Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Astrologer Presses to withdraw Faulty Almanac

KATHMANDU: Self proclaimed Astrologer Ratnanidhi Shukracharya has lodged an application at the Ministry of Federal Affairs, Constituent Assembly and Culture demanding to cancel all Panchangas and calendars prepared with the approval of Nepal Panchanga Nirnayak Committee, saying that such calendars were mathematically incorrect and faulty.
Shukracharya has claimed that the Committee violated the mathematical rules by managing 32 days in the months of Asar and Shrawan and 29 days in Mansir and Magh.
Shukracharya claimed that as per the mathematical rules there should be only two months having 32 days and 29 days each in a year.
He has demanded action against some officials of the Committee alleging them of imposing their own mathematical rules in Panchanga and calendars.

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