Saturday, December 25, 2010

साप्ताहिक शेयर भविष्यवाणी

पौष ११ - १५ सम्म
साताभरको कारोबारको समूहगत ग्रह हेर्दा यो साता पनि शेयर बजार उत्साह जनक नै रहने छ। बाणिज्य बैंक समूह र बिमा कम्पनी समूहको मुल्य बड्नेछ । शुरुको दिनमा जलबिद्युत र बीमा कम्पनीका लगनी कर्ताहरुले फाईदा कमाउने छन । बिकासबैंक समुहले गुमाउने छ्न । साताको मध्यमा कारोबर घट्ने छ । वित्त कम्पनीमा लगनी गर्दा फाईदा हुन्छ । साताको अन्तमा बिकासबैंक को कारोवार राम्रो हुनेछ । बिकास बैंकका लगनी कर्ताहरुले नाफा कमाउने छन। जलबिद्युत समुहले गुमाउने छ्न ।

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

उल्का वर्षा हेर्न चाहनेहरुका लागि सुनौलो मौका

आज बेलुका नेपाली आकासमा उल्का वर्षा हुने भएको छ । सामन्यतया महिनामा एकपटक मात्र उल्का वर्षा हुने गरेको विज्ञहरुले बताएका छन् ।
आज नेपाली आकासमा हुने उल्का वर्षा प्रष्ट रुपमा देख्न सकिने छ । बेलुका ५ बजेबाट सुरु हुने वर्षा सूर्यको उज्यालो बाँकी रहने कारणले सूर्यास्तपछि मात्र प्रष्ट देखिने भएको हो । उल्का वर्षा अवलोकनका लागि बेलुकी ८ बजेको समय उत्तम रहेको छ।  काठमाडौंको प्रकाश प्रदूषणका कारण  उपत्यका र अन्य सहरी क्षेत्रभन्दा ग्रामीण क्षेत्रबाट अझ प्रष्ट रुपमा उल्का वर्षा हेर्न सकिने छ । उल्का बर्षाको स्रोत जेमिनी तारामण्डल मिथुन राशी जस्तो देखिने भएकाले यसलाई जेमिनिड मिटियर सवार नाम दिइएको छ ।

ज्योतिर्विज्ञान अनुसार उल्का वर्षा उत्तरभद्रपदा नक्षत्र मा भयको हुनाले राजालाई (सरकार) पिडा दिने छ त्यसकारण वर्तमान सरकार परिवर्तन हुने लक्षण देखिन्छ । त्यसकारण वर्तमान सरकार एक महिना भित्रमा परिवर्तन हुने लक्षण देखिन्छ ।
विज्ञहरुका अनुसार भौगोलिक विविधताका कारण नेपालको पूर्वी क्षेत्रमा बेलुका ८ बजे राम्रोसँग देख्न सकिने उल्का वर्षा सुदूरपश्चिम क्षेत्रमा भने साढे ८ मा मात्र प्रष्ट हेर्न सकिने छ । आजदेखि सुरु हुने उल्का वर्षा पुस २ गतेसम्म हेर्न सकिने विज्ञहरुको भनाइ छ । उल्का वर्षा भएका बेला कुनै कुरा माग गरेमा त्यो पूरा हुन्छ भन्ने जनविश्वास रहेको छ ।

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

King Khan With Emerald Ring

Shah Rukh Khan has finally given in.  He has started wearing an emerald ring on the little finger of his hand. In the last 20 years of his career since Deewaana (1992) the actor has stayed away from the stuff that fascinates the rest of the film industry: Astrology, numerology, tarot etc.
He has never added (or subtracted) a letter from his name, or that from his films to balance them for luck. He has never consulted calendars for auspicious dates for his films. And has never worn any stones on his hands. The only jewellery the actor has sported since forever is his gold wedding band.
Until now. There's new bling on his hand now. The ring was first spotted on the actor when he returned from his Berlin schedule for Don 2. It is learnt that the actor is a non-believer and it was his wife Gauri who consulted an astrologer and got the gold ring with an emerald stone made for her hubby.
According  King Khan's kundli, Mercury antardasha is about to begin. It will be there for two years and a couple of months. It is also great for media and communications."
Amitabh Bachchan also wears the green emerald to combat his illnesses; mostly, stomach related problems. After wearing the stone, he has not only maintained good health but also improved his financial situation.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

End of the World will be in 2016!

Particle accelerator from Geneva would be to blame for the apocalypse, if we take after his famous saying that Nostradamus had predicted the emergence in Europe of a “satanic anger arc, which will have disastrous consequences for the globe”.
Is prophecy has to do with the accelerator or not?
Michel Nostradamus, who lived in the sixteenth century, there was only one doctor and a famous astrologer, but a rich man with scientific knowledge. Until now, nobody knows who the sources of inspiration for its forecasts, but said it is time to use a time machine in whose “mirror” to see pictures of the future.
Those who have interpreted his works as the prophecies of Nostradamus believe that we live period should be sought in quatrains X X belt is there a mention of the so-called “arc satanic rage in Europe, which will cause” terrible burning “of half the globe, writes
In 2011, deadly rain will fall from the sky and everything will be infected by them. There will be neither plant nor animal, and by 2016 all people will perish, say interpretations.
Until recently, it was thought that it could be launching a ballistic missile (Nostradamus did not know what that means in his time, so it is believed that he could see a rocket trajectory as an arc satanic “). In this case, the fallout would be pointless.
But above all, an important event took place in November this year: the particle accelerator were first tested for lead ion collisions. Stocks have been successful, as the researchers said. Scientists at CERN say the production of several “mini Big Bang’s” definitely not present any danger to the planet, even if, as in accelerator temperatures were recorded by a million times higher than those in the center of the Sun .
Conditions are created in Geneva proape unimaginable, similar to those of the primordial explosion, to whom we owe existence 14 billion years later.
Now, the experiments of the largest and most complicated scientific device ever built by man will head to the ultimate goal: getting the so-called “God particle”, ie the exact moment of Creation.
According to Nostradamus’s prediction, a catastrophe would affect only half the globe. It seems that the ocean would protect the rest of the world (America and Australia), in case you could spend an explosion in the accelerator. In which case the gossips say that Europe should be removed from Earth. So is Asia.
However, most scientists do not respond to these challenges. From their point of view, there is no potential danger, because to create a black hole, you must create an immense gravitational compression of matter. Accelerator is simply incapable of this.
In general, the LHC experiments are not something new to mankind. Particle accelerators have been extensively used in research laboratories since the mid-twentieth century and nobody has yet seen any damage caused by them.
In addition, accidents and malfunctions of these devices are extremely rare, experts say, adding that nuclear power and “explode more often” …
However, various questions arise. What could make this device? Emit large amounts of heat into the atmosphere? Even if this happens (after all, the accelerator has a very high protection, being buried under the Alps), this amount of heat is less likely to be greater than that released during a volcanic eruption, for example.
And as we know, this only affects local climate, ie only in those areas where they are located. We should not fear that hot magma will flow across Europe.
Even if the accelerator to explode, say, only if you burn the forest around him. Regarding the prophecies of Nostradamus, it was agreed that all data connections are very specific, very questionable. Dating events in his prophecies is drawn according to a timetable slightly modified from the Hebrew, dating from the creation of the world.
That could mean as well as all the horrors predicted by Nostradamus had nothing to do with our time.
There are all kinds of voices that say you still might want to stop the accelerator until it is too late. So many people are skeptical and say that anything can happen, but other experiments that are more dangerous than the accelerator. The fact is that the situation remains uncertain. Source: ProTV News.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

हातमा जीवन रेखाको प्रभाव ( Life Line)

१) जीवनरेखा लहरादार भए  वंश परम्परागत रोग, चिन्ता उदर रोगी । जन्जिरदार भए  पतिबाट दुःख । जीवनरेखा शृङ्खलाकार या सिडीजस्तो भए  स्वास्थ्यमा खराब ।
२)जीवनरेखाको अन्त्यमा मत्याकार वा द्वीप भए  जलमय शितमय ।
३)जीवनरेखाको बीचमा शुभ क्षेत्रतिर अंकुश परेमा प्रेमिकाबाट मृत्यु ।
४)जीवन मस्तिष्क र हृदयरेखाबाट बनेको त्रिभुज  दम र फोक्सोको रोग ।
५)जीवनरेखाको शाखा गुरु पर्वतमा गएको छ भने महत्वकांक्षी, कार्य पूरा गर्न प्रयत्नशील । प्रारम्भबाटै गएको शाखा छ भने, कल्पना जगत्मा पौडिने र अहंकारी ।
६)जीवनरेखाबाट तलतिर गएको शाखा रेखा त्यस आयुमा बिरामी र धन हानि । माथितिर गएको शाखा रेखा स्वास्थ्यलाभ र धनलाभ । यदि चन्द्र क्षेत्रमा गएको शाखा रेखा भए वृद्धावस्थामा पागल या सन्निपात ।
७)जीवनरेखाको स्पष्ट शाखा शन्तिक्षेत्रमा गएको भए  उद्योगबाट र्सवत्र कर्ीर्ति । त्यो शाखा शनिरेखा वा भाग्यरेखामा मिलेको भए विद्या बुद्धि प्राप्ति भाग्योदय मननशील तेजस्वी । यदि त्यो शाखा लेखा भाग्यरेखालाई काटेको भए पक्षघात वा वातरोग । यदि त्यो शाखा र्सर्ूय क्षेत्रमा गएको भए, यात्रा र व्यवसायिकबाट धन प्राप्ति । र्सर्ूयरेखामा मिलेको भए, उच्च पद प्राप्ति, काटेको भए हानि । बुध क्षेत्रमा गएको भए, विद्या बुद्धि प्राप्ति, सफल व्यापारी र वक्ता ।
८)द्वितीय मङ्गलक्षेत्रबाट आएको रेखा जीवनरेखामा मिलेमा प्रहरी या सेनामा उच्च पद प्राप्ति, काटेमा हानि ।
९)सानो-सानो टुक्राले बनेको जीवनरेखा जीवनभर रोगी यदि चौडा छ भने प्राण शक्तिको कमी ।
१०) टुटेको जीवनरेखा त्यस आयुमा रोग तथा दर्ुघटना, दुवै हातमा टुटेको, अर्को सहायक रेखा नभएमा मृत्यु । जीवन रेखा टुटेका स्थानमा वर्गले पर्ूर्ति गरेको छ भने प्राणान्त कष्ट भोगेर दर्ीघायु ।
११)द्वितीय मङ्गल सोचबाट निस्केको जीवनरेखा भाग्य मस्तिक भई हृदय रेखामा पुगेमा, माथिबाट गिर्ने डर र भाग्य, मस्तक र हृदयमा दुष्प्रभाव ।
१२)द्वितीय मङ्गल क्षेत्रबाट निस्केको जीवनरेखा शुक्र क्षेत्रमा समाप्ति त्यस आयुमा मृत्यु तथापि मणिबन्धबाट निस्केको अर्को रेखा द्वितीय मङ्गल क्षेत्रमा पुगे मरणासन्न भई मणिबन्धका प्रभावले बचाउने ।
१३)जीवनरेखालाई अनेक छोटाछोटा रेखाले काटेमा उदर-विकार, एकान्त वासी, कम मित्र, परिवारमा अमेल ।
१४)जीवनरेखाको अन्तिम भागबाट निस्केको शाखा भाग्यरेखामा मिलेमा असावधानीबाट भाग्य र शान्तिलाई नष्ट गर्ने ।
१५)जीवनरेखा शुक्र क्षेत्रबाट तर्केर चन्द्र क्षेत्रतिर गएमा कुनै स्त्रीको कारण जीवनमा घोर संकट उठाउनुपर्ने ।
१६)जीवनरेखा शुक्र क्षेत्रमा गएर झुक्नु र त्यसलाई कुनै रेखाले काट्नु निराशी र मृत्युको समान ।
१७)जीवनरेखाको उदयमा तारा बालकमा मातृवियोग । मणिबन्धको समीप पुगेर बल्छी चिन्ह, स्वार्थी अस्थिर जीवन निर्रथक भ्रमण गर्ने ।
१७)जीवनरेखाको साथसाथै मस्तिष्क रेखा गएको छ भने दर्ीघायु ।
१८)शुक्र क्षेत्रबाट आउने छोटाछोटा रेखाले जीवनरेखाको र्स्पर्श गरेमा, स्त्रीहरू उन्मुख हुने, स्त्री सम्बन्धबाट धन र आनन्द प्राप्त हुने, जीवनरेखालाई कोटमा विपरीत फल अर्थात् छाती तथा उदर विकार, पतिबाट भिन्न विचार र एकान्तसेवी । त्यो रेखा भाग्यरेखा मिले, प्रेम सम्बन्धमा खटपट भए पनि भाग्यवृद्धि, काटेमा भाग्यमा छाती ।
१९)जीवनरेखालाई ३-४ रेखाले काटेमा समाज द्वेषी कार्यबाट जेल यात्रा ।
२०)जीवनरेखाको समाप्तिमा वृत्त भए सम्पर्ूण्ा जीवन कष्ट ।
२१)जीवनरेखाको अन्त्यमा अर्धवृत्त भए तन्त्र, मन्त्र र शत्रुविहीन या परम् योगी, यसले भाग्यरेखा काटेमा या दुवै मुखले मणिबन्ध छोएमा, जसको दुरुपयोग गरी दर्ुनाम कमाउने क्रोधी ।
२२)दुवै हातको जीवनरेखामा क्रस भयानक संकटको सामना गर्नुपर्ने दुवै हातमा तारा दर्ुघटना ।
२३)शुक्रक्षेत्रबाट निस्केको रेखाले जीवनरेखालाई काटी मस्तिष्क रेखामा मिले गुप्त चित्ताले घर्ेर्ने, त्यसलाई पार गरी हृदयरेखामा मिले पिता या कुनै निकट सम्बन्धीमा कष्ठ र अधिक पत्नीवाला हुने ।
२४)जीवनरेखा र मस्तिष्क रेखालाई कुनै रेखाले काट्दै वक्र गतिबाट मणिबन्धमा पुग्ने शृङ्खलाकार रेखा र त्यस्तै सानो-सानो रेखाले काटिएको कतै चौडा कतै पातलो जीवनरेखा भए, चञ्चल स्वभाव, स्वास्थ्य कहिले ठीक कहिले बेठीक हुने कसैबाट विश्वास र सहायता नपाउने ।
२५)जीवनरेखाले अङ्गुष्ठालाई घेरेमा जीवनभर कष्ठ, विपत्ति धन, हीन, सन्तानोत्पादनमा असक्त, स्त्रीको हातमा भए प्रसव कालमा कष्ठ र रोगी ।
२६)जीवनरेखा सुरुमा गोलपछि टेडीमेडो भई मणिबन्धमा गएको भए शत्रु ज्यादा दुःखमय जीवन रक्त या यी रोग ।
२७)चन्द्र क्षेत्रबाट निस्केको रेखाले जीवनरेखा काटेमा त्यस आयुमा मृत्यु ।
२८)जीवनरेखाको शाखा गुरु क्षेत्रमा गए यात्राको सौखिन यात्राबाट धनलाभ, त्यो शाखामा क्रस भए मान हानी त्रिकोण  भए अधिक खर्च,  वर्ग भए भय निवारक सुख शान्ति लाभ ।
२९)जीवनरेखाबाट निस्केको र्सवाकार रेखा शुक्र क्षेत्रमा गई पुनः वक्र गतिले जीवनरेखा भई मिलेमा त्यस आयुभरि चिन्ताग्रस्त बन्धुबाट कष्ट अन्य कष्ट पनि ।
३०)जीवनरेखाबाट निस्केको जीवनरेखा बराबरको शाखा रेखा जीवनरेखाको साथसाथै मणिबन्धतिर गएमा जन्मस्थानबाट अन्यत्र गई जीविकोपार्जन गर्नुपर्ने ।
३१)जीवनरेखा राम्रो अवस्थामा समाप्ति मृत्युको अवस्थामा ठूलो बिरामी नपर्ने ।
३२)जीवनरेखा जुन आयुमा चौडा छ, त्यही आयुमा छाती अपयश, जुन आयुमा छोटाछोटा रेखाले काटेको छ त्यही आयुमा भिन्न या परिजनबाट विरोध ।
३३)जीवनरेखा बज्रमुख तथा गैरो भए धर्ूत बेइमानी व्यभिचारी, कठोर हृदय अधमको संगतबाट झगडा मच्चाउने ।

