Saturday, August 7, 2010

Happy Birth Day Obama

US president Barak Obama celebrated his 49th birthday on August 4. He was born in  Honolulu, Hawai at 7.24 in the evening on August 4, 1961.
At the time of his birth, the Capricorn ascended was rising in the eastern horizon of Honolulu. The capricorn has given him the excellent personality and good command over politics. The exalted moon in his fifith house in the birth chart has given him intellect and wisdom.
Saturn and Jupiter are in his first house that is also called lagna that gave him the political power. These planets also give him spiritual and social clout.
The Sun and Mercury in his seventh house in the birth chart help him get support from the opposition party and international community.
However, the Mars and Rahu in his eighth house is negative for him. He might be victimized. In some cases, it has been observed that such combination in the eight house could be fatal.
According to his annual chart on August 4, 2010, Leo is in his lagna that is in the sixth house from his birth lagna. It means opposition will be dominent this year and he has to face some troubles in his home front. He also might have to face legal troubles.
Muntha (that gives similar troubles like Saturn) is in the seventh house and it also indicates that he has to face legal troubles and he will have health related problems too.
But in his annual chart of this year, exalted moon is in the tenth house that gives him respect from his countrymen.

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