Thursday, January 28, 2010


The vibrations produced by a name have an impact on both the individual concerned and on others in touch with that person. Psychological researches have revealed that persons respond unconsciously to themessage conveyed by the meaning and vibration of a name. It has been found that persons with inappropriate names tend to suffer from low self-esteem. Carl Jung, the famous psychoanalyst has said, archetypes (symbolism that convey a certain idea, like Rama ? righteousness, Duryodana ? jealousy , etc.) are firmly entrenched in the sub-conscious of all members in a society( These may be culture-specific, i.e, understood only by members who are exposed to a particular culture). So, we should select such a name that will be synchronous with the way in which we would like to the child to develop. For example, if you would like your child to grow up and join the defense forces, the name should radiate and convey a message of bravery; if you wish your child to be in showbiz,
it should convey a certain personal warmth and friendliness and so on. Generally, some people choose the first alphabet of a name based on the moon constellation and quarter (almost all almanacs carry this information). This has no real bearing on the individual?s luck, as this is only a guideline for choosing the name of a person.
When names of elders in the family, or the family deity are chosen for the child, the above guideline need not be adhered to. Even otherwise, there are many people who do not adhere to the above guideline.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Astro-Science Forum (ज्योतिर्विज्ञान मञ्च)

"Astro-Science Forum (ज्योतिर्विज्ञान मञ्च)" was launched in year-2004 with the mission of enlightening the masses with ancient Vedic sciences. Today with a glorious journey of 5+years , we look forward for many milestones to come.
In these five years "Astro-Science Forum" witnessed hundreds of true predictions and research articles regarding national/international events, Our Team with a vigilant eye takes minutest care to bring the essence of Vedic astrology up to masses. Thousands of awaiting readers are motivating factor.
"Astro-Science Forum (ज्योतिर्विज्ञान मञ्च)" a Nepali Magazine in astrology is read widely across the country. With maximum number of readers and well-wishers.It's issues happens to be true representative of Astrology and allied sciences. Amongst readers it is known as a purest and pious attempt for Vedic Astrology . Main features of Magazine are 'Research articles, tutorials, case studies, open discussions , guidelines,and world class forecasts.

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