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

विवाह कहिले र कता ?

ज्योतिर्विज्ञानमा जन्म, कर्म, विवाह, धन, पुत्र र मरणलाई निकै महत्व दिएर विभिन्न व्याख्या गरिएको हुन्छ । तर हामी यहाँ विवाहको बारेमा केही चर्चा गर्न गइरहेका छौँ । हरेक व्यक्ति एवं माता पितालाई आफ्नो एवं सन्तानको विवाहमा विशेष चिन्ता र रुची रहेको हुन्छ । विवाह कस्तोसँग कुन दिशामा कति वर्षा हुने हो । विवाह पछि कस्तो रहला आदि स्वभाविक जिज्ञासाहरूको समाधान गर्न गइरहेका छौँ ।
ज्योतिर्विज्ञानमा जन्म समयको पूवीय क्षितिजमा जुन राशि उदाउँदछ, त्यसलाई जन्मलग्न भनिन्छ र त्यसदेखि पश्चिमी क्षितिजमा उदाइरहेको लग्नलाई विवाहको लग्न मानिन्छ । अर्थात् जन्म लग्न आफ्नो र जन्म लग्नबाट सातौँ स्थानमा रहेको लग्न पति पत्नीको लग्न भनिन्छ । यसैको आधारमा पति/पत्नीको रूप, रंग, स्वभाव आदिको बारेमा ज्ञान गर्ने गरिन्छ ।
र्सवप्रथम विवाह कुन दिशामा हुने हो । त्यसको जानकारी हुनर्पर्दछ । यसको लागि सप्तमेश जुन राशिमा गएर बसेको छ । त्यस राशिको दिशामा विवाह हुने हुन्छ । फेरि सप्तमस्थ राशिको दिशामा पनि विवाह हुने हुन्छ । त्यस्तै शुक्रबाट सप्तमस्थ राशिको दिशामा पनि विवाह हुने योग बन्दछ । उपरोक्त तीन सूत्र मध्ये जुन ग्रह बलवान छ । त्यही दिशामा निश्चय नै विवाह हुने छ ।
अब विवाह हुने दिशा हेरेपछि कति टाढा-या नजिक कहाँ हुने हो । त्यो हर्ुर्नुपर्दछ । यदि सप्तमेश चर राशिमा गएर बसेको छ भने विवाह टाढा हुने छ । स्थिर राशिमा छ भने स्वस्थानमा र द्विस्वभाव राशिमा छ भने न टाढा न नजिक मध्यम दूरीमा विवाह हुने छ । सामान्यतयः चर राशि परेमा २०० कि.मि.भन्दा टाढा, स्थिर राशिमा परेमा ९० कि.मि. भित्र र द्विस्वभाव राशिमा परेमा ९० देखि १५० कि.मि. को दूरीमा विवाह हुने हुन्छ ।
विवाहको दिशा र दूरी पछि अर्को महत्वपर्ूण्ा कुरा कहिले हुने हो त - त्यो जान्नु आवश्यक छ । विवाहको उमेर जान्नको लागि विभिन्न महषिर्हरूले आ-आफ्नो अनुभवहरू आफ्नो पुस्तकमा दिनुभएको छ । तर आज ती सबै लागू हुने स्थिति देखिँदैन, तैपनि हरेक ज्योतिषीले त्यसलाई आधार मानेर देश काल र परिस्थितिअनुसार विश्लेषण गर्न सक्नर्ुपर्दछ । सामान्यतयः विवाहको वर्षनिकाल्न सप्तम भावमा उपस्थित राशि संख्यामा २० अंक जोडिदिने,योगफल विवाह वर्षहुनेछ । जति पाप ग्रह बसेको या दृष्टि दिएको छ, त्यसको लागी ५ वर्षथपिदिने र शुभग्रहको लागि ३ वर्षघटाइदिने, जुन योगफल, आउँछ त्यही विवाह वर्षहुनेछ ।
कुन राशि सग विवाह हुने
कुन राशिको व्यक्तिसँग विवाह हुने हो त - जन्मकुण्डलीको अध्ययनबाट त्यो पनि ज्ञात हुने हुन्छ । तर यो सूत्रलाई मेलापक प्रक्रिया अनुसार मिलाएर विवाह गरेमा मात्र हितकर हुनेछ । यदि बिना मेलापक अनुसार छ भने विवाह हुने अवस्था न्यून रहन्छ ।
जन्म राशिको स्वामी लग्नेश, या सप्तमेश, जुन राशि या नवमांश छ त्यो राशि या त्यसबाट त्रिकोणस्थ राशिको मान्छेसँग विवाह हुने छ । सप्तमेश लग्नेशको साथै उच्च या निच राशिमा पनि विवाह हुने हुन्छ ।

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Astrology and Christianity

By Antonia ffoulkes-Shippy, Yahoo! Contributor Network

It is a respectable estimate that zodiacs are found in 80% of medieval churches. This may surprise modern Christians warned against what the Catholic Church calls the "new paganism." The trouble is that
 even churchmen of old, dedicated to stamping out heathen custom, could not deny the presence of stars and planets and the more scientifically suspect idea of their influencing the motions of animals, vegetables, and minerals. The old adage "God rules the stars; the stars rule man." supported the idea that God alone had the final word when it came to celestial influence though such influence did exist.
The other factor in the puzzle of Christian use of zodiacs is that to people living without the organizing guidance of clocks and calendars, zodiacs imposed a system of organized time. Not only were months and days assigned to planetary ruers but the regular slices of time we call hours. Hence the "horoscope," literally 'examination of the hour' charted the position of heavenly bodies at a specific point in time.
There is also, in the depiction of the twelve astrological signs, a heavy unstated link to themes expressed in Ecclesiastes. "Time(s) for all things under heaven," are portrayed within each sign from the tilling of the soil in Aquarius' to the harvesting of the crop in Virgo. Even the common practice of blood letting was directed by the position of the Moon, in particular, due to its power to influence fluids.There is no doubt that medieval people held strongly to the idea, and practicality, of different times favoring different activity. The so-called "Labors of the Month" are commonly found proximal to illustrations of the heavenly band.
From the 9th to the 15th century, the zodiac is a common architectural motif in European churches, It is surprising to find stunning representations of zodiacs in synagogues of the first and second centuries, Common
 Era. Moreover, he greatest Islamic scholars wrote extensively on the influence of the stars and depiction of the constellations can be found on Islamic artifacts up until the eleventh century. It is clear that ancient people of every faith were awed by the majesty of the heavens as proof of divine power.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Vastu Visiting Fees

Vastu Visiting Fees
Kathmandu Valley
Farm House
Rs. 5,000.00
500 sq.Yd & more
Rs. 5,000.00
200-499 Yards
Rs. 11,000.00
Rs. 7500.00

Industry & Commercial

1Residence + 1 Industry (up to 1 acre) / Show Room / Shop.
Rs. 11,000.00
Additional each 1 site.
Rs. 5000.00
Industry Medium size up to 1000 Sq. Yd./Commercial shop/office
Rs. 11,000.00

