Thursday, December 10, 2009

Zodiac Sign Attributes

The positions of the Sun sign and the Rising sign in the Zodiacs are extremely important attributes in the
Astrological analysis. The attributes of the Zodiacs are given here:-
Aries :-Action, leadership, energy, aggressive, courage, arrogance, combative
 Taurus:- Possessive, stable, reliable, steady, slow to start, but steady progress, stubborn
Gemini:- Most intelligent, quick mind, curious, multi-tasking, communication, wit. can be shallow, lack self discipline
Cancer:- Most sensitive, intuitive, domestic matter very important, caring, tenacious’ moody, combative
Leo:-Noble, generous, seek power, confidant, ambitious, attraction to opposite sex., ego, outspoken, ostentatious, domineering.
Virgo:-Perfectionist, efficient, thorough, analytical, pettiness, critical and flaw seeking of others.
Libra:-Partnership, joint enterprise, harmonious, balance, fairness, indecisive, overly romantic
Scorpio:- Strong will power, workaholic, resourceful, intense dedication, vindictive, jealous, intense emotion, never gives up.
Sagittarius:-Good fortune, abundance, foreign matters, optimistic, friendly. Long distance travel, publishing, books, giving advice, blunt, tactless.
Capricorn:-Frugal, hardworking, responsible, desire for status, condescending, lacking integrity may have highest accomplishments, but the greatest of falls.
Aquarius:_Freedom, independence, unconventional, humanitarian, inventiveness, originality, stubborn, eccentric, dogmatic
Pisces:-Intuitive, very sensitive, sympathetic, compassionate, charitable, easily influenced, not ambitious, stubborn

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