Friday, January 8, 2010

विदेसमा रहेका नेपालीहरुलाई सुबर्ण अबसर !

यदी तपाईंका भर्खरै जन्मेका बच्चा/बच्चीको हालसम्म चिना जन्मकुण्डली बनेका छैनन् भने हामी कहाँ नेपाली भाषामा परम्परागत चिना लेखिपठाउने व्यवस्था छ ।
शुल्क रु. $ 50 - मात्र ।
कुरियर चार्ज अलग लाग्ने छ ।
केबल हामीलाई जन्म मिती र समय लेखी पठाउनुहोस् ।
अथवा हाम्रो वेब पेज खोल्नुहोस्

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Chandra Mantra

दधिशन^खातुश्हाराब्हम क्शीरोदारनवसंभावं.ह .
नमामि शशिनं सोमं शम्भोर्मुकू ताभूश्हनाम.ह .                         
Dadhi sankha tushaaraabham kshiirodaarnasambhavam
Namaami shashinam somam shambhormukuta bhushanam
I bow down to the Moon, who is creamy white like a container of yogurt (dahi) and most pleasing, born from the churning ocean of milk, the effulgent emblem of devotion, which adorns the head of Lord Shiva. Om, I bow to the Moon

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Surya Mantra

The Sun is the Creator (BRAHMA), Preserver VISHNU) and Destroyer (RUDRA).The Sun becomes the "Ayana" (direction) of the Nara (humans) and is called "Narayana" (God). The 10th house governs "Karma"  the "DasAkshari" (10 lettered)  Mantra of the Sun God helps one to achieve success in his career / professionand in one's endeavor. Depending upon the direction of one's chief activity in life, the human beings can be classified as:
 जपाकुसुमासा.नकाषम काश्यपेयं महाद्युतिम.ह .
तमो।अरिम सर्वपापघ्नं प्रणतो.अस्मि दिवाकरम.ह ॥
Jabaakusuma sankaasham
kaashyapayam mahaadyutim
Tamorim sarvapaapaghnam
pranato-smi divaakaram
Om suryaaya namah

Om, I bow down with devotion to the shining light that is shining red like a hibiscus flower, shining onto the earth, removing all the darkness and removing sin. Om, I bow to the Sun .

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Mantras are energy-based sounds. It produces vibration in the body. The words uttered in mantra are meaningful and are associated with the effect of vibration . This is one level of energy basis for words. Another level is aim. Actual physical vibration when joined with a mental aim, the vibration then contains an additional component, which influences the result of saying it. Although there is a general meaning, which comes to be associated with mantras, the only lasting definition is the result or effect of saying the mantra. A Mantra can consist of a powerful word or a combination of words and can be used for self realization, for freedom from worries, to fulfill one's desires, to ward off the effects of malefic planets, to bring you success, peace and contentment -- the range is truly vast. Mantras must be chanted or recited with devotion and motivation. Chanting them as a matter-of-course deprives them of power and is practically useless from the point of view of conscious growth, evolution and effect.

Sitting Posture :-Padma Asana Vaira Asana Siddha Asana or Vajra Asana Brahmamahurta
Time To Chant :-Brahmamahurta 4 a.m. or Transition periods.
Position To Chant:- Facing the north or the east.
Mala/Rosary to be used :- 108 Rudraksha or Tulsi (basil) or Sandalwood beads
How Often To Chant :-11 times or 108 times or in multiples of 108.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Gauri Shankar

Two beads on top of each other connected naturally , representing, Lord Shiva and Parvati. Two naturally joined Rudrakshas, called Gauri Shankar is regarded as the Unified form of Shiva & Parvati. It makes the husband and wife identify each other. Therefore it is regarded the best thing for peace and comfort in the family. If a man worships Gauri Shankar at his worshipping place, the pain and suffering and other earthly obstacles are destroyed and the peace and pleasure of family are increased.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

14 Mukhi Rudraksha

 Ruling planet is Saturn effects as described for 7 mukhi. Additionally this mukhi is also helpful in opening the third eye chakra which governs clairvoyance, sharpened skills, heightened state of awareness etc. This Rudraksh symbolizes lord Shiva and also lord Hanuman. This is helpful in many diseases. This enhances all the pleasures of life and if worn on the arms or on the top of the head, such a wearer is honored by gods even. A very powerful Rudraksh not very readily available. Very few sources of Rudrakshs have the original powerful beads. It helps combat the obstacles in life and emerge victorious in the most trying situations. It can help you achieve positions of power and authority and develop a strong sixth sense but demands utmost care and attention. It can actually help you achieve more than you could have ever conceived for yourself. A very powerful bead, but very few good quality beads exist.

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