Gravitating towards Saturn

M R Venkatesh from Chennai
Inductivity theorists who swear by the generalisation that ‘all crows are black’ now have a counter-example to ponder over.  There is at least one ‘golden crow’. That bird as the vehicle of Lord Saneeshwara (the Hindu planetary God symbolising Saturn), graciously silhouettes the deity’s feet, in the famous shrine at Tirunallar at the tail-end of the Cauvery river in Karaikal bordering composite Thanjavur district.
One of India’s rare shrines for Saturn, who is pivotal for believers in astrology and that nine orbiting planets influence human destiny, is housed inside the 7th century ‘Darbaraneshwarar Temple’ dedicated to Lord Shiva.
The crow at Tirunallar is gold-plated, sceptics and rationalists may counter. But it is weaved in with a profound mythology and would not have seen the light of day, had the legendary King Nala remained a lowly cook in the Palace of the King of Ayodhya after the former lost his kingdom.
Thanks to sage Narada’s advice, the cursed King Nala was relieved of his ‘Sani Dosha’ (the malefic effect associated with Saturn), and got back his Kingdom after he took a ‘holy dip’ in the tank and worshipped the Lord at Thirunallar. To this day, the tank is known as ‘Nala-Theertha’, reinforcing the age-old belief of the dramatic, redemptive properties of its waters.
 This pilgrimage centre, along with a unique cluster of eight other temples- each dedicated to eight other closer known planets of the solar system- and collectively termed the ‘Navagraha Temples’ in Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur district, has been as much a spiritual odyssey for people as a compulsive ladder to jump obstacles to prosperity.
 Their geography is quite interesting. All the nine temples for each of nine planets are within a 60-km radius around Kumbakonam, which itself is celebrated in the Hindu tradition as ‘Bhaskara Kshetram’ - a powerful primordial solar centre - hinting that the ancients possibly held both a heliocentric and geocentric view of the Universe.
And today, amid global climate change concerns, it is solar energy that is the key, aver scientists!
Once the underlying concepts and unity in their geography came on to a wider public domain, the State tourism department was the first to seize it as an opportunity to promote the ‘Navagraha Sthalams’ as a niche slice of spiritual tourism with a therapeutic touch. The temple town of Kumbakonam naturally became the locus of this special tourism package.
 Tourism officials say that starting with Kumbakonam, any typical three or four-day schedule includes first a visit to ‘Suryanar Kovil’ (shrine for Sun God), followed by ‘Alangudi’ where there is a shrine for ‘Guru’ or the planet Jupiter, the ‘Mecca’ for an increasingly knowledge-based society.
Then the road is to 'Thirunageshwaram’ where there is a shrine for the planet ‘Rahu’ (North Lunar Node), after which pilgrims are usually taken to ‘Vaitheeshwaran Kovil’. Since mythological serpents like ‘Adiseshan’ and ‘Karkotakan’ are said to have worshipped Lord Shiva at Thirunageshwaram, it is a must-visit for those suffering from ‘sarpa dosha’.
To its south-east is ‘Vaitheeshwaran Kovil' that has a special shrine for ‘Chevvai’ (planet Mars). The belief is that prayers offered there bestows “valour and victory”, while a dip in the ‘Siddhamrita Tank’ there is recommended for cure for various skin ailments, as its waters have some curative properties.
Then The tour winds through ‘Thiruvenkadu’ which houses a shrine for ‘Budha’ (planet Mercury), Keezhaperumpallam that has a shrine for ‘Ketu’ (South lunar node) and then to the famous shrine for Lord Saturn at Thirunallar, say tourism officials. Pilgrims spend the maximum time there.
On return, they pray at the shrine for ‘Chandran (Moon)’ at Thingaloor.
Not everyone, though have the means or time to visit all these places in one go unless they are part of the special ‘Navagraha Temples’ package of the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation (TTDC). Their coach starts from Chennai every Friday and brings back the visitors on Monday morning.
Pilgrims also have the option of joining any circuit offered by private operators from Tiruchirappalli, the nearest airport to Thirunallar.
“I have been visiting Thirunallar temple for the last 20 years.
Obstacles get removed, troubles are freed after we go there and perform an ‘abishega’ for Lord Saturn, “ M B Shivappa, former Vice-President of Karnataka Sports Authority, told ‘Deccan Herald’ over phone from Bangalore.
It stemmed from the belief that King Nala was cured of his long years of curse and so “we take a dip at Nala-Theertha there’, Shivappa who recently even accompanied Karnataka Food Minister V Somanna in the Yeddyurappa Ministry, explained. “If you suffer from any ‘dosha’ (defect), the impact after a visit to Thirunallar can be felt as it gets neutralised and peace ensues,” says Satyanarayana, a pilgrim from Bangalore.
These remarks are revealing as a big chunk of devotees (nearly 35 per cent) visiting the Saturn temple at Thirunallar and the other planetary shrines nearby are from Karnataka. “Clearly, the majority of the people visiting our temple in recent years are from Karnataka,” said Sreenivasan, official of the ‘Sri Dharbaraneshwarar Devasthanam’.
From S M Krishna, Dharam Singh, Deve Gowda to the present Yeddyurappa, every Chief Minister from Karnataka makes it a point to visit Thirunallar. Before the political crisis shook Bangalore, during his recent visit which also covered the other planetary shrines, Yeddyurappa even offered a Rs 40-lakh grant for a ‘golden Rishabha Vahanam’ for the temple, Sreenivasan said.
Apart from the Cauvery delta sentiments associated with this shrine, the ‘Saturn’ deity at Thirunallar is in a calm and graceful mood. So, devotees “can take back the ‘prasad’ (like coconut or fruits offered to the Lord) home unlike in other Saturn shrines where they are not supposed to,” he said. More the sentiment, more the crowds thronging this Temple that could touch 50,000 on any Saturday, the special day associated with Lord ‘Sanishwara’.
All this translates into good local business as well. “If so many people from Karnataka throng this temple, it is mainly because they like Lord Sanishwara to their ‘Kula Deivam’,” concurred A Ramakrishnan, who runs ‘Raja Rajan Guest House and Handicrafts at Thirunallar.
“Most pilgrims from Karnataka usually arrive in groups by cabs on a Friday night, have Darshan on Saturday and if possible visit the other eight planetary shrines nearby before heading back home,” adds Ramakrishnan who himself presented a gift to Yeddyurappa during his latest visit. Worship at ‘Suryanar Kovil’ is a must even if they have no time for others.
Of course, one defining moment and the great event at Thirunallar Temple is the “Sani Peyarchi (Saturn transit day festival), when he moves from one star constellation of the zodiac to another every two-and-a-half years. That day the crowd exceeds an amazing five lakhs, given the temple’s small area”, said Sreenivasan.
With the next ‘Sani Peyarchi’ astronomically due on November 21, 2011, hectic preparations are already on to improve the infrastructure in Thirunallar. A Rs 50-crore Housing and Urban Development Corporation-assisted project to augment accommodation facilities for pilgrims, guest houses for VIPs’ and VVIPs’, besides and inner and outer ring road among others was nearing completion, added Sreenivasan.
The magnificent shrine for Lord Saneeshwara at Thirunallar is both revered and feared by millions of the faithful. His planetary influence makes him a God of playing both “giver and destroyer”. Ergo, the unending rush to what was once a forest of ‘kusa grass (Darbam in Sanskrit)’ to soften destiny’s blows continue, making suffering bearable for the masses.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vedic palmistry about Obama's Palm.

Mr Barack Obama's hand is Earth Type in Vedic Palmistry. Earth Type's person is always Creative and Active. Jupiter is very strong in palm .It indicate good administrative and management ability within him. Generally Jupiter is associated with divinity and spirituality. Mr.Obama is Highly Spiritual person and his previous Karma was very high.
There is clearly Distance between Matri Rekah (Mother Line) and Pitri Rikha (Father Line). Therefore his parents are separated. Again in Vedic palmistry such a combination in called Jaar Putra (Natural Child). Mount Venus and Moon are also well placed. It denotes he is highly passionate and emotional person. Moon gives him good imagination and Venus gives good writing skills. Urdha Rekha (fate line) is starting from lifeline and reaches up to Saturn. It denotes Good Raja Yoga (Royal association). But it is cutting by a branches of heart line indicates some trouble through associates or love affair. One line from mount from Luna and touch a fate line gave him lady luck. Michelle Robinson Obama is a very lucky for Mr Obama.  Some Vedic scholars have opinion that this line indicates multiple relationships also. 
Talking about Fingers, They are thin indicating hard working person. Thumb is sliding backwards. Indicate he is flexible person and can change according circumstances.Will power and logic power are equal in length; indicate good will and logical power within him is really great thing. Heart line is starting from between Jupiter and Saturn indicates some thread of health trouble in his life. In Vedic palmistry this line is called Ayu Rekha (Life Line).Weak Punya Rekha (sun line) and sun and Saturn mount indicate life pattern is not easy.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Astrologer Royal

The UK's favourite Astrologer Russell Grant is beaming with happiness at the wonderful news of HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement.
Although everyone remembers Russell Grant from the early days of TVAM and BBC Breakfast Time, Russell made history when he presented, in public, to Her Majesty The Queen Mother her very own Astrological Horoscope Forecast. At the time, Russell didn’t realise that he was the first astrologer in over 400 years to read the Stars for any members of the Royal Family - the last sovereign to have an astrologer was Queen Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen. As a result, the media dubbed him the "Astrologer Royal".
In subsequent years, Russell continued to have private meetings with members of the Royal Family, but never revealed who he met and what was discussed in the private meetings. Russell's relationship with Princess Diana was only revealed within Paul Burrell's book, and to this day Russell will not discuss any details of his Royal consultations.
On the announcement of their engagement earlier today, Russell said "I am completely over the moon at this exciting news. The Royal family have had some very hard times and sad losses to contend with over recent years. I deeply hope the Wedding will be a new era for the Royal's and bring some much deserved joy and happiness to the whole family. I don't believe anyone really understands how hard all the Royals work for the benefit of the Country, with the added pressure of 24 hour media coverage and interest”.
So what do the Stars predict for the happy couple..?
Russell commented “The couple, both 28, are of opposite zodiac signs. Like his mother, Diana, HRH Prince William (born June 21, 1982) is a sensitive and loyal Cancerian. Kate Middleton (born Jan 9, 1982) is a Capricorn. Both these Sun Signs are steadfast, loving and loyal, offering each other emotional commitment and mutual respect. As well as his strong sense of duty and responsibility and Kate’s friendly and conservative manner, the couple also value their privacy. Both have Mars in Libra indicating similarly high levels of passion, desire and action. Cancer and Capricorn are traditionalist signs, both believing in the sanctity of love and marriage. Miss Middleton, an ambitious Capricorn, meets many of the qualities for the most ideal bride for HRH Prince William. It would appear this couple were made for each other and astrologically…this is a marriage made in Heaven”.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dandenong astrologers exposed

TWO Dandenong astrologers may be fleecing thousands of dollars from vulnerable customers.
A resident contacted Leader after “World Famous Indian Generations Astrologer” Pandith Ganapath Raj asked her to pay him $1500 to lift a curse that would “destroy her life”.
Have you had a similar experience with a psychic?
But read the astrologer’s predictions for Dandenong Leader Melbourne, reporters,
The woman, who declined to be named, said two members of her family had recently died, so she had visited the astrologer seeking guidance.

“He said to me, ‘Sister I pay rent too; I have bills too’,” she said.

“We all do, but $1500? I laughed, ‘Are you for real?’ “

The Leader sent two undercover reporters to the business which operates in the back office of a Lonsdale St shop.

At least two men, each posing as Pandith Ganapath Raj, operate the business, which offers a “100 per cent guarantee”.

One reporter was told the planets surrounding her were angry and, for a fee of $450, the Pandith and his grandfather in India would pray for nine days and solve her problems.

She was warned she would have health risks and complications in her marriage and job if she did not pay.

Two days later, a second reporter was told he had black magic that could be removed for $550.

The men declined to comment when contacted by Leader.

However, one said he had been in the store for only 10 days and that the reporter was his first customer.

