Friday, November 20, 2009

Bells & Energy

Bells are rung to signal the beginning and end of ceremonies and meditation practices. Bells are also a powerful tool for space clearing rituals.
Tibetan prayer bells are forged from seven metals, and are often decorated with important symbols to enhance their energy.
The type of bell you choose will depend on how and where you plan to use it. Again, be sure that the tone of the bell is pleasing to you—the quality of the sound is more important than the design. If you are hanging a bell on a string, use a red cord, string, or ribbon cut to a multiple of nine inches.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Crystal Balls

Crystal balls are a very popular feng shui cure. In addition to energizing a space, their ability to refract a beam of light (and chi) and send it radiating in all directions makes it an ideal protection against sha (negative) chi.

These crystal balls can also be used to empower and activate a space. They radiate blessings wherever they are placed, and are powerful magnifiers of your intention. Faceted crystal balls can be used anywhere youwant to enhance chi. Good places to hang crystal balls include:
• In the center of a long, narrow hallway
• In front of a window through which too much chi is escaping
• Anywhere you’d like to activate chi
Crystals are most often hung from the ceiling, a doorway, or in windows. For added impact, hang your crystal ball from a red string or ribbon cut to a multiple of nine inches (9", 18", 27"). The ball can hang any distance from the ceiling; it’s the cut length of the string that is important. Tie any extra string into a nice bow or decorative knot. If you buy crystal balls from a feng shui supplier, they may come with red cord already attached. You can also place a faceted crystal ball on a desk, table, or home altar. Wear a little one on a red ribbon around your neck to activate your personal chi, or hang
one from the rear-view mirror of your car to enhance, bless, and protect you while you drive.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Look at Sky to Night

Between midnight 3 AM Tue18 November 2009 the Earth will pass through debris from the Tempel-Tuttle comet trail, producing the Leonid Meteor Shower.
It looks as if Katmandu may have a clear sky, giving a good opportunity to see this event if you can get away from city lights.
To see meteorites, lie back in a chair or on a blanket, look to the east and let your eyes adjust to the darkness. Don't try to follow the meteors with binoculars; they move too fast for that. You can expect to see a shooting star every 2-3 minutes between midnight and 3 AM.
We Nepalese People seldom get the opportunity to appreciate nature. If your kids have never had the chance to see a night sky with no city lights, let alone a meteor, this is an experience they’ll remember.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Chinese Coins

Chinese coins bring prosperity consciousness to your home. Look for sets of three, six, or nine coins tied together into a long strand or other shape with red string. Good places for a Chinese coin charm are:
• Near the front door, to attract money into the home.
• In the kitchen, over or near the stove (the stove is symbolic of prosperity)
• In any of your wealth power spots.
• On the wall where you will see it while you are working at your desk.
• In the southeast area of your home or office.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sound Waves & Wind Chimes

The sound waves created by a wind chime will slow down and help disperse chi that is moving too quickly. If the path from the street to your front door is long and straight, hang a wind chime by the door or porch steps to slow the chi down so it enters your home gently.Wind chimes are also good for lifting the energy of a space. If one corner of your yard is lower than the others, chi may settle there. Hanging a wind chime from a tree in that corner can stir the chi up and keep it moving. Smaller wind chimes can be used indoors, anywhere that you feel a need for protection, to slow down fastmoving chi, or to lift the energy of a room. If a certain area of your home has a major clutter problem, hang a wind chime there for a few days and make sure it sounds often. It will help loosen up the stuck energy so your clutter-clearing efforts will progress more quickly. Wind chimes come in many sizes, from tinkly little tiny ones to great big resonant ones. Match the size of the wind chime to the size of your space. A large brass wind chime might be overwhelming indoors, while a very small chime may not be strong enough to have much effect. Choose metal chimes, as they have the most penetrating tone. The most important consideration for a wind chime is that the sound be pleasing to you, so pick the one whose tones you like the best.

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