Mantra                          
Arddhakaayam mahaaviiryam candraadityavimardanam
Simhikaagarbha sambhuutam tam Raahu pranamaamyaham
Om Raahave namah
I bow down to Rahu, the great warrior who divides even the Sun and Moon in half, born from the womb of Simhikaa. Om, I bow down to Rahu.
Ketu Mantra                          
Paalaashapushpa sankaasham taarakaagrahamastakam
Raudram raudraatmakam ghoram tam ketu pranamaamyaham
Om Ketave namah
I bow down to Ketu, who is red like a paalaasha flower, who makes the star-eyed constellation to set, terrible and awesome to behold. Om, I bow down to Ketu.

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