Consumer Affairs Victoria spokeswoman Kim Healey said people who used occult services should be “highly sceptical of any trader who will profit if they can scare them into believing bad fortune is inevitable unless they give them money”.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mother of Iranian astronomy honored

TEHRAN,  November 11, 2010 -- The 90th birth anniversary of the first Iranian female astronomer and physics professor, Alenush Terian, was celebrated at the Ararat Club in Tehran.
The ceremony was attended by some Iranian MPs and over 100 Armenian people to pay tribute to Iranian mother of astrology and the establisher of the solar observatory of the Institute of Geophysics at the University of Tehran.
At the ceremony, the Tehran MP Hassan Ghafurifard made a short speech about his acquaintance with Terian who was his professor at the university. He said that she had visited her at the elderly house once.
“She always said I have a daughter who named sun and the moon is my son,” he added saying that it is his honor that he is the guest of this celebration.
After that, the representative of northern Tehran Armenian inhabitants in Majlis Yureg Vartan called Terian as one of luminaries which Iranian Armenian is proud of her.
“The presence of luminaries like Terian is a witness to Armenian accompaniment with Iranians all through the history,” he added.
The message of the Iranian Archbishop Sabuh Sarkisian on the occasion of Terian’s birth anniversary was read out at the ceremony as well.
Born in an Armenian family in 1920 in Tehran, Alenush Terian graduated in 1947 from Tehran University Science Department and she began her career in physics laboratories of the same university and was elected as the chief of laboratory operations in the same year.
She graduated in 1856 in atmospheric physics from Sorbonne University. She came back to Iran and she became an assistant professor in thermodynamics physics at the University of Tehran.
She studied solar physics observatory for 4 months by a scholarship of German government and finally became the first female professor of physics in Iran on 1964.
In 1966 she became a member of the geophysics committee of Tehran University and in 1969 finally was elected as the chief of the solar physics studies in that university and began to work in the solar observatory which she was one of its founders. She was retired on 1979.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Laxmi Puja Muhurat

Hindu People perform Laxmi Puja  to impress goddess Lakshmi and seek their blessings. It is said that Laxmi Puja will help maintain stability in wealth and economic status of the house and family.  This year Laxmi Puja is on 05th Nov 2010 (2067 Kartik 19 ), in the presence of swati nakshatra, when AausmanYoga is created. The no Moon tithi, pradosh kaal, auspicious Ascendant  are very important and special for the festival of Laxmi Puja or Dipawali.
Pradosh Kal is for 2 hrs and 24 mins. Its period is for 2 hrs and 24mins from Sun-set considering the area you may belong to.
Pradosh kaal is determined on the basis of sun-set therefore it is different for all areas and regions.
Pradosh kal Muhurtha is auspicious and remain for 2 hrs and 24mins from sun-set and to the place where you are living. In Kathmandu, Nepal Pradosh Kaal may start from 005:14p.m. or 17:17hrs and may remain till 07:38p.m. or 19:38hrs.
The auspicious Muhurat is in between 17:49 to 19:45 on 05 Nov 2010 ( Kartik 19 2067) in stable Ascendant (Taurus sign).Therefore between 17: 49 to 19:45  is auspicious for worshiping Lord Ganesha, Goddess Lakshmi, Kuber Pooja, business and giving donations to workers. It is auspicious to worship and adore goddess Lakshmi, all the nine planets, recite Mantras and Stotra, performing rituals, donating clothes, fruits, grains and money to brahmins. The Taurus Ascendant will be active especially during this period.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

" यो औंठी मेरो गुडलक हो " बैंकर किशोर महर्जन

हातमा ३ वटा सुनका औंठी छ 'रुबी' र 'पुष्पराज' जडिएका । पूर्व दिशा फर्केको कार्यकक्षमा टेबुलको अगाडी र पछाडि भगवान गणेशको कलात्मक विशाल पेन्टिङ छ । दायाँ भित्तामा झुण्ड्याइएको छ गणेशकै बिम्ब मानिने हात्तिको आधादर्जन श्वेतप्रतिमा । दायाँ हातमा सुनको ब्रासलेटभन्दा पनि उनलाई माया लाग्छ घाँटीमा झुण्ड्याइएको गणेशको प्रतिमाको ।
निर्माणाधिन अवस्थामै रहेको सिभिल बैंकको कमलादीस्थित मुख्य कार्यालयमा निकै हतारमा भेटिएका बैंकर किशोर महर्जन अचेल वास्तु र चिनाराशीमा आस्था राख्ने भएछन्
 हुन त म आस्तिक होइन न त नास्तिक नै हुँ कुराकानीको शुरुमै उनले आफुलाई धर्मभिरुको आरोपबाट मुक्त गराए पनि भन्न भ्याए धर्म अनुशाशन हो धर्ममा विश्वास नगर्ने मान्छेले कहिल्यै अरुलाई सम्मान गर्न जान्दैन । ऊ अनुशाशनहिन र अराजक हुन्छ ।
 पछिल्लो समयमा चर्चित बैंकर किशोर महर्जनले हातभरी औंठी लगाउन थालेको ८ महिना मात्र भएछ । त्यसयता उनमा ज्योतिषिय आस्था निकै बढेको छ । भगवान गणेशका भक्त किशोरलाई धातुजडित औंठीको शरणमा पुर्याउने घट्ना पनि नयाँ खुल्न लागेको सिभिल बैंकसँगै जोडिएको छ ।
 सनराइज बैंकको चारबर्षे करारलाई दुईबर्षमै भङ्ग गरेर उनी खुल्ने तयारीमा रहेको सिभिल बैंक पुगे । त्यो गतबर्षको दशैं अगाडिको कुरा थियो । तिहार अघि नै बैंक स्थापनाको एलओआई लेटर अफ इन्टेन्ट आउँछ भनेर उनी तम्तयार भए । तर आएन । मंसिर भनियो आएन । पुस र माघ पनि बित्यो । फागुनमा बैंक शुरु गर्न उनले कर्मचारी भर्ना गरेर ठिक्क पारे तर फेरी उही नियती दोहोरियो ।ठुलै महत्वाकांक्षा बोकेर सनराइज पुगेका उनी एउटा तनावका बिच सिभिलसँग जोडिएका थिए तर यता पनि काम भैरहेको थिएन । उनी लगभग निराशझैं भए । यसैबिच एक नजिकको मित्रले भन्यो 'तलाइ 'ब्याडलक' छ, चिना नदेखाई हुँदैन ।'  उनैले भारतको दिल्लीमा रहेका एक 'बाबा'को विषयमा सुनाए । दिल्ली जाँदा तिनै मित्रलाई आफ्नो 'चिना' पठाए किशोरले । 'त्यसपछि बाबाले औंठी लगाउने सुझाव दिनुभयो मैले त्यही आज्ञा परिपालन गरेु दिल्लीबाट आएको औंठी देखाउँदै उनले आफ्नो भाग्यवादतर्फको यात्राबारे सुनाए ।
 औंठीको फाप र अफापु सिद्धान्तप्रति पनि उनको ज्ञान छ । परिक्षणकै शैलीमा उनले सुनाए- 'चिना हेराएर लगाएको औंठीलाई सिक्रीमा राखेर तुर्लुङ्ग झुण्ड्याउँदा घडी दिशामा घुम्यो भने फाप्छ उल्टो घुम्यो भने फाप्दैन । घडी दिशामा जति छिटो घुम्यो त्यति नै बढी फाप्ने हुन्छ ।'
उनको हकमाचाहिँ के भयो त  अब यसबारे जानौं उनकै मुखबाट । 'मेरोमा पनि घडि दिशामा नै घुम्यो । गत पुसदेखि मैले यी औंठी लगाएँ त्यसपछि बैंकको काम अघि बढ्यो । राष्ट्र बैंकले कागजातहरु मगाउन थाल्यो । संयोग नै होस् रोकिएको काम त शुरु भयो । अहिले हामी बैंक सन्चालनको अन्तिम चरणमा छौं । तर म यसलाई संयोग मात्रै मान्दिनँ ।'
उनी अचेल औंठीप्रति एक प्रकारले परनिर्भर जस्तै भैसकेछन् । सुनाए 'यदाकदा म औंठी खोलेर घरमै राख्छु । केही दिन यसै काम गर्दा 'अनईजी-फिल' हुन्छ । फेरी कामकाजमा ब्यवधान आउँछ औंठी लगाउँछु समस्या पार लाग्छ ।'
 किशोरको जीवनमा 'औंठी महिमा' यतिमै सकिदैँन । एउटा बैंकस्रको नाताले भोगेको ७ बर्षदेखिको पीडा उनले यसैबर्ष पार पाउँदैछन् । यसमा एउटा लामो कथा छ  - :
 सातबर्षअघि उनी हिमालयन बैंकमा डिजिएम थिए । त्यसबेला कृषि सामग्री संस्थानले इजराइलबाट रसायनिक मल झिकाउँथ्यो । उनले इजराइली कम्पनीको नाममा एलसी खोलिदिए । सिटी बैंकमार्फत १६ लाख डलर भुक्तानी गयो तर मल आएन । त्यसपछि शुरु भयो उनको दशा । विदेशी मुद्रा घोटालाको आरोपमा उनलाई राजस्व अनुसन्धान विभागले मुद्दा हाल्यो अख्तियारले कठघरामा झिकायो । वकिल अख्तियार राजस्व र राष्ट्र बैंकको तारेखमा उनका दिनहरु बित्न थाले ।
हिमालयन बैंकको कर्मचारीको हैसियतले खेपेको मुद्दाले उनलाई सनराइज हुँदै सिभिल आइपुग्दा पनि छोडेन । अमेरिकी डलर घोटाला काण्ड निप्ट्याउन बेलायतको सिटि बैंक र हिमालयन बैंकले इजराइली कम्पनीबिरुद्ध मुद्दा हालेको थियो । गतबर्ष त्यो मुद्दाको तारेख खेप्न उनी इजराइल गए ।
इजराइली अदालतको कठघरामा उभिएर किशोरले आफ्नो निदोर्षिताको प्रमाण पेश गरे । उनको बयान र कागजातलाई विश्वास गर्दै अदालतले फैसला गर्यो । उनीहरुले मुद्दा जिते । सात बर्षपछि पैसा फिर्ता आयो । उनले भने 'सायद यो बर्षदेखि त्यो मुद्दाबाट पार पाउँछु होला । अख्तियारले सफाइ दिइसक्यो अब राजस्वमा अदालतको कागजात पेश गर्न बाँकी छ ।'
 जतिखेर उनी सिभिल बैंकको सिइओ भएर हिमालयन बैंकको कर्मचारीको हैसियतमा इजराइली अदालतको कठघरामा थिए । त्यतिखेर उनलाई लाग्यो बैंकस्र हुनु साँच्चिकै सजिलो छैन । अरुले देख्ने हाइफाइ र शानभित्रको समस्याहरु पनि थुपै्र छन् ।
त्यहिबेला थियो उनले औंठि लगाउन शुरु गरेको । जब विदेशी अदालतमा उनले मुद्दा जिते औंठीप्रतिको उनको प्रभाव अब विश्वासमा परिणत भयो । भज्छन- 'यो मेरो गुडलक हो ।'

