Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Goddess Bagalamukhi

During the Puranic times, there was a cult of the divine mother, who according to early myths originated from the male gods, but in the female form. They then assumed independent personalities. Bagala or Bagalamukhi is one of these saptamatrikas and is the consort of Lord  Shiva or Maharudra. She is identified with courage and the power of cruelty. Bagalamukhi means  the crane-headed one. The crane is associated with deceit. Goddess Bagala  punishes and controls the negative powers which tresspass the natural flow of speech. She controls our speech, knowledge and movement. She is capable of giving powers called (Siddhis) and fulfils all the wishes of her devotees. Bagalamukhi is worshipped for protection from and victory over the enemies, for victory in the legal matters, to acquire wealth, to be freed of debts and to attain the power of oratory. She is the presiding goddess who is desirous of destroying the demons. She has three eyes, a yellow complexion and and wears yellow apparels, ornaments, gems and garlands. The moon is her diadem, and she wears the yellow champaka blossoms. Yellow clothes, garlands made of turmeric and yellow flowers are used in her worship. She has her abode amidst the ocean of ambrosia, under a canopy decorated with diamonds and sits on a jewelled throne. There is a tale regarding her manifestation. In the 'Satyuga' period once the whole world was threatened by a terrific cyclone. Lord Vishnu being concerned about the safety of humanity went near the  Haridra (reservoir) situated  in  Saurashtra, to please  Goddess Bhagawati with his penance. Bagalamukhi appeared from the water, dressed in yellow and controlled the powerful current of the flood. There is another interesting legend associated with this goddess. A demon named Madan undertook austerities and attained the boon of vak siddhi, according to which anything he spoke came about. He abused this siddhi by killing people. Unable to endure his mischief, the gods worshipped Bagalamukhi. She stopped the demon's rampage by pulling out his tongue and stilling his speech. Before she could kill him, however, he asked to be worshipped with her, and she relented. That is why she is normally seen with one hand holding the tongue of an enemy and with the left hand spiking him. This signifies the exercise of her  power over speech and her ability to freeze or paralyze.

Advantages of Tantra Sadhana for an Astrologer

1.Tantra helps the astrologer to go beyond subjective judgment as it transfer his  individual mind into expanded one there by helps in arriving at the truth, as it is beyond time , space and object.
2.Through Tantra the astrologer no more predicts, he visualizes the whole event in its totality.
3.The prediction becomes close to reality as it is based on the visualization of the truth rather than perception of the astrologer.
4.Tantra transform an astrologer in to an ever concerning human being always ready to care for the growth for the concern individual and him empathetic rather than sympathetic.
5.The tantric looks at every thing as his leela (spell).Thus there is nothing good and bad and evolution is possible from any point of time and from any plane of existence.
6.Tantric sadhana induce spontaneous dhyana and meditation which leads the aspirant to tattwa jnana or realization of subtle essence behind the form.
7.Tantra helps the astrologer to understand the laws of nature in broader prospective and thus helps him to become humane in true sense of the term.
8.Tantra Yoga helps the astrologer to become a Drashta of event. So no more he predicts, he witness the events.
9.Knowledge gained through expanded mind gradually culminates in to the intuitive knowledge which is eternal, absolute and true knowledge or “Bramha janna”
10.The expanded mind or liberation of Shakti principle from Shiva creates homogeneous awareness.

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