Friday, January 22, 2010

What Color Is Your Aura?

• Red:  mean you're passionate and sexy, or angry
• Yellow:  you have a cheerful, sunny nature, or are you “yellow” in the sense of fearful
• Blue:  you are calm and steady, or melancholy
• Green: you are peaceful Envious Obsessed with money Or concerned about the environment
• Purple:  you have a regal nature Or is purple a spiritual color to you
• Pink:  you are gentle and loving (traits usually considered to be feminine, but certainly present in men.
as well) Or are you seeing the world through “rose-colored glasses”
Gray:  you feel formless, or have a cloudy self-image Or does gray spell dignity and strength to
• Black: black signify depression or mourning to you Does it whisper of elegance Or does it
mean you're secretive, mysterious
• White: simply mean colorlessness, or does it signify purity to you Or do you think of a
white light as healing or soothing

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