Saturday, October 30, 2010

कात्तिक २१ गते नै भाइटीका

नेपाल पञ्चाङ्ग निर्णायक समितिले अक्षांश र देशान्तरका आधारमा साँस्कृतिक मान्यता र परम्परालाई आधार मानी चाडपर्वको निर्णय गरिएको जनाएको छ ।
आ-आफ्नो चलनअनुसार वा उत्सवका रुपमा पर्व, जात्रा मनाउन शास्त्रले बाधा नगर्ने र स्वेच्छाले मनाइएको पर्व उत्सवलाई शास्त्रीय मान्यता प्रदान गर्न नमिल्ने भएकाले पञ्चाङ्गमा उल्लेख भए बमोजिम तिहारपर्व मनाउन नेपाल पञ्चाङ्ग निर्णायक समितिले विज्ञप्तिमार्फत अनुरोध गरेको छ ।
ज्योतिषी, धर्मशास्त्री, संस्कृतविद् र विभिन्न सम्प्रदायका विशिष्ट विद्वानको परामर्श तथा रायसुझावका आधारमा काग तिहार, कुकुर तिहार -नरक चतुर्दशी, लक्ष्मीपूजा), गोबर्द्धन पूजा, म्हपूजा र भाइटीकाको निर्णय गरेकामा केही महानुभावले शङ्का उब्जाई अशास्त्रीय प्रचारप्रसार गरेको पाइएकाले प्रचलित पञ्चाङ्गमा उल्लेखित चाडपर्वहरु शास्त्रसम्मत् भएको आधार प्रस्तुत गरेको प्रेस विज्ञप्तिमा जनाइएको छ ।
समितिका अनुसार काग तिहार पर्व उदयकालव्यापी भएकाले कात्तिक १८ गते कात्तिककृष्ण त्रयोदशी २१ घडी १२ पला (२ः४६बजे) सम्म रहेको हुनाले सोही दिन कागपूजा गर्नुपर्ने छ ।
यसैगरी श्यपूजा अर्थात कुकुर तिहार पनि उदयकालव्यापी भएकाले र कात्तिक १९ गते कात्तिक कृष्ण चतुर्दशी १५ घडी ५८ पला (१२ः४१बजे) मात्र भएकाले सोही दिन कुकुरपूजा गर्नुपर्ने छ ।
लक्ष्मीपूजाको मुख्य समय प्रदोष र मध्य रात्रि भएकाले कात्तिक १९ गते कात्तिक कृष्ण चतुर्दशी १५ घडी ५८ पला (१२ः४१ बजे) उप्रान्त औंशी लाग्ने हुनाले प्रदोष र मध्यरात्रि दुवैकाल औंशी पाइएको हुनाले यस्मिन्काले तु यत्कर्म तत्कालव्यपिनी तिथिः भनेझंयसै दिन लक्ष्मीपूजा गर्नु शास्त्रसम्मत देखिने जनाइएको छ । 
यसैगरी जुन औंशीको दिन प्रतिपदाले युक्त छ सोही दिन गाईपूजा गर्नुपर्ने भएकाले कात्तिक २० गते ११ घडी २३ पला उप्रान्त अर्थात बिहान १० बजेर ५२ मिनेटदेखि प्रतिपदा आरम्भ हुने भएकाले यसै दिन गाईपूजा गर्नु उपयुक्त छ ।
गोबर्धन पूजा उदयव्यापिनी भएकोले कात्तिक २१ गते प्रतिपदाका दिन गोबर्धन पूजा गर्नु शास्त्रसम्मत भएको उल्लेख गरिएको छ ।
कात्तिक २१ गते प्रतिपदा ९ बजेर २२ मिनेटसम्म प्रतिपदा, उप्रान्त द्वितीया लाग्ने र कात्तिक २२ गते मध्याहृनकालमा द्वितीया नरहेकाले कात्तिक २१ गते नै भाइटीका गर्नु शास्त्रसम्मत् भएको विज्ञप्तिमा जनाइएको छ ।
म्हपूजाका सम्बन्धमा विगत लामो समयदेखिको परम्परालाई ध्यानमा राखी परम्परा अनुसार नै कात्तिक २० गते म्हपूजा गर्न उपयुक्त हुने विज्ञप्तिमा जनाइएको छ ।

Friday, October 22, 2010

Nava Graha Homam and Puja

By P.V.R. Narasimha Rao.
Graha means grasp/grip or one who grasps/grips. The nine grahas are the nine celestial bodies that take our consciousness into their grip when the right times comes (based on certain celestial formulas). They create environments and situations in our life to create certain states of mind.
For removing obstructions in material and spiritual aspects of life, we propitiate grahas. If a graha is pleased with our propitiation, it will not create situations that create a certain state of mind that may be ahindrance to our material and spiritual progress. To propitiate grahas, one can read their Veda mantras or kavachas or stotras.
Veda mantras are very powerful. But they work slowly (mainly because most people do not know these days how to chant/experience them perfectly). Big counts are needed. When you persist with a Veda mantra, it first removes the obstacles caused by an aspect of Brahman represented by the deity of the mantra and eventually creates a perfect understanding of that aspect of Brahman. All Veda mantras are eventually for a perfect understanding of various aspects of self only.
Sun is the soul. Moon is the mind. Mars is the energy/initiative/drive within. Mercury is the flexibility, ability to learn and adapt. Jupiter is the wisdom, discretion and judgment within a person. Venus is the spirit of being happy. Saturn is the spirit of working hard and going through austerities. Rahu is the spirit of breaking the barriers,innovating and reaching for the unknown. Ketu is the spirit of perfect detachment
with everything. Veda mantra of a graha, when chanted for a long time, removes the obstacles thrown by that planet based on dasa and gochara and eventually gives a perfect understanding of the aspect of self represented by the planet (as mentioned above).
Kavachas of grahas, when chanted many times, create an unseen protective shield around the person. Kavachas can be used for overcoming physical ailments, health troubles, prayogas etc. Stotras are meant for pure bhakti maarga. They praise various qualities of a graha. In addition, there are various beeja mantras also.
According to Parasara Maharshi who taught "Brihat Paaraasara Horaa Saastram", the greatest classic on Jyotisha, grahas are Vishnu's avataras. They comprise of the energies of various incarnations of Vishnu. Ramachandra's energy is Sun. Krishna's energy is Moon. Nrisimha's energy is Mars. Buddha's energy is Mercury. Vaamana's energy is Jupiter. Parasu Raama's energy is Venus. Koorma's energy is Saturn.
Varaha's energy is Rahu. Matsya's energy is Ketu. Apart of doing japam with these graha mantras/kavachas/stotras, one can also do a homam. Homam is always a better avenue than japam and others. In navagraha homam, you invoke the nine grahas in fire and offer oblations with their Veda mantras several times. It is also possible to do a homam for just one graha.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Effects of Putra Bhava According Brihat Parashara Hora Shastra

  • If the lords of Lagna and Putra are in their own rashis or in an angle, or in a trine, a person will enjoy complete happiness through his children. Should Putra's lord be in Ari, Randhra, or in Vyaya Bhava, there will be no offspring.
  • Should the lord of Putra be combust or be with malefics and be weak, there will be no children; if by chance children are obtained, they will quit the world soon.The yuti of Putra's lord with Lagna's lord in a good bhava will ensure early attainment of children, apart from happiness through them. If they join in an evil bhava, they will prove to be an obstacle in the attainment of children.
  • If Putra's lord is in Ari Bhava as Lagna's lord is yuti with Mangal, the person will lose his very first child. Thereafter his spouse will not be fertile enough to yield another offspring.
  • Should Putra's lord be in fall in Ari, Randhra, or Vyaya Bhava, while Buddha and Ketu are in Putra Bhava, the person's wife will give birth to one child only.
  • If Putra's lord is in fall and is not in drishti to Putra, while Shani and Buddha are in Putra, the person's wife will give birth to one child only.
  • Should Dharma's lord be in Lagna, while Putra's lord is in fall and Ketu is in Putra along with Buddha, attainment of progeny will be after a great deal of ordeal.
  • If Putra's lord is in Ari, Randhra, or Vyaya Bhava, or in an inimical rashi, or is debilitated, or in Putra itself, the person will have children with difficulty.
  • Should Putra Bhava be owned by Shani or Buddha and be occupied or drishtied by Shani and Mandi, a person will have adopted children.
  • Should Surya and Chandra be together in a rashi and in the same Navamsha, the person will be brought up by three mothers or two fathers.
  • An adopted child is indicated if six grahas occupy Putra, while its lord is in Vyaya Bhava, and Chandra and Lagna are endowed with strength.
  • There will be many children, if Putra's lord is strong while Putra is drishtied by a strong Buddha, Guru, and Shukra.
  • If Putra's lord is with Chandra or is in her Decanate, the person will beget daughters, so say Jyotishis.
  • If Putra's lord is in a movable rashi, while Shani is in Putra, and Rahu is with Chandra, the child (so born) is of questionable birth.
  • Undoubtedly, the person is born from someone else (other than the legitimate parent), if Chandra is in the 8th from Lagna, while Guru is in the 8th from Chandra. Malefic's drishti or yuti is essential in this combination.
  • If Putra's lord is exalted or is in Dhana, Putra, or Dharma Bhava, or is yuti with or drishtied by Guru, attainment of children is there.
  • A person will obtain children who will indulge in mean deeds, if Putra is occupied by three or four malefics, while Putra's lord is in fall. A benefic (including Buddha) in Putra is excluded in the said combination.
  • If Putra is occupied by Guru, while its lord is with Shukra, a person will obtain an offspring in his 32nd or 33rd year.
  • Should Putra's lord be in an angle along with Guru, the Karaka, a person will beget a child at the age of 30 or 36.
  • If Guru is in Dharma Bhava, while Shukra is in the 9th from Guru along with Lagna's lord, a person will beget a child at the age of 40.
  • The person will lose his child at the age of 32, if Rahu is in Putra, Putra's lord is in yuti with a malefic, and Guru is in debilitation.
  • There will be a loss of children at 33 and 36, if a malefic is in the 5th from Guru, while another is in the 5th from Lagna.
  • Should Mandi be in Lagna, while Lagna's lord is in fall, grief on account of loss of child at the age of 56 will come to pass.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

असोज २२ गते शुक्रबार प्रतिपदा तिथि, घटस्थापना

असोज २२ गते शुक्रबार प्रतिपदा तिथि, घटस्थापना । आज को दिन ९ बजेर ४१ मिनेट मा जमरा राख्न को लागि साइत उत्तम रहेको कुरा पञ्चांग निर्णायक समितिले जनाएको छ । आज बाट बिधिवत रुपमा दशैँ भित्रिएको छ।  आज राखिएको जमरा विजयादशमी को दिन प्रसाद को रुपमा मान्यजन बाट लगाइने गरिन्छ । टिकाको साइत भने असोज ३१ आइतबार बिहान १०:४३ बजे उत्तम रहेको कुरा पञ्चांग निर्णायक समितिले जनाएको छ।
घटस्थापना गर्दा घडामा बाहिरबाट माटो र गोबर टाँसेर त्यसमा गहुँ,जौ आदि छरिन्छ । उक्त घडालाई टपरी मा राखिएको चामल माथि राखिन्छ । घडा को बाहिर गहुँ,जौ आदि छरिएपनि, भित्र भने पानी राखिन्छ र माथिबाट आँप, पिपल लगायत का पात र फूल राखिन्छ ।
दशैँघर वा पुजाकोठामा बालुवा र माटो मिलाएर बनाएको सम्मिश्रणमा जमरा राखिन्छ । दियो, कलश, गणेश आदि स्थापना गरेर विधिवत रुपमा घटस्थापना गरिन्छ । साथै, आफ्नो देवीदेउता, कुल आदिलाई चढाउनुपर्ने स्थानअनुसार दुनामा पनि जमरा राखिन्छ । अष्टमीको दिनमा भने खुँडा,खुकुरी,चुलेसी,चक्कु आदि लगायतका हतियारहरु को पनि पुजा गरिन्छ । घटस्थापना गरेपछि 9 दिन सम्म शक्ति की प्रतिमुर्ती देवीको आराधना गरिन्छ । आफ्नो परम्परा र रितिस्थिति अनुसार दशैँ सबैले आ-आफ्नै रुपमा मनाउने गर्छन् ।
आज राखिएको जमरालाई १० दिनपछि देवीको प्रसाद को रुपमा मान्यजनबाट लगाउने गरिन्छ । अँध्यारो ठाउँमा, सूर्य को प्रकाश नछिर्ने गरि उमारिएको जमरा हेर्दैमा मनमोहक लाग्छ । धार्मिक रुपमा मात्र नभइ वैज्ञानिक दृष्टिकोण बाट पनि जमरालाई राम्रो मानिन्छ ।

Auspicious Day For DV 2012 .

Today October 7, DV 2012 application form is already available in the internet for people to apply for the DV2012 visa lottery program.
The visa lottery program was started on 5 th October and will close on  November 3. Astrology can help to find out Auspicious Day  for Apply.
Here are list of lucky days According Moon Sign ( Rashi)
Rashi -- Lucky Days
Mesh -- 09 18 27
Brish -- 06 15 24
Mithun -- 05 14 23
Karkat -- 02 11 20 29
Simha -- 01 10 19 28
Kanya -- 06 15 24
Tula -- 05 14 23
Virischik -- 02 11 20 29
Dhanu -- 04 13 22 31
Makar -- 05 14 23
Kumbha -- 01 10 19 28
Meen -- 07 16 25

Monday, October 4, 2010

२०६७ साल दसैंको टीकाको साइत

काठमाडौं, असोज १८(ज्योतिर्विज्ञान मञ्च) यस वर्ष दसैंको टीकाको साइत असोज ३१ गते आइतबार बिहान १०:४३ बजे परेको छ।
 नेपाल पञ्चाङ्ग निर्णायक समितिका अनुसार असोज २२ गते शुक्रबार बिहान ९:४१ बजे घटस्थापना, २६ गते मंगलबार पचली भैरवयात्रा र २८ गते बिहीबार फूलपाती एवं बिहान ११:३० बजे तुलजा भवानी यात्राको साइत परेको छ।
यसैगरी, असोज २९ गते शुक्रबार महाअष्टमी एवं कालरात्रि, ३० गते शनिबार महानवमी, ३१ गते आइतबार र खड्गयात्रासहित ११:०५ बजे भवानीको यात्राको साइत छ।
समितिले कात्तिक १ गते सोमबार अन्नपूर्ण यात्रा, कात्तिक ४ गते बिहीबार अखिल वलिपूर्ति र कात्तिक ५ गते शुक्रबार कोजाग्रत व्रत रहेको उल्लेख गरेको गृह मन्त्रालयले पत्रमार्फत जानकारी गराएको छ

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Enjoy Beautiful Night under the Moon and Jupiter

Today Night, Jupiter will officially be nearest to Earth —368 million miles (592 million kilometers) away — when it reaches opposition, the term for when the sun, Earth, and a given planet are lined up in a row. Star viewers will have their closest encounter with Jupiter in nearly 50 years. Only the moon will be brighter in the night sky as Jupiter is the nearest it’s been to Earth since 1963 and until 2022.
Stargazers seeking Jupiter should look in the southeast to spot what looks like a very bright star in the constellation Pisces.Uranus will also be visible just above Jupiter and will appear like a greenish star, though it won’t twinkle like one.Venus is currently in the western sky after sunset as well. It’s going to be after sunset low in the west and Jupiter’s going to be in the eastern sky.
If You have trouble finding Jupiter can locate it easily Wednesday because the moon is going to be directly above Jupiter.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

शकुनसम्बन्धी चर्चा

# तारानाथ भट्टर्राईनेपाल लगायतका विभिन्न मुलुकहरूमा प्रायः शकुन सम्बन्धी धेरै आ-आफ्नै तरिकाले व्याख्या गरेको पाइए तापनि नेपालमा प्रायजसो प्राचीनग्रन्थ र इतिहास तथा पुराणमा समेत शुकनको चर्चा सुन्न र हर्ेन पाइन्छ ।
तथापी एउटा उदाहरण दिनुपर्दा स्वस्थानी कथामा महादेबबाट श्री गणेशजीलाई कार्य कुशलताको निमित्त लोकले पहिलो त्रि्रो पूजा गरुन् यदि यसो नगरेमा कार्यमा बाधा उत्पन्न हुनेछ भनी त्रि्रो  वरदान पाएका गणेशजीलाई सल्लाह नै नगरी युद्धमा लैजान तयार पारिएको धनुको तादी युषाले काटिदिए पछि हाहाकार भएर सबैले गणेशलाई भन्न विर्सेर अपशकुन भयो भनि शुभ शकुनको खाँचो भएको महसुस गरेका थिए  ।
तर्सथ, शुकन ज्योतिष विज्ञानको एउटा ज्यादै शशक्त विधा हो जस्को अध्ययन सुनेर देखेर साथै अध्ययन गरेर यसलाई पुष्टि गर्न सकिने हुन्छ ।
शकुन सम्बन्धमा चर्चा जति गरे पनि थोरै हुन्छ । तर यसमा मुख्य विधा र किसिमको हुने प्रायः सबैतिर प्रचलित छ । जस्तै (क) अशुभसकुन (ख) शुभशकुन मैले छोटकरीमा पिशकुनहरूलाई प्रस्ट्याउने जमर्काे गरेको छु र यसको व्याख्या गर्नु अगाडि सबैखाले शकुन जस्तै मानव , पशु किरा, माकुरा इत्यादि देखि अनेकन छन् जो हिँड्दा खाँदा, बस्दा स्नानगर्दा कुनै कार्य आरम्भ साथै सुत्नेबेला र सपनामा समेत यसको प्रभाव रहने हुन्छ । वास्तमा समेत यसको ठूलो प्रभाव देखिन्छ । घर घडेरी खाँदा त्यहाँ लगायतका वृक्ष फलहरू र डेकोरेशन गर्दा समेत बडो ख्याल राख्नु पर्दछ ।
नत्र सानो कुराले ठूलो भन्दा ठूलो नोक्सानी ब्यहोर्नु पर्दछ । जस्तो कि यो यस्तो विधा हो जो दिनानुदिन नयाँ अनुभव र अनुभूति बढेपनि यो हुने छैन । किनकी यो सबै मानिसको किम्बदन्तीमा नै सिमित छ । तर्सथ अगाडिको उल्लेख गर्दछु ।
अप शकुन
१) केही मानिसको भनाई अनुसार आकाशमा बादल छैन । टंटलापुर घाम लागेको बेला, ठूला ठूला थोप्ला गरेको पानी पर्‍यो । यो के आर्श्चर्य भयो यो अशुभ शकुन हो । यद्यपि कुनै शास्त्रको विषयसम्मत होइन पुरानु अनुभवको कुरा हो ।
२) तान्दातान्दै मच्छेन्द्रनाथको रथ भूमिमा पछारियो (ढल्यो) यो देशको लागि ज्यादै अनिष्टकोरी अपशकुन हो ।
३) यदि यात्राको समयमो कोही मान्छे रित्तो होला वा खाली भाँडाहरू बोकेर आएको मान्छे देखिएमा अपशकुन ।
४) यात्राकालमा कुनै तेल बेच्ने तेली अगाडि वा दाया आएमा अपशकुन ।
५) यदि सामन्ने कुनै गधा आयो यात्राको समयमा त्यो साह्रै अशुभ हो ।
६) बाटामा गोरुवाबस्त्र लगायतको जटाधारी साधु सन्यासी देखे वा भेटेमा अशुभ हो ।
७) ९ जना स्त्री एकसाथ यात्रामा भेटिए अशुभ हुन्छ ।
८) तीनजना व्राम्हाण एकसाथ हिँड्नु वा भेट्नु अशुभ ।
९) कोही पनि लोग्नेमान्छे अथवा स्वास्नी मान्छे भिजेको लुगा लगाएर आएको भेटेमा अशुभ मानिन्छ ।
१०) यात्राको समयमा कुनै हिजडा हिजडी भेटिएमा त्यो पनि अशुभ मानिएको छ ।
शुभ शकुन
१) यात्राको आरम्भमा भरिएको दुध, या पानीको घडा भेटिएमा त्यो साह्रै शुभ शकुन मानिएको छ ।
२) दहिको घडा अथवा कतरा बोकेर आउँदै वा जाँदै गरेको पुरुष या स्त्री भेटेमा शुभ हुनेछ ।
३) पत्रवति गोरी सधवा स्त्री यात्रामा भेटिएमा कार्य सफल  
४) यात्राको समयमा गौर वा सुकर्ीर्तिवाला सदाचारी ब्राम्हाण भेटिएमा भाग्यसूचक शकुन मानिएको छ ।
५) बाच्छा सँगको गाई भेटिएमा शुभ मानिएको छ ।
६) बाटामा रोदन रहितको लाश भेटिएमा त्यो शुभ मानिन्छ ।
७) मह अथवा भालि(गुण) लिएर आउँदै गरेको भेटिएमा शुभयात्रा हो ।
८) यात्रामा हात्ति (गज) भेटिएमा सफल यात्राको सूचक हो भनेका छन् ।
९) यात्रा गर्दा बाटामा ध्वजा तोरण बाजा शुभ हो ।
१०) सप्रियो (बलेको बत्ति देखेमा) धुवारहित बल्दै गरेको अग्नि शुभ भाग्योदयको सूचक मानिएको छ ।
इत्यादि शकुन जो उल्लेख छन् यी बाहेक असंख्य शकुन मावन समाजमा आफ्नै मुखाकृतिमा अल्भिmएर रहेका जस्तै फल लगाउँदा काट्दा घरवरिपरि बगैंचा , गोठ धन्सार, पँधेरो, कुवा, तलाउ, जनावर र अन्य पशु पन्छि कीरा माकुरा चिल गिद्ध कसैलाई देख्नु भेट्नु कराएको सुन्नु वा हिंडेको भेट्नु सबै किसिमका छुट्टा छुट्टै अर्थ छन् । जो हरेक समाजको किम्बदन्ति बनेर संसारभरि विद्यमान रहेका छन् ।   अस्तु ।

Friday, September 17, 2010

Astrology FM Lunched

Siddhivinayak Astrology Services Pvt Ltd, has launched, what it calls, the first ever dedicated astrology radio station with an aim to change the way in which astrology is being consumed till now. Available on, the radio station can be accessed via computers, handheld and mobile devices connected to the Internet.
Speaking on the initiative, Hemang Arun Pandeet, Founder MD & CEO of Siddhivinayak Astrology Services Pvt Ltd, said, “In today’s scenario, Internet is one of the most potent mediums to reach out to a very large audience quickly and effectively. is our attempt to redefine the perception of astrology. The station offers very interesting programming in Hindi, which happens to be the language of choice for Indians, including NRIs.”
Along with the launch of, the company has also unveiled its short code 55181 to make its reach national. Subscribers of most of the national telecom operators like Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, Uninor, MTS, and so on, can call up the astrologers directly via 55181 and seek astrological guidance in real time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Arranged Marriage System

Most of the Asian Hindus tend to boast off on how great the their culture is, when compared to the Western culture. They boast off on how successful marriages are in Hinduism.
They boast that 90% of the marriages end up in success, without divorce, unlike in western countries where almost 50% of marriages end up in divorce.
One has to take a closer look at the system of marriages in Hinduism, and the reason behind why it has a high 90% success ratio.
Most of the Hindus, thanks to the standards set by the society, marry a person they don't know anything about at a young age. The parents arrange the marriage. Horoscope and astrology are used by parents mostly, to find a suitable match for their kids. If the horoscope and astrological signs match, then the parents look at the family history of the other family and the marriage is arranged within a few days. In many cases the guy or the girl would not get more than a few minutes to talk to the guy or the girl he or she will be married to soon.
Once the marriage is arranged, and conducted, it is expected that the guy and the girl gets to know each other, and start falling in love miraculously.
Marriage is considered a life long commitment, and the society dictates that the guy and the girl will have to learn love each other, what ever it takes. The guy and the girl are expected to make the arranged marriage successful at any cost. If the guy or the girl finds out that they have nothing in common to fall in love, then the parents will put as much pressure as possible to make them fall in love, in the interest of saving the marriage.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

आज हरितालिका तीज पर्व

आज भाद्र २६ २०६७, शनिबार नेपाली नारीहरुको बिशेष पर्व आर्थात हरितालिका तीज। हरित (हरण गरिएकी)+आलिका-शखीद्वारा) अर्थात् शखीद्वारा हरण गरिएकी पार्वतीले गुप्त स्थानमा शिवजी स्वामी पाउनका लागि गरिएको उपवास (व्रत) लाई हरितालिका तीज भनिएको भाद्र शुक्ल तृतियाका दिन महिलाहरुले व्रत वसी शिवको पुजा आराधाना गरेर तीज पर्व मनाउने चलन रहेको छ ।
हिमालय पर्वतकी पुत्री पार्वतीले बालककालदेखि श्रीमहादेव स्वामी पाऊँ भनी मनमनै कामना गरिरहेको भए पनि पिता हिमालयले भगवान् विष्णुलाई पार्वती कन्यादान दिन तयारी गरेको थाहा पाई सखीहरूले पार्वतीलाई हरेर कसैले नदेख्ने ठाउँमा लुकाएर राखेको र सोही स्थानमा पार्वतीले श्री महादेव स्वामी पाऊँ भनी निर्जला व्रत बसेको हुनाले यस व्रतलाई हरितालिका व्रत भन्ने गरिएको पुराणमा वर्णन छ ।
हरितालिका तीज व्रतमा पतिको लामो आयुको कामना गरी निराहार व्रत बसेर रातभरि आफ्नो अटल सौभाग्यको प्रतीकस्वरूप दियो, कलश स्थापना गरी भोलिपल्ट गोदान र पूर्णपात्र गरेर व्रत तोड्ने परम्परा छ ।
भाद्र शुक्ल द्वितीयाका दिन हिजो राति दर खाई आज तृतीयाका दिनदेखि सुरु हुने तीज पर्व पञ्चमीको दिन अरुनधत्तीसहित सप्तऋषिको पूजा गरेपछि सम्पन्न हुन्छ ।
उपराष्ट्रपति परमानन्द झाले नेपाली महिला दिदीबहिनीले हर्षोल्लासका साथ मनाउने महान पर्व हरितालिका तीजको अवसरमा देश विदेशमा बस्ने सम्पूर्ण नेपाली दिदीबहिनीको सुख, समृद्धि, सुस्वास्थ्य तथा उत्तरोत्तर प्रगतिका लागि मङ्गलमय शुभकामना व्यक्त गर्नुभएको छ ।
तीजमा महिलाहरु रातो पहिरनमा राम्रो राम्रो श्रीड्गार गर्ने, नयाँ नयाँ कपडा लगाउने, टाढा टाढा रहेका चेलीबेटी लिनजाने चलन र सबै जम्मा भई रमाईलो गरेर मनाउने चलन छ । बिषेश गरी बिबाहित महिलाहरुमा लोकपिय रहेपनि अबिवाहीत महिलाहरुले पनि मनाउने गरेको पाईन्छ ।तीन दिनको यस पर्बमा पहिलो दिन दर खाने गरीन्छ । दर खाने भन्नाले आ-अफ्नो माईतिमा जम्मा भएका चेलीबेटीले राति अवेर सम्म विभिन्न मिठा मिठा खानेकुरा खाने, नाच गान गर्ने चलन छ । अनि दोस्रो दिन उपवास बसी आफ्नो नजिकको शिवालय वा मन्दिरमा जम्मा भई पूजा-आजा गर्ने संगी साथी मिली नाच-गान गर्ने र दिन भरी नै भोकै बस्ने चलन छ । अन्तिम ऋषि पन्चमीको दिन बिहानै नजिकको खोला तलाउमा बिभिन्न जडीबुटी प्रयोग गरी बिषेश स्नान गर्ने र त्यसपछी नजीकको शिवालय वा पिपलको फेदमा जम्मा भई पुजा आजा गर्ने चलन छ ।
हिन्दु महिलाहरुको तीज पर्व एक पुर्ण वैज्ञानिक प्रकृया जस्तो देखिन्छ । जसमा नाच गान, घोच- पेच, उपवास, आफ्नो पतिको लागि निराहार व्रत देखि बिषेश स्नान र पूजा-आजा पर्ने गर्दछ । एक बर्ष सम्म आफ्नो अवचेतनमा जम्मा भएका कुन्ठा र दमित भएका बिभिन्न भावनालाई गीत, नाच-गान र ब्यङ्ग्यको माध्यमबाट प्रकट गरि थोरै भएपनि तनाव वाट मुक्त हुने उपवास गरी श्रद्धा र आस्था प्रकट गर्ने बिषेश स्नान गरी शरीर शुद्ध र पूजा गरी आत्म शान्ति गर्ने जुन तिजको प्रकृया छ त्यो एकदम वैज्ञानिक र जिवन उपयोगी जस्तो देखिन्छ । आजको अति ब्यस्त र अति तनावपूर्ण जिवन गुजारिरहेका महिलाको लागि यो अति उपयोगी र अति आवश्यक देखिन्छ ।

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

5 enjoyable Feng Shui tips for sex.

There are many suggestions how to organize your surroundings according to feng shui and how to increase the romantic and sexual energy in your everyday life. But all these tips are only a passive part of improving your life. The basis lies in everyday actions that weaken your energy (like excessive watching of TV or computer use) or increase your energy (physical activity). Even the most effective feng shui tips will be useless if you don`t increase the sexual energy in your bedroom with actions. Here we are offering 5 feng shui tips to revive your sexual life and increase the sexual energy in your bedroom.
1. Yoga
Yoga can considerably improve the sexual life of individuals, especially women. This is not just a new age dogma, but a proven fact. The results of the research have been published at the University of Harvard and many other scientific magazines. The type of yoga practiced in the West, unites the body, the mind and the soul with different postures, moves, breathing and cleansing of the body, with the purpose to enliven the body and activate the energy paths. The increased flexibility of the mind and body results in a more open and relaxed approach to sexual creativity.
The ylang-ylang tree has been used for production of natural oils with a strong scent for centuries. In the Philippines and Indonesia, it is traditionally used at weddings and honeymoons as an aphrodisiac. Ylang-ylang oil is the basic ingredient of many perfumes, even the most famous one: Chanel Nº 5. A drop of oil on the night stand every night before going to sleep will awaken your sexual desire.
3. Lotions and creams
Take some time for yourself every evening and spoil yourself with lotion and creams. Allow your partner to smear the cream all over your body. In this way you will start to pay more attention to your body and partner. When choosing a lotion or a cream you should be careful about the scent: organic products are recommendable, but you should avoid scents that are too sweet or too organic - the smell of doughnuts, tomatoes or carrots will not make you aroused.
4.Mirror, mirror
In the movie Saturday Night Fever, John Travolta has a small ritual which helps him to lift his confidence every night before he goes on the dance floor. You can also try something similar, because a ritual can prove to be very powerful. Mirrors are a welcome addition to the bedroom - they increase the sexual energy of the room during love-making, but during sleep the mirrors should be covered or turned in the opposite direction.
5. Sleep
If you don`t get enough sleep, your love life will also suffer. How can you make use of your sexual energy if your eyelids are closing down as soon as you lay your head on the pillow? The ancient Kama Sutra claims that afternoon sleep is very important before ``accepting a woman`` or, in other words, before sexual activity. If you can`t afford to do it during the week, then the weekend is a perfect time to fill you energy reserves.

पितृदेवो भवः

भोलि २०६७ साल भाद्र २  गते बुधवार, कुशे औंसी, घरघरमा पवित्र कुश भित्र्याएर मनाइन्छ । पुरोहित ब्राहृमणहरुले कुश काटेर मन्त्र गरी जजमानका घरमा पुर्‍याउने गर्दछन् ।  कुशे औंसीमा भित्र्याईएको कुश बर्षभरी पवित्र कार्यमा प्रयोग गरिन्छ । हिन्दुहरू कुश, तुलसी, पीपल र शालिग्रामलाई भगवान् विष्णुको प्रतीक मान्दछन् ।
कुश समस्त पापलाई विनाश गरी मानवलाई पुण्यार्जन गर्न सहयोग पुर्‍याउने पवित्र तृण विशेष नै कुश हो । कुशलाई संस्कृतमा दर्भ, पवित्र, याज्ञिक, ह्रस्वगर्भ, यज्ञभूषण, दीर्घपत्र, क्षुरपत्र, त्रिदोषघ्न र शैत्यगुण विशिष्टगुणका रूपमा लिएको पाइन्छ । कुशको उत्पत्ति विषयमा भागवतमा एक यस्तो प्रसङ्ग आउँछ- यज्ञपुरुषले आˆनो शरीर फट्कार्दा कतिपय रौँहरू बर्हिष्मती नाम गरेको पुरीमा झरेका थिए । त्यसैबाट कुश उत्पन्न भएका हुन् भन्ने मानिन्छ ।
 भोलिको दिनलाई पिताको मुख हेर्ने दिनका रुपमा पनि मनाइन्छ । पिता पुत्रका लागि महान् तीर्थ हो । त्यसैले 
'पितृदेवो भवः' भनेर पितालाई देवतुल्य भनिएको छ । छोराछोरीहरुले आफ्ना पितालाई मीठोमीठो खानेकुरा खुवाउने गर्दछन् भने पिताले आशिर्वाद दिने चलन छ । पिता नहुनेहरुले तिर्थ, नदी वा तलाउमा गई पिताका नाउँमा तर्पण दिने गर्दछन् ।
कुशे औंसी नेपाली साहित्यका मुर्धन्य ब्यक्तित्व एवं युवा कवि मोतिराम भट्टको जन्मजयन्ती पनि हो ।

Thursday, September 2, 2010

मोबाइलबाटै ज्योतिष विद्या

'हेलो, ज्योतिष बाजे' बडाभैरव २ खोरका पे्रमबहादुर शाही फोनमा भन्दै थिए, 'हिजो मेरो छोरा जन्म्यो, उसको नाम जुराइदिनु पर्‍यो ?' ज्योतिष बाजेले जन्मेको समय, स्थान, बाबुआमाको नाम टिप्दै फोनमै उत्तर फर्काए, 'हुन्छ, बच्चाको नाम, ग्रहदशा कस्त्ाो छ दिउँसो हेर्छु । बुझ्नलाई साँझतिर फोन गर्नुहोला ।'
दैलेखको पगनाथ ५ गन्मका ज्योतिष पञ्चरत्न अधिकारी र कट्टी खोलापारिको खोर गाउँका शाहीबीच भदौ ९ गते मोबाइलमा यस्तै बातचित भयो । आफ्ना गाउँका अतिरिक्त बडाभैरव, कट्टी, डाँडापराजुल, लाँकुरी, विन्ध्यवासिनी सहित छिमेकी गाविसका बासिन्दाले आफूसँग ज्योतिष सेवा तथा परामर्श मोबाइलबाटै लिने गरेको अधिकारी बताउँछन् ।
सञ्चारको विकासले हरेक क्षेत्रका कामकाजमा सहज भएजस्तै ज्योतिष अधिकारीलाई पनि मनग्गे फाइदा हुनपुगेको छ । 'बच्चाको नाम जुराउने, भविष्यवाणी गर्नेदेखि ग्रहदशा हेर्ने र शुभअशुभ कार्यको साइत हेर्ने काममा मोबाइल साथी भएको छ,' उनले खुसी हुँदै सुनाए, 'यस्ता सबै कामको अर्डर मोबाइलबाटै लिन्छु र हेरिसकेपछि यसैबाट जानकारी गराउँछु ।'
ज्योतिष अधिकारी जिज्ञासुका सबै प्रश्न टिपोट गरिसकेपछि पञ्चाङ्ग हेरेर मोबाइलबाटै सन्देश बताइदिन्छन् । उनले यही माध्यमबाटै वैदिक संस्कारका थुपै्र कार्यक्रमको निम्तासमेत पाउने गरेको बताए । 'ज्योतिषमार्फत गाउँवासीको सेवा गर्न पाउँदा मन प्रफुल्ल हुन्छ,' उनले भने, 'वषर्ाका बेला टाढाटाढाबाट सर्वसाधारणलाई घरमै धाउन समस्या पर्ने भएकाले मोबाइलबाटै जानकारी दिन पाउनु राम्रो हो ।' समय बचत र धपेडी नपर्ने भए पनि मोबाइलबाट ज्योतिष सेवा तथा परामर्श दिँदा अधिकारीलाई दक्षिणा प्राप्तिमा भने समस्या पर्ने गरेको रहेछ । 'गाउँलेले फोन गरेर काम लाउँछन् गरिदिनै पर्‍यो,' उनले समस्या सुनाए, 'तर काम गरेबापत फोनमै दक्षिणाको कुरा गर्न अप्ठ्यारो, घरघर धाउँदा ढिलो भइसकेको हुन्छ ।' उनलाई ज्योतिष सेवा प्रदान गरेबापत दक्षिणा असुली कम हुने गरेकोमा खासै गुनासो रहेनछ । अरू कुनै कामबाट पनि पैसा आर्जन गर्न सकिने भएकाले यसलाई महत्त्व नठानेको उनी बताउँछन् ।
२०४७ देखि आफ्नै पिताबाट ज्योतिष ज्ञान सिकेको बताउने ५४ वषर्ीय अधिकारी पछिल्लो पुस्ताको यसप्रति आकर्षण घटेकोमा निकै चिन्तित छन् । 'आजभोलि मान्छे असाध्यै छाडा भए । राम्रो र नराम्रो नकेलाएरै काम गर्छन्,' उनको गुनासो छ, 'तिनीहरूलाई ज्योतिष विज्ञान हो भनेर बुझाउनै मुस्किल पर्छ । ज्योतिष ज्ञान लिएर काम गर्ने हो भने कामकाजमा सफलता हात पर्छ ।'
:- प्रकाश अधिकारी कान्तिपुर

Astrology website gets 6 million monthly visitors

Astrologer Susan Miller's Web site Astrology Zone gets about 6 million monthly visitors and the page views goes up to 17 million. She is the most extensively read astrologer from catwalk to Wall Street, New York to Hollywood and even throughout the planet. Her colums on astrolgoy zone, very popular, is checked by all – models, actors, entrepreneurs, socialites, CEOs, editors and also regular Joes and Janes.
Astrologer Susan Miller is a best-selling author, net publisher, syndicated columnist and even businesswoman. She launched her astrology website, Astrology Zone, 1995, an award-winning website. The author has received acclaim from across the world for her accuracy and comprehensive monthly forecasts on the site.
Susan Miller has also created 6 books that includes the classic finest seller named Planets & Possibilities.

