Friday, September 17, 2010

Astrology FM Lunched

Siddhivinayak Astrology Services Pvt Ltd, has launched, what it calls, the first ever dedicated astrology radio station with an aim to change the way in which astrology is being consumed till now. Available on, the radio station can be accessed via computers, handheld and mobile devices connected to the Internet.
Speaking on the initiative, Hemang Arun Pandeet, Founder MD & CEO of Siddhivinayak Astrology Services Pvt Ltd, said, “In today’s scenario, Internet is one of the most potent mediums to reach out to a very large audience quickly and effectively. is our attempt to redefine the perception of astrology. The station offers very interesting programming in Hindi, which happens to be the language of choice for Indians, including NRIs.”
Along with the launch of, the company has also unveiled its short code 55181 to make its reach national. Subscribers of most of the national telecom operators like Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, Uninor, MTS, and so on, can call up the astrologers directly via 55181 and seek astrological guidance in real time.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Arranged Marriage System

Most of the Asian Hindus tend to boast off on how great the their culture is, when compared to the Western culture. They boast off on how successful marriages are in Hinduism.
They boast that 90% of the marriages end up in success, without divorce, unlike in western countries where almost 50% of marriages end up in divorce.
One has to take a closer look at the system of marriages in Hinduism, and the reason behind why it has a high 90% success ratio.
Most of the Hindus, thanks to the standards set by the society, marry a person they don't know anything about at a young age. The parents arrange the marriage. Horoscope and astrology are used by parents mostly, to find a suitable match for their kids. If the horoscope and astrological signs match, then the parents look at the family history of the other family and the marriage is arranged within a few days. In many cases the guy or the girl would not get more than a few minutes to talk to the guy or the girl he or she will be married to soon.
Once the marriage is arranged, and conducted, it is expected that the guy and the girl gets to know each other, and start falling in love miraculously.
Marriage is considered a life long commitment, and the society dictates that the guy and the girl will have to learn love each other, what ever it takes. The guy and the girl are expected to make the arranged marriage successful at any cost. If the guy or the girl finds out that they have nothing in common to fall in love, then the parents will put as much pressure as possible to make them fall in love, in the interest of saving the marriage.

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