Thursday, November 18, 2010

Vedic palmistry about Obama's Palm.

Mr Barack Obama's hand is Earth Type in Vedic Palmistry. Earth Type's person is always Creative and Active. Jupiter is very strong in palm .It indicate good administrative and management ability within him. Generally Jupiter is associated with divinity and spirituality. Mr.Obama is Highly Spiritual person and his previous Karma was very high.
There is clearly Distance between Matri Rekah (Mother Line) and Pitri Rikha (Father Line). Therefore his parents are separated. Again in Vedic palmistry such a combination in called Jaar Putra (Natural Child). Mount Venus and Moon are also well placed. It denotes he is highly passionate and emotional person. Moon gives him good imagination and Venus gives good writing skills. Urdha Rekha (fate line) is starting from lifeline and reaches up to Saturn. It denotes Good Raja Yoga (Royal association). But it is cutting by a branches of heart line indicates some trouble through associates or love affair. One line from mount from Luna and touch a fate line gave him lady luck. Michelle Robinson Obama is a very lucky for Mr Obama.  Some Vedic scholars have opinion that this line indicates multiple relationships also. 
Talking about Fingers, They are thin indicating hard working person. Thumb is sliding backwards. Indicate he is flexible person and can change according circumstances.Will power and logic power are equal in length; indicate good will and logical power within him is really great thing. Heart line is starting from between Jupiter and Saturn indicates some thread of health trouble in his life. In Vedic palmistry this line is called Ayu Rekha (Life Line).Weak Punya Rekha (sun line) and sun and Saturn mount indicate life pattern is not easy.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Astrologer Royal

The UK's favourite Astrologer Russell Grant is beaming with happiness at the wonderful news of HRH Prince William and Kate Middleton's engagement.
Although everyone remembers Russell Grant from the early days of TVAM and BBC Breakfast Time, Russell made history when he presented, in public, to Her Majesty The Queen Mother her very own Astrological Horoscope Forecast. At the time, Russell didn’t realise that he was the first astrologer in over 400 years to read the Stars for any members of the Royal Family - the last sovereign to have an astrologer was Queen Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen. As a result, the media dubbed him the "Astrologer Royal".
In subsequent years, Russell continued to have private meetings with members of the Royal Family, but never revealed who he met and what was discussed in the private meetings. Russell's relationship with Princess Diana was only revealed within Paul Burrell's book, and to this day Russell will not discuss any details of his Royal consultations.
On the announcement of their engagement earlier today, Russell said "I am completely over the moon at this exciting news. The Royal family have had some very hard times and sad losses to contend with over recent years. I deeply hope the Wedding will be a new era for the Royal's and bring some much deserved joy and happiness to the whole family. I don't believe anyone really understands how hard all the Royals work for the benefit of the Country, with the added pressure of 24 hour media coverage and interest”.
So what do the Stars predict for the happy couple..?
Russell commented “The couple, both 28, are of opposite zodiac signs. Like his mother, Diana, HRH Prince William (born June 21, 1982) is a sensitive and loyal Cancerian. Kate Middleton (born Jan 9, 1982) is a Capricorn. Both these Sun Signs are steadfast, loving and loyal, offering each other emotional commitment and mutual respect. As well as his strong sense of duty and responsibility and Kate’s friendly and conservative manner, the couple also value their privacy. Both have Mars in Libra indicating similarly high levels of passion, desire and action. Cancer and Capricorn are traditionalist signs, both believing in the sanctity of love and marriage. Miss Middleton, an ambitious Capricorn, meets many of the qualities for the most ideal bride for HRH Prince William. It would appear this couple were made for each other and astrologically…this is a marriage made in Heaven”.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dandenong astrologers exposed

TWO Dandenong astrologers may be fleecing thousands of dollars from vulnerable customers.
A resident contacted Leader after “World Famous Indian Generations Astrologer” Pandith Ganapath Raj asked her to pay him $1500 to lift a curse that would “destroy her life”.
Have you had a similar experience with a psychic?
But read the astrologer’s predictions for Dandenong Leader Melbourne, reporters,
The woman, who declined to be named, said two members of her family had recently died, so she had visited the astrologer seeking guidance.

“He said to me, ‘Sister I pay rent too; I have bills too’,” she said.

“We all do, but $1500? I laughed, ‘Are you for real?’ “

The Leader sent two undercover reporters to the business which operates in the back office of a Lonsdale St shop.

At least two men, each posing as Pandith Ganapath Raj, operate the business, which offers a “100 per cent guarantee”.

One reporter was told the planets surrounding her were angry and, for a fee of $450, the Pandith and his grandfather in India would pray for nine days and solve her problems.

She was warned she would have health risks and complications in her marriage and job if she did not pay.

Two days later, a second reporter was told he had black magic that could be removed for $550.

The men declined to comment when contacted by Leader.

However, one said he had been in the store for only 10 days and that the reporter was his first customer.

Consumer Affairs Victoria spokeswoman Kim Healey said people who used occult services should be “highly sceptical of any trader who will profit if they can scare them into believing bad fortune is inevitable unless they give them money”.

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