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कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी पर्व

आज  २०६७ साल भाद्र १६ गते बुधवार भाद्र कृष्ण अष्टमी । भगवान् श्रीकृष्णको जन्म दिन अर्थात कृष्ण जन्माष्टमी पर्व नेपालभर हिन्दु धर्मालम्बीहरूले भगवान् श्री कृष्णको पूजाआजा गरी मनाइरहेका छन् । आजको दिन बिहानै उपत्यकाको पाटन स्थित कृष्ण मन्दिरमा भक्तजनहरुको भिडभाड हुने गर्दछ। उपत्यका बाहिर , बुट्वल, नरायणगढ, नेपालगन्ज ,भैरहवा, बिराटनगर, वीरगंजमा पनि आजको दिन बिशेषरुपले श्री कृष्णाष्टमी पर्व मनाइने गरिन्छ। आजको दिन धार्मिक प्रवचन, पूजापाठ तथा श्रीकृष्ण्को रथयात्रा गर्ने र झुला झुलाउने पनि गरिन्छ । आज दिनभर भक्तहरु उपवास बसी मध्यरातमा कृष्णको प्रतिमालाई पूजा गरी भजन कृतन गाउने गर्दछन् । कृष्ण भगवानको पूजा विशेषगरी कुमारी केटी तथा महिलाहरुले गर्ने गर्दछन् ।
भगवान् श्रीकृष्णको द्वापर युगमा भाद्र कृष्ण अष्टमीको मध्यरातमा जन्म भएको थियो । उहाँ जन्मनुभएको रातलाई मोहरात्रि पनि भनिन्छ । हिन्दु दर्शनमा कालरात्रि भनी महाष्टमीको रात सुख रात्रि भनी लक्ष्मीपूजाका रात र मोहरात्रि भनी भाद्र कृष्ण अष्टमीका रातलाई महत्वका साथ लिइन्छ । कृष्णले आफ्नै दुष्ट मामा कंसको बध गरेका कारण कृष्णाजन्माष्टमीलाई असत्यमाथि सत्यको जीतको रुपमा पनि लिइन्छ ।
भगवान् श्रीकृष्णको बाल लिला, किशोर अवस्थाका उपद्रव लिला, तन्नेरी बेलाको रसमय लिला, गृहस्थ समयको कर्म लिला, अधबैंशे समयको कूटनीतिक लिला र वानप्रस्थ बेलाको वैराग्य लिलालाई धर्म दर्शनमा महत्वपूर्ण लिलाका रूपमा लिइन्छ । जब जब यो संसारमा पाप र पापीलाई नष्ट गरी धर्म स्थापना गर्नुपर्ने हुन्छ तब तब मैले जन्म लिनेछु भन्ने प्रतिबद्धता भगवान् श्रीकृष्णको छ ।

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Two Days Astrological and Vastu Conference at Bangkok, Thailand.

The Home Minister of Thailand, the Raj Guru of the King of Thailand, the President of the International Astrological Association, and many other dignitaries welcomed the Scholars from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Korea and other countries for the Two Days Astrological and Vastu Conference at Holiday Inn, Silcom, Bangkok, Thailand.
The said conference was organized jointly by the International Astrological Association, Thailand and the Asian Astrologers Congress, India. The pillars of these historic feet were Dr Satya Vishwas and Pinyo Pongcharoen.
The National Chairman of the Society of Vastu Science Col Tejandra Pal Tyagi was given the Vastu Nirdeshak Award for bringing out the fact that today there is a crying need to keep stones adjacent to the body rather than the metallic objects, and as far as Sapphires and precious stones are concerned, Thailand is the World Leader.
Some of the exceptionally interesting points raised during the conference are as under:-1. Is “Kal Sharp Dosh’ really applicable? Can not the Planets on one side look at the Houses on the other side? Should this be dispensed with? 2. Ketu is always the seventh house from the Rahu. The speed of movement of Rahu and Ketu are dissimilar. Can at some point of time, both these planets come in the same house? 3. Earth is said to be negatively charged. Does not this negative charge gets neutralized from the positive charge deposited by the cosmic energy coming from the inter stellar space?
Dr Dev Narayan, Dr Goswami, Dr Geeta Sharma, Shri Subir Kumar Bose, Er Mangal Joshi, Dr L D Sahoo, Advocate Manohar Pujari, Dr Pathak, Dr Mohanty from Orissa, Shri Lok Raj from Nepal, etc presented very interesting papers.
Smt Tanushri Dubey from Thailand not only did an excellent job as a vivid translator but compeered the conference in an exemplary manner.
Raj Jyotish of Thailand brought out that Shri ANYA KANTANYA who predicted that Gautam Budh will be revered universally, was a great Astrologer of India. See the irony that he is worshipped in Thailand and he has been forgotten in India.
Ambassador of Nepal Shri Naveen Prakash Jung Shah presented the certificates of excellence on 27th August during the valedictory function while the Thai Minster Honourable Siwalai inaugurated the Conference.

DNA and glimpse of your child’s future

It is not just towards astrology that parents are turning to get a glimpse of their child’s future but the latest trend is a gene test or DNA test. DNA tests are more popular in Europe and in the United States.
More and more parents are opting for this technology that helps them determine what their child ability and what they are best in. The DNA test results can help parents make better decisions and concentrate on areas that the child would excel; well after all it’s all in their child’s genes.
A DNA test that can reveal your child’s talent comes at a cost of Rs. 3,000 and the test can be performed right after a child is born and up to 10 years. If parents get the DNA talent test done on their child at an early age they get more time to groom their talent.
For the gene test, saliva sample are collected that houses approx 10,000 cells of which scientists can then segregate up to 40 different genes. By analyzing the genetic code, scientists can identify the child’s IQ, focus, health, diseases, emotion, athletic and artistic abilities.But such tests are not available in Nepal.

Black Magic And Striker Problems Haunt East Bengal

By Rahul Sengupta
A bizarre incident in Indian Football saw an astrologer perform customary rituals at the East Bengal club ground during practice session under newly appointed coach Trevor Morgan.
It is quite evident that the East Bengal officials are worried about the trophy drought at the club. Globally, officials seek the help of science and technology to improve various facets of their game and it is unusual to see such superstitious acts being performed anywhere.
A few days back that the club had reportedly handed over its image rights to an individual to raise its profile. Sunday's incidence will certainly add value to the image of the club!
The astrologer from Kalyani performed some ritual and while walking away coolly mentioned that Sunil Chhetri will have a good season with the Kolkata club which clearly showed his knowledge about the team!
Morgan, who has worked as a development coach at Hull City, was amused and had nothing much to comment on people’s belief. These incidents only highlight the reason why India is known as the land of snake charmers!
Meanwhile, the team think-tank have other reasons to worry as they are facing an acute shortage of strikers with their Kolkata League campaign set to kick-off on Tuesday.
With Robin Singh having a slight niggle and Ekene Ikenwa still not being match fit, Morgan has no other option than to field the inexperienced Bikash Narzary who joined the club from a local league side.
The Englishman was using his own contacts to bring in an Australian striker named Tolgay Ozbay will now have to wait until the next week to avail his services. The Bankstown FC striker had some visa issues and shall only reach India on Thursday while his transfer was completed on Monday.

Second International Symposium on Traditional Medicine and Contemplative Practices

New York: Dr Dawa, a former Director of the India-based Tibetan Medical and Astrology Institute, will be one of the keynote speakers of the Second International Symposium on Traditional Medicine and Contemplative Practices scheduled to be held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on 17 and 18 September 2010.
Other keynote speakers are Dr Shirley Telles, a renowned Indian scientist specialised in Yoga science who is the principal investigator for the Indian Council of Medical Research at the Center for Advance Research in Yoga and Neurophysiology at the Bangalore-based Swami Vivekananda Yoga Research Foundation, and Dr Tamara A. Russell, a clinical psychologist who teaches at King’s College, London, as well as at Western Psychiatric Institute of Pittsburgh University in the United States.
The symposium will explore four major topics which include a Current Overview of the Implementation of Traditional Medicine; Research in Traditional Medicine and Contemplative Practices; the Role of Traditional Medicine and Contemplative Practices, and Traditional Medicine and Herbal Drugs.
The Brazilian speakers for the symposium include, among others, Dr Luiz Eugenio Mello, Dean of the Federal University of Sao Paulo (UNIFESP); Prof Lia Diskin of the Palas Athena Association; Prof Dr Angela Tabosa, Deputy Head of the UNIFESP’s Department of Chinese Medicine; Prof Dr Edson Amaro Jr of the University of Sao Paulo; Prof Dr Nelson Filice de Barros of University of Campinas; Prof Dr Mario Prieto Peres, Neurology Professor of the UNIFESP; Dr Sheila Busato, a technical advisor to the Municipal Health Secretariat of Sao Paulo; Dr Edward Pagani, Director of the Fitomedicina Brazilian Medical Association; Dr Paulo de Tarso Lima of Albert Einstein Hospital; Dr Fernando Bignardi of the UNIFESP’s Department of Preventive Medicine; and Prof Dr Claudia Pellegrino Negrao, a research board member of Natura, the Brazilian leading manufacturer and marketer of skin care, solar filters, cosmetics, perfume and hair care products.
The symposium is open to professionals, Ph D. candidates, and graduate students in the field of medicine and health science from different states of Brazil. The organisers are expecting 400 participants to the symposium.  The first symposium on traditional medicine and contemplative practices held in Sao Paulo in September 2008 drew over 300 professionals, Ph. D. candidates, and graduate students from different states of Brazil.  Dr Pema Dorjee represented the Tibetan Medical and Astrology Institute at the first symposium.
The symposium is jointly organised by the Federal University of Sao Paulo and Palas Athena Association. This initiative is a part of the collaborative work between Federal University of Sao Paolo’s School of Medicine and the Tibetan Medical and Astrology Institute (Men-Tsee-Khang) undertaken under a formal agreement.  Prof Lia Diskin, Co-founder of the Palas Athena Association and the TGIE’s Liaison Officer to the Latin America, Tsewang Phuntso, facilitated the collaboration between the two institutions.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kalsarp Yoga

The Kalsarp Yoga is a dreaded yoga that can cause one’s life to be miserable. A
person under the affliction of this yoga leads a life of pain and misfortune. If it is
highly afflicted this yoga has the capacity to cancel out all the good Yoga’s of the
This Kalsarp Yoga can be formed in any person’s horoscope like king, rich, president,
prime-minister, peon, poor etc. and those who have Kalsarp Yoga in their horoscope,
in spite they have all kind of facilities but still they always suffer from some tension,
fear, & insecurity.
Hey World !
If You have a Kalsarpa Yoga in your chart & you are suffering from
pain and misfortune in life. You can Contact us to Neutralize all this by using Quantum Physics and Spirituality.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gai Jatra or cow Festival

Today Nepal is celebrating Gai Jatra or cow festival. It is the procession of cows and is dedicated to God Yama – the god of death. It is observed the day after Raksha Bandhan and Janai Purnima.
People who had a death in their family during the previous year take part in the procession. People participating in the procession walk along with a cow and those not owning a cow take boys dressed like cow.
Historians are of the view that King Pratap Malla had once lost a son and the Queen was depressed. She stopped talking and reacting. The King made a promise that he will reward anyone who can make the queen laugh. so Gai Jatra is also a day for making merry jokes and satires. It is a day when everyone is allowed to make satirical comments on any one. Before Nepal became a republic, Gai Jatra was only the medium to satirize the kings of Nepal.

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