Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rahu Kal, Gulik Kal & Yama Ghantak For April 1'st Week

April 1, 2010:
    Thursday, RahuK: 13:28 - 14:58, GulikaK: 8:58 - 10:28, YamaG: 5:58 - 7:28,
    April 2, 2010:
    Friday, RahuK: 10:27 - 11:57, GulikaK: 7:27 - 8:57, YamaG: 14:57 - 16:27,
April 3, 2010:
    Saturday, RahuK: 8:56 - 10:26, GulikaK: 5:56 - 7:26, YamaG: 13:26 - 14:56,
April 4, 2010:
    Sunday,RahuK: 16:25 - 17:55, GulikaK: 14:55 - 16:25, YamaG: 11:55 - 13:25,
 April 5, 2010:
    Monday, RahuK: 7:24 - 8:54, GulikaK: 13:24 - 14:54, YamaG: 10:24 - 11:54,  
April 6, 2010:
    Tuesday, RahuK: 14:53 - 16:22, GulikaK: 11:53 - 13:23, YamaG: 8:53 - 10:23,
  April 7, 2010:
    Wednesday, RahuK: 11:52 - 13:22, GulikaK: 10:22 - 11:52, YamaG: 7:22 - 8:52,
Note:- It is advised that any new work or journey should not be started during Rahu-Kaalam and Yamaghantak

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra, in simple language, is a Science of house building. In ancient times, Vedic civilization used to plan a lot before moving out to a new house or new constructions. They used to take into account various religious aspects and calculate their moves accordingly. Let me make it clear that architecture and Vastu Science are two different things. Vastu is not only house-craft but also a religious ritual.
An architect’s job is to build a house with all modern amenities but he is not in a position to guarantee a happy life to the people living in that house, whereas Vastu Science confirms and gives a guarantee for this. Architecture has been considered a worldly act among all the human civilizations of this world, while architecture in Nepal is a religious activity.
It will be difficult to understand Vastu unless we understand the religious beliefs behind it. Believers of Vastu assert that planning and constructing a house without Vastu is nothing but a concrete structure and the value of the house becomes zero.
Some people with modern outlook do not believe in Vastu and think it a waste of money and efforts. They would rather build a house and for namesake, would some puja. For this category of people, Vastu as s concept has not been popularised, it will take some time before the concept becomes a household name.
In reality, Vastu Shastra is a priceless gift to mankind. Countries like Germany, China, Japan, India, and America are some of the nations which took full benefits of our ancient, priceless science.
In the modern age, Vastu Shastra has gained a position of pre-eminence in recent years. Every Publication worth its name- from national dailies, news magazines and television, radio has Vastu experts on the panel to aid and advice readers, viewers, and listeners on how best to construct new residences and their places of work as well as remodel the existing structures on vastu guidelines. But authoritive treatise on this ancient Science of Architecture are just not available, if available they are beyond the reach of the common people.
Hence this work to provide information and guideline in simple and lucid language to the general public .Dr.S.Suneel’s Vastu Sense seeks to provide all that you have wanted to know about Vastu in this small effort. It explains the meaning of the vastu science and importance as well as provides practical guidelines for site evaluation and laying foundations for house, the various ceremonies to be performed, the importance of directions as per the ancient rules, etc. in addition to putting forth the relationship between the Vedic Vastu Shastra and the Chinese Feng Shui.

Good Morning

Good Morning ..... Today March 30, 2010: Tuesday, Pournimasya, RahuK: 15:00 - 16:30,YamaG: 9:01 - 10:30 NST. It is advised that any new work or journey should not be started during Rahu-Kaalam and Yamaghantak..

Monday, March 29, 2010

Red Coral

Colour:-      Red
Nature:-     Hot
Shape:-     Opaque
Other Shapes:- Pink, Blue, Black, White
Normal weight :-12 gms/11gms/9gms
Characteristic:- Hard
Hand:- Right hand
Fingers:- Ring finger
Should be worn with:- Silver or Copper
Found in Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Italy, Japan, USA South Africa, Algeria,
Effect:- Defy evil effects of planet Mars

Sunday, March 28, 2010


Colour:- White

Nature:- Cold

Shape:- Opaque

Other Shapes:- None

Normal weight:- 9 gms/6gms/4gms/2gms

Characteristic:- Semi Hard

Hand:- Right hand

Fingers:- Little finger

Should be worn with:- Silver

Found in:- Australia, Sri Lanka, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Japan, China

Effect:- Defy evil effects of